Mitchell, AJ - Like Strangers Do Lyrics

I miss the taste of your lips on Sunday
And the sound of your laugh
When I said something funny
But nobody heard it
Except for you
And my mom still asks bout you
I lie and say we're friendly
Cause I don't have it in me
To tell the truth

You and me what are we if we're not together
We could be nothing cause nothing last forever

If you saw me on the train
Would you look the other way
Like strangers do
And if you passed me on the street
Would you look down at your feet
And move on through
Like strangers do

I miss the way that you looked in your sundress
The way that you looked when you undressed
The sound of your footsteps across the room
Now my friends don't ask about you
Cause they think I'm fine without you
I say it's all good but it's never true

You and me what are we if we're not together
We could be nothing cause nothing last forever

If you saw me on the train
Would you look the other way
Like strangers do
And If you passed me on the street
Would you look down at your feet
And move on through
Like strangers do (Strangers do)

La-la-la, la la-la-la
La-la-la, la la-la-la
La-la, la-la
Like strangers do-ooh woo, woah
La-la-la, la la-la-la
La-la-la, la la-la-la
La-la, la-la

If you saw me on the train
Would you look the other way
Like strangers do
And if you passed me on the street
Would you look down at your feet
And move on through
Like strangers do

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Mitchell, AJ Like Strangers Do Comments
  1. Kani Garcia

    I Love You Aj

  2. Kani Garcia

    350 mil visitas

  3. Kani Garcia

    Me encanta ❤

  4. Kani Garcia


  5. Kani Garcia


  6. Kani Garcia

    I Love you Aj mitchell ❤

  7. HanYY

    I'm from Thailand today at apple store. LIKE YOUR SONG! 😄

  8. royandi anderson siregar

    If you saw me on the train would you look the other way?
    Like strangers do.

    Answer: Yes, i love GOSSIP when nobody's talks, Facts bout people doing, and criticising bout bad behaviour how to attract environment.

    Usually, im gonna open discussion bout gossip " Yoo guys, Babe, BITCCCHHH I HAVE SO MUCH GOSSIP YOU KNOW, nor mam our neighborhood get creampied by her father's but accidentally its all GOSSIP * hihihi".

  9. Kani Garcia


  10. The Rock

    Underated. 👏

  11. Kani Garcia

    Love you Aj mitchell ❤👑

  12. Chiến Tiến

    Why this song not famous ?...

  13. Madison D Liston

    aj mitchell and wdw should do a song together

  14. Kani Garcia


  15. Kani Garcia

    King 👑

  16. Ainsley Laurent

    1:03 Tyler Cassidy wants to know your location...😂

  17. Kani Garcia

    Aj 🔥👑

  18. Kani Garcia


  19. Bdawg Phamous

    What genre is this song

  20. Kani Garcia

    300 mil visitas ❤

  21. Aizhan ANWAR

    kisses from Moscow ♥️🌻

  22. Kani Garcia


  23. 요미


  24. Ryan Adri

    Hey syarmin I miss you I don’t know if you want to delivered this song to me or not hehehe but always remember if you miss me hit me up I will go back to you

  25. DetroitTigersfan24 Miggy

    Sadly this is extremely relatable 😢💔

  26. Kani Garcia

    King ❤

  27. Kani Garcia


  28. Pinkie goi

    I think you my best singer and you are my favorite singer

    From Thai😍😍😍😍

    ปรีชา ภู่กรุด

    Wow 🙏🙏

  29. butterfly girl

    If I saw you on the train or if I passed you on the street no I wouldn't look the other way, I would say hey dude I know you and I love your voice and music Very cool song

  30. Brin Chan

    Here before 1 million views xx

  31. awhmoons

    *be proud on having a good taste in music*

  32. moonbyul ass shipper

    Nice voice. Loveee the song! 😍

  33. holly witherspoon

    I can’t handle this boy he’s so amazing!😘

  34. Lily Sasmita


  35. transtraduccion ITA

  36. agalia storge

    This reminds me of someone hahaha "what are we if we are not together?", "i lie and say we friendly"

  37. Katelyn Riggs

    " i miss the taste of your lips on sunday"

    lmfao just had my first kiss this last sunday

  38. Mang Sitlhou

    .................. Like Strangers do

    Fill in the blank

  39. Paloma Trujillo

    is that a date on the ticket?

  40. Holly Witherspoon

    This is so depressing but it’s so good! Ah I love your voice!! 2:30 is my fav part!

