Misch, Tom - Memory Lyrics

So tonight I'm sleeping under the stars
Cuz I feel it
And you're climbing up with me

Your absence used to rip me apart
When I close my eyes
You're still climbing up with me

Tonight, I'm sleeping under the stars
Cuz I feel it
And you're climbing up with me

Your absence used to rip me apart
When I close my eyes
You're climbing up with me

In my
Memory [x30]

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Misch, Tom Memory Comments
  1. Rodrigo Calamo

    2020 and im still listening this music.

  2. M Clover

    하.... 최고의 힐링 사운드... 진심 위로되서 눈물이 날려고 함..ㅠㅠ 너무너무 감성이 넘쳐흐름.....

  3. Khaiah Mann



    This song literally manifested a trauma in my head.

  5. asiaglow

    I have listened to this ALL DAY since first hearing it this morning. Still listening at work! Dope shit

  6. Gail Valdez

    love love love

  7. Evelyn Alvarado


    Please take a listen, your ears will be pleased 😏

  8. Dave Fischer

    Man this song brings me to new heights, makes me wanna travel lol, soo chill

  9. Ezra

    Amazing song and I just love the instrumental. Anyone know where to find it?

  10. Valeria Aucapina

    love you <3

  11. aliceboyblue

    This is the perfect song to compliment this rainy day, grey skies, Tom in the background, baking. Sets the mood right. His music knows how to touch you and in all the right spots.

  12. Paul Simmons

    Hot fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Jason Lee

    2:55 and on is the best

  14. Laryn Jackson

    This song goes too hard. Tom didn't have to do us like that.

  15. KJ TOPP

    best tom misch song!

  16. Lola Wrigley

    Im a hoe for island drums

  17. Luciano Ola

    Looping this.

  18. Evan Bleasdale

    I find myself coming back to this song all time, even with all his new stuff coming out. I think it's a perfect mix of beautiful production, Dilla-esque beats, smooth subdued vocals and of course sexy guitar licks. Perfection

  19. Mariii Martinezz

    beautiful .

  20. mac murray

    Marissa Nicole Cueves anyone?

  21. Toronto Bud

    I had to let go of my memories
    this ain't a sad song
    I had to let go of my tendencies
    Envision and remember me from youth
    Digging into melodies, spit truth the way it's meant to be
    I had to let go of my friends, you see
    Let go of my enemies,
    but I just hope that you remember me
    Cause I'll love you till infinity, we're boundless as these entities
    Two souls it's yin and yang, truth told it's white and black
    The mix grey in spite of facts that our morals in tact
    The oral tradition I envision signal the nervous system
    I often wonder why I can't fly
    My hippocampi conflicted from the past life I lived in,
    I watched it pass by, sipping mixtures of brews
    Confused by the chakra, with infused ayahuasca
    Gave up control a long time ago
    It felt sublime to leap off cliffs and then remember from a rhyme you wrote
    I ditched my inner monologue, I needed to find a gyroscope
    I, was giving up on ever finding hope

  22. Leo Brenin

    Steelpan ❤

  23. Nathaniel Illingworth

    holy meatball

  24. stlowcl

    beautiful song! i love it

  25. Emanni Jarmon

    From Sarah Baska's resent video

  26. Jaime Rothstein

    Anyone here from Sarah baska?

  27. trini chelz

    Sarah baska anyone?

    imLazy asf

    trini chelz me🙅

    Iposttomuch Lol

    trini chelz yessss

  28. Gabriel Yusuf

    Fucking love this song!

  29. Valen Tinencia

    Gracias por tanto, Tomsito:(

  30. Wisdom Manaka

    wtf dude like im blown away.

  31. Jean-Baptiste Guyomard

    one more step and ill be there i hope ;)

  32. Jacob Podgurski

    Time to listen to all of Tom Misch from first to last!

  33. annie fairey

    Could I use this music in a video? I will include your name and song title in the video and a link in the description. Thanks

  34. Pola Mera

    Spotify discover weekly thank you for this!!

  35. Disco Bigs

    You're music keeps me moving. Makes life a bit sweeter. Thank you for creating such amazing music you are truely a musical genius.

  36. Shaundra Major

    KCRW brought me here.

    David Raygoza

    Same, except I heard Watch Me Dance first instead on there. KCR at nighttime is the only radio station I can stand to listen to anymore, very few ad interruptions as well.

  37. Patrick McGrath

    TOM MISCH! Come play live in MI haha.

  38. Александр Бокшан

    Отличная легкая музыка , мир друг тебе

  39. Taylor Adrian

    whenever I get stressed I listen to this oh my it's so calming

  40. Drex Machine

    **Prepares for bad memories to come**

  41. edgedcanshufl

    I don't like making comparisons to those who have passed away etc but the way you craft beats (not just this one) is so reminiscent of the greats ie Dilla etc. I've been following you since you released your first beat tape and my god man you've got a ear for music. Whatever anyone tells you don't stop doing what you love. You've got so much to give to not only hip hop with your instrumentals but music as a whole. Thank you Tom.

  42. Hipster Life

    Love the vibe from this song. ❤️🎧

  43. Jacques DeMolay

    The music sounds like the journey haha.

  44. Alexis Laihr

    I drew a cover album for out to see if there is anyway I can contact you to send you it! I thought I would share it with you for giving me the inspiration for it!

  45. Tannesfilms

    can i use this in a video??

