Misfits - Who Killed Marilyn? Lyrics

5:25 august fifth, 1962 found her lying on her chest her face all turning blue you think it was an overdose but could it have been the pact could it have been the kennedy's was it lapd it ain't a mystery baby not to me what a, what a, what a mystery baby not to me rotted corpse, sex decay breasts all full of slugs no answer for the accident her cunt has all dried up, you see 5:25 august fifth, 1962 make it seem a suicide make it seem a suicide make it seem a suicide make it seem a suicide it ain't a mystery baby not to me what a, what a, what a mystery baby not to me it ain't a mystery baby not to me what a, what a, what a mystery baby not to me whoah, whoah, whoah, whoah oh

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Misfits Who Killed Marilyn? Comments
  1. William Turner

    Joey Image definitely earned his 2 cheeseburgers on this session.

  2. The Wizard BC

    Dirty Jerzee. You betta think about baby. Baby baby.

  3. Mike Grayum

    Very cool info!!!!! Thanks for posting

  4. Justin Ethnostate


  5. alberto ponce

    This song is originally by Jorge Gonzalez, from THE PRISON BOYS .. (Los Prisioneros) .. a chilean band .. suck my dick bitches

    alberto ponce


    Mauricio Andrés Flores Frey

    se parecen caleta las dos canciones ajajaja

  6. Broncycolon 70

    Who cares? She is dead now....it is okay

  7. uf u don't love Buckethead I can' t trust u Hilde

    I Love JILL KETHEL🤟🙋💙

  8. Enda Dorgan

    Wasn't this a solo single by Mr. Danzig originally? Swore I read that somewhere. All the songs are fucking A1 anyway!

  9. VLS Productions

    The fathers of Horror Punk!

  10. Hefty Alan

    How topical? "Ain't a mystery baby not to me."

  11. Ryan Burns

    Best set of musicians and style in this exact time frames of thier recording

  12. Andrew Hollingshead

    Glenn nor the Misfits own any of the songs, Caroline owns the rights to all The Misfits songs except Walk Among Us which owned by Ruby.

  13. Raymond Tolomei



    Fucking true dude, Steele is underrated

  14. gustavo martinez mena


  15. winstonS

    This is the best Children in Heat song I've found. Could you please post it by itself

  16. kids place on channel 9

    Who killed clitty? You!!

  17. Franco Fuentes

    La prensa fue o la radio tal vez.

  18. Lobsang Nyima

    the best thing musically to arise outta Jersey...

    Insert Name Here

    @indiglo1971 fuck bon jovi

    Sara Hamilton

    What about the "Boss"?? Maaaaaan


    @indiglo1971 Bon Jovi? Do you INVITE abuse?

    kevin rodriguez

    Also overkill


    Sinatra might disagree

  19. Robert Fortin

    Misfits, Samhain, Danzig all awesome for lifting weights. Fires me up.


    There are no Misfits without Glenn Danzig

    James Young

    Don't forget Doyle \m/

    Senile Animal

    winstonS damn right

    Richy Soto

    All same demon !

  20. Dead Kennedy

    5/25 Aug 5th 1962

  21. Brandon w

    Love the last two tracks, rips right into Children In Heat. Perfection👌

  22. Simon Lopez

    love all their old stuff with Danzig !

  23. Franco Nieva

    Who killed nisman?

    markos kalvo


  24. falling Angel

    Her face all turning Blue

  25. Richy Soto

    Slashman.E thank you for post the horror punk .....and thank you MISFITS !

  26. gustavo martinez mena

    La prensa fue o el raton mickey ajajajj

    alberto ponce

    dimeee dimeeee ... kien fueeee

  27. Trent 1602

    Wait this album before the horror business album


    It would have been the same recording sessions. Like Bullet, they recorded about an album's worth, but only put out a 7"

    Errol Waguespack


  28. Jason Kirkpatrick

    Joshua molested his little brother. Know your bible


    Fucking sick!!!! Complete originals!!!! Greatest of that era!!!! Honestly brutal! Misfits... an American original.

  30. KaneRobot

    This goes so fucking hard. Might be my favorite session ever from them.

  31. Quincy Maxwell

    One of my influences of my band

  32. ancientloredude

    A good grouping of Misfits songs. I prefer the version of "Horror Business" from the Beware EP...and the version of "Teenagers from Mars" from the Static Age album. In fact, it's hard to top the Static Age album with anything but this is a nice selection. Thanks for posting.

    jimi jinx

    Static age is my favorite album along side walk among us

    Travis Jones

    ancientloredude static age is perfection...it’s basically a greatest hits album! Gd they rolled out the “hits” one after another didn’t they?!

  33. Kenneth Lally

    baby not to me

  34. makemaineyourown

    yEAH man. MISFITS.!!

  35. earmud

    The recording of the drums are sweet too! Whose playing?


    This session is Joey Image

    Christopher Wolfe

    earmud I thought Arthur G. did drums on this? I know for a fact Glenn did the final cut though.


    This was a few years before Googy. I believe Glenn did all the instruments on the Who Killed Marilyn 7" single, which was not associated with the Misfits.


    @Christopher Wolfe Googy was not in the band until 1980.

    Hefty Alan

    SlashMan.EXE Wasn't that version around '81?

  36. NP138

    Man, these versions are awesome!! Wish they we re-released, these versions that is.

    darth g0ldaR

    IAMTHENIGHT 138 it's so fucking awesome it's no wonder it's number one this shit kicks the crap out of new stuff all the time🔫👻💉


    This stuff is on their coffin box set.

    George Specht

    I still have the coffin but overtime have lost the discs...and searching around online ain't found shit 100

    Cameron Snowman


    Cameron Snowman

    T the heart

  37. Bixxy.

    remastered? sounds awesome

  38. Jon McKenna

    No way this is Danzig. Wrong inflection, wrong pronunciation of words and cadence. Wrong voice in general.

    Carl Anderson

    There were no changes done to the vocals between these tracks and the finished Horror Business 7". Bobby plays guitar on Horror Biz, but Glenn overdubbed his own guitar track as well. "Where Eagles Dare" and "Who Killed Marilyn" (with Bobby's solo) also exist with Glenn's overdubs, "Eagles" is readily available, but "Marilyn" is a bit tougher to track down. I have both tracks, and I can assure you, what I put down here is accurate, and its Glenn on vocals for all of it. Here's something else you won't believe. The Plan9 version of Walk Among Us contains "All Hell Breaks Loose." The Slash version has the identical track with again, extra guitar by Glenn. Everyone who posted here is probably as obsessive with their recording sessions as I am.

    James Walker

    @denniscoenen1975 i

    River Throat

    But this is Danzig's voice.

    Lori Hanks

    You're dumb 😘

    Jon Holmes

    Troll master

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