  41. I Ahona l

    I love you

  42. Kani Garcia


  43. Tanvir Anjum

    Cool Lyrics...🥰
    Just like my unexpressed feelings...❤️
    #AJ_Mitchell awesome voice dude...🌼

  44. Magui A

    I love the songggg, it so beauty and you has a great voice (AJ Mitchell, amo tu voz y tu talento, ahora tienes una fan Argentina)(i from Argentina)

  45. mitochondrion97

    Feels like I’m going to relate to this very soon. Cuz nothing last forever...

  46. Renata Carreon

    I REALLY need a collab with Why Don't We!!!

  47. Menahil Hassan

    Why is this track not getting views??
    Its so beautiful 😍

  48. soraya gonzalez

    This hits so deep... unreal 💗

  49. ana Gomes

    l love music 💕💓

  50. Layla Lovegood

    Who else loves AJ?? ♥️😍♥️😍

  51. Pardeep Kumar

    So good song

  52. ahmd mohd

    It looks like ed sheeran wrote this song

  53. emils lil

    His voice is not only powerful but sweet

  54. Zainab Ahmed

    This song is so underrated :'(

  55. Tsidkenu'sid

    peaceful n calm.

  56. pedwantagon • 90 years ago .

    Omgg 🥰

  57. Kani Garcia


  58. Adamari AM

    Ok so I'm guessing the music video or a new single is coming out on 11/22/19 and the album or ep on 01/17/20 and both are on release dates like FRIDAY it can't be a godamn coincidence now this what you call an easter egg more vidible than anything else

  59. ahmad arif

    much love😫😫💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  60. Kani Garcia


  61. Laura Nicole

    Really loving this song!! It’s so good! I did a cover of it on my channel if anyone wants to check it out!🙂

  62. Kani Garcia


  63. D JonesTV

    AJ has a strong voice. I think we will be hearing alot from him in the future. Big (Facts). Here before 250K.

  64. GodOf Gamers1000

    I Like The Live Version Better

  65. Mar


  66. Margo J

    Hey guys, check out my slowed version of this song

  67. Kani Garcia

    King 👑

  68. lasang 1234

    So fricking catchy

  69. Guilherme Ramos

    this music is so similar like “my only one” do sebastian yatra

  70. Kani Garcia


  71. Shweta Official

    So in love w/ this!!!😍😍😍 #LikeStrangersDo

  72. Richieanne nad Cas

    Come on!
    Who else liked before they listened?

  73. Kani Garcia

    Aj Mitchell 👑

  74. Kani Garcia

    Vamos por las 100 visitas

  75. meliaide 3


  76. YoWhatUp? HowUDoing?


  77. camila camarillo

    This song hits hard hard🥺

  78. Samilanth

    Lmao, I got an ad of him singing this right before the song started

  79. Khushi Garg

    i got real goosebumps

  80. Naim Zuhairi

    Literally everyone song

  81. Nicole Browne

    AJ has been putting out one hit after another and I can’t handle it 😍👏🏻

  82. Kani Garcia


  83. Ipsita Punia

    One of the most underrated artists.... he deserves much more
    This is a bop

  84. PGS

    Hi! Please check my covers playlist and don't forget to subscribe me. Thank you so much! ;)

  85. evolutionofwords

    This song wants to get you moving but still cuts deep.

  86. evy

    Omaigaaa lovee your song

  87. YourOnly Vero


  88. Sophia Pittoni

    such a simple song yet such a deep meaning

  89. Софія Bosak

    Чому я не можу скачати😣😣😢😢😢😭😭😭це просто шикарно

  90. Julia Chan

    AJ - you will become famous one day, i have no doubt about it, but hoping your music always stays amazing

  91. Captain America 99

    You have to go on the voice or America's got talent!

  92. Kani Garcia

    Me encanta 😍

  93. andy Hamid

    Enjoying this song with airpords in the morning makes me feel so cheerful when I walk in the morning, see the beauty of the light in the morning and also accompanied by the cold in the morning. u guys need to do like me , trust me it would be fun💘

  94. Lisa Schettner

    So catchy!! I love this so much. 💖
    I hope at least one person will read my whole comment, and I wish you a beautiful day!

    I am a 22-year-old singer-songwriter of French, Czech & German origins. I play the guitar, the piano, the Irish whistle, the harp, and I love to dance. My life goal is to make people feel fulfilled and inspire them through my music, and to create soundtracks for movies. I post my own original songs on my channel as well as covers.
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  95. Dandrogenoucci

    Deserves more recognition but worthy of being our little big lovely secret. ❤