Misch, Tom - Tick Tock Lyrics

Five four three two one
We have a liftoff
32 minutes past the hour, liftoff on Apollo 11
Tower clear
OK, we've got a roll program

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Misch, Tom Tick Tock Comments
  1. mhmdhmzh

    just wanna say that your music been helping in rough situations especially this song. work pressure, crazy traffic, bad love life, etc. thank you so much, love from Jakarta.

  2. 임지훈


  3. Pastry Puff

    Tiktok: ...wait, what?

  4. Master


  5. Philasande Phill Mpetukana

    Thixo lomjita 3:15

  6. LauchTV

    115 bpm

  7. Alexis Le Hérissé

    Antoine Daniel Zevent ?

  8. Amalia Colonna

    I can't even explain how awesome is this

  9. Keegan S

    2:57- this right here is what plays when you’re driving through the city at night

  10. rickyneed d

    Afortunado de vivir en la misma época que tom misch

  11. buck wild

    A breath of fresh air, is what you are son!

  12. Kgwasi Stanley Vanqa

    What a tune!!

  13. Othusitse Mosala

    Sio, brought me here, https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1059785174172468&id=602873533196970

  14. maya

    tout l'album est bon !


    아 너무 좋은데?

  16. Miles Boladão

    Jamiroquai vibes

  17. maya

    sa musique me met de bonne humeur, à fond dans la voiture !

  18. Luke H


  19. Nicogee Music

    is there a one scale that works in the whole song?

  20. tasss550

    taaaaaap notch !!!

  21. EMiRSM


  22. Lapenunu

    I wanna be like you Tom.

  23. Élaine Grisé

    Tom Misch is the best thing to have come out of UK since Jamiroquai.

  24. Remember

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! Love it :-)

  25. upintheclouds

    sounds like alan watts in the beginning xD

  26. Nash Walker

    I wasn't super in love with this song until that violin came in, then i went into an eternal groove coma

  27. Carlos mendez

    eres el mejor

  28. T Amazin


  29. Ana Gabriela Molina Moreno

    I'm in love with this song, totally <3
    Una pieza de arte <3

  30. brennantg7

    Tom is such a genius

  31. Slashley gibbins

    Nice groove

  32. vybeschoo

    guys... I am trippin' balls and this song is making my fucking day yo!!!!


    NICE 👍. Love it.

  34. Camilo Osorio

    Mucho sabor

  35. Beverly Montgomery

    The best summer driving music ever created.

  36. Joshua Weikel

    Fuuuuuuu- why is this SO good!?

  37. caveat lector:

    Tom Misch and Anderson .Paak please do a collab.

  38. Alejandro Herrera

    whole instrumental song is fantastic , first of all at 0:20 and then 3:49... is the time for me

  39. Gustavo Brown


  40. alliloul50

    tik tok tom

  41. Eijuba

    alternative version of Tick Tock from Tom Misch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KweH3tqWyeY&feature=youtu.be

  42. Jordan McGoat

    This is delicious.

  43. dimasinatrya

    2:58 piano chords please? anyone?

  44. Prohdeen

    When Tom makes a Kaytranada collaboration without kaytranada.

  45. Flyboyhalo Publishing

    This is way hottt!!!

  46. Jack Doherty-Eagles

    Just uploaded a chords tutorial on my channel, check it out!

  47. Alex Beaton

    Snoop Dogg needs to remix this real talk

  48. ying Man

    밤에 걷고 싶어지는 음악

  49. Julia Violoniste

    In love.

  50. Omar Sohail

    Just realized an hour went by...

  51. Jason J K

    Just saw the live performance of this..Tom Misch you and your band got talent!

  52. Maryam M

    Inspiring !

  53. Bradford Webster

    Love you Tom

  54. Aaron Boys

    Lost in Paris, Water Baby and this song might be the best off the album

  55. Luiz Gustavo

    Já está incluída na minha playlist : ORGASMO SÔNICO

  56. Tyler Richard

    All of these tracks groove SO hard (especially at .75 speed)

  57. Guitfiddlejase


  58. Rafael Freitas

    this is the album of the year... we don't even need any releases for a while. listen to that GROOVE! JESUS!!!

  59. britt dino

    Head bob
    Head bob
    Head bob
    Head bob

  60. Animeguy23

    Snapchat ads brought me here

  61. RenZZo LFX

    fuck yes

  62. Cole Palley

    Legend in the making.

  63. erykwins


  64. Aron G

    How the fuck do you do it dude

  65. Aiden Gallego

    Es muy buena.

  66. Matt Quentin

    the hihatssss

  67. Wesley Hermanus

    1:18 had me jamming 👏👏 mind blown 💥


    smoothie tunes right here. ringing out at the blades ASAP. love it #farmorethanajuicebar

  69. Vincent Nicolas

    ça tourne en boucle!!!

  70. Elizabeth Elías

    Si pudiera casarme con tu musica lo haría sin dudarlo

  71. Shourya Sinha

    Next collabs pleasee?? - Robert Glasper, Moonchild, Terrace Martin, A Tribe Called Quest (this one could be rad af, can imagine qtip rapping through smooth Tom Misch riffs)

    Dennis Johnson

    That would be insanneee

  72. Sophie Wilson


  73. Emma Sell

    Who else sees a collab between Tom and Honne? They both release album soon. I'm blessed

  74. Sacha Taieb

    This is how soul and disco is brought back to life in 2018

  75. BrandNuEnt.

    I need FKJ on this ASAP

  76. Aryanna middleton

    Logic used that audio

  77. grski.

    this ones so tight man

  78. dnbfr34k

    The first time I kept in touch with your song, was an infatuation.

    My whole family listen to you. My daughter sings Movie.
    I'd tried to follow you in USA, but stayed a few days in NY.

    Thanks to be an amazing, kindness guy with superb talent to make people happy and groovy.

    Big hug from Brazil, Sao Paulo.

  79. Lucas Mattos

    que delicia de musica

  80. Lucas Mattos

    muito bom

  81. Hyda-James Hill

    Your music never ceases to blow my mind!

  82. Ogre do Bosque

    This is top quality. A real artist that understands the business. During these days it is rare to see someone like this, with such a commitment and skill. A legend is being raised. And what has quality is perpetual.

  83. WhoisSweet

    What a great day to be alive

  84. Emilly Ribeiroo

    You’re literally THE BEST ❤️ it annoys be that u don’t get the recognition you deserve .

  85. Val Jones, Da Oracle

    Soooo love!

  86. Marina Belerenian

    Come to Buenos Aires dude! Your music is a trip without return

    Ignacio Balat

    Que venga a Córdoba!

  87. Gerson mabote

    Wow. Hit me again and again. I like it very much

  88. Tshepang Seema

    This is by far the smoothest shit I've ever heard :o

  89. J Hill

    Home is where Tom's Music is playing.

  90. Muni Lane

    I went to see this live and oh my gosh I cannot tell you how incredible that experience was

  91. Feli Monfort

    Make a single with jamiroquai ... that will be mind blowing..


    the world will probably collapse...i guess

    Adam Wheatley


    Petra Ariely

    This is not a crazy but beautiful dream


    @Tauni Daugintis was gonna say the exact same hahahahah

    Raihan Aditya


  92. limdoo12

    I think this is my favorite off your new album

  93. Mesus

    Summer Is Coming

  94. Lourenço Garcia

    Hell yeah dude!

  95. Bella Dewanti F

    Tom misch, never cease to amaze!

  96. xebio6

    That guitar+bass unison line... yummy.

  97. Jake


  98. José Palomares

    You never disappoint me!