  46. smash ice device

    dude you sound like Chris frm cold play

  47. Avuzwa Ntshongwana

    Lol my ex boyfriend actually told me about Tom....


    he fucked up cause you're bad

  48. Cedric Holand

    WOOOOO!!! All I could do is close my eyes with my hands in the air!!!!

  49. Ivan sanchez

    thank you so much you don't know how long I've been searching this song for!!!!!!

  50. Pablo Zamora

    Hey, Tom! Is there any way we can get an instrumental to this song? It's so relaxing!

    Andrew Murphy

    +Pablo Zamora it pretty much is...

  51. Jude McCreath

    is this tom Misch singing? if so he's very good!

  52. Conflic7

    Is this copyright if I use this?


    as long as he gives you permission to use it then no

  53. JeswithanS

    My sister was listening to Tom Misch and at first, I was I thought why do you keep playing that song, now, I understand why. Its so peaceful and relaxing. I listen to it almost everyday now.

  54. Alexei Gregory

    there's just something about this song

  55. 77Thomaz77

    I'm straight but I would fuck this music

    Mr Joke

    but what gender is this music...


    +Mari Sela good question. I would say an unrecognized gender, from the human perspective. I'd still do it though

    Mr Joke

    @77Thomaz77 words spoken so astonishing

  56. Nikki

    can i use this in my video?

  57. WarChief GarrKhan

    This is the first song I've ever heard from Tom. It's the one that got me hooked.

  58. Biba A.

    This song... just breathtaking. Well done, Sir.

  59. erykwins

    Beautiful music!

  60. hazmat151

    so good!

  61. Zoëjo

    This is my favorite song from you! It reminds of Connor Franta's video, "A Simple Question"! It also, for some reason, makes me want to start being a youtuber, so I could use this song in a video. If I ever do start YouTube, could I please use this song in a video?


    at the end of 'a simple question', he actually uses this as the outro! its so great though :)


    So did you start?

  62. Dylan Johnson

    Love your music, keep making more

  63. frogantoad

    beautiful chord progression

  64. shaun colley

    this song is so amazing and that's an understatement

  65. Priska M

    Ohh fuck!

  66. Dordracnor

    everyone in the comments is thanking some guy named connor, and I'm like "EMN played Tom and I loved it"

  67. hazza

    this was used in Connor frantas 'a simple question' video and it made the video inspiring and calm, I love this music, good job :)

  68. InRealLifeTai

    @Tom Misch Can we put this in out videos?

  69. abby daranykone

    this is amazing! wondering why this didn't blow up....


    Reminds me of the summer. Going on a camping trip 🙌

  71. AidanDaher

    You will make it big one day. I know this =D

  72. AidanDaher

    I love this <3 

  73. Deja

    Can someone pls send me the notes.. I would really like to learn the pan bits

  74. JustKatesLife

    Thank you Connor Franta

  75. Paul Revere

    Heard this today at YoSushi and the chef stopped preparing food and ID'd it for me via Sound Hound. 😊


    did you tip this chef he pro man

  76. Nba Topic

    May I use this as my back round music in my videos?

  77. Lamisa Fairooz

    This song gives me life haha

  78. Sharon Sabino

    Music like this is just so peaceful to me. It's a paradise that only I get lost in.

  79. Mary Felix

    Thank you Connor Franta for putting this in your video <3


    ikr that's what brought me here too


    He brought me here too!

    Adam Fisher

    fuck up you

    pardon my language here


    F È N T Y

    Adam Fisher bitch shut the fuck up

  80. Liv Camacho

    Someday you're gonna be the one of the biggest artist out there. I know it. :)

  81. Lamisa Fairooz


  82. Ro Ed

    😱 pan! 🎵❤️

  83. Troy S

    4:25 to the end is like the best part.

    zoe b

    The ends of his song are always so beautiful 😍🙌🏻


    Reminds me a lot of Buckethead

  84. GregOgunMusic

    Damn this in one hell of a composition.

  85. emilyc3177

    this is on repeat for me. he also sampled a bit from mary j blige's "real love" (which possibly could have been sampled from a previous R&b track). anyway, Tom misch is a musical gem. he's up there with J Dilla and Nujabes. And for only being 19...wise beyond his years!


    Couldn't agree more. Certain people are truly truly blessed with the production gift & this kid mos def is. I'd put him right up there with Dilla & Nujabes all day. 


    With Dilla? Damn

    Edward Houston

    Not quite Dilla level , but def on his way .

    Terrell Carey

    Might want to pump the brakes on comparisons to Dilla and Nujabes but he's very good and this song is beautiful.

    ikon aesthetic

    nujabes!!! huhu

  86. Jake McDermott

    Heard this song on NPR on the road home from school today. Have to say, definitely one of my favorites now!

  87. AsachikaSan

    @Tom Misch forever on my chill playlist

  88. kevinski1966

    mmmmm..... boy oh boy what a FANTASTIC mellow groove this is!! just beautiful. perfect late night  drive music...

  89. ihateuse

    Anybody else reminded of Little Mermaid's "UNDER THE SEA" ? <3 Tom Misch though!


    @ihateuse its the steel drums

  90. Lachie Wood

    This song made me fully break down when I first heard it. So, so good. Big props to Tom Misch.

  91. Ryan Dunnion

    your music is amazing i havent been able to find anything else like it it has that chilled out trance feel and then it drops into a jazz like harmony with the vocals and everything in between. Its just amazing please keep it up for many years to come. thanks Tom

  92. noodood

    How do you only have 822 subs.... ive been listening to ur music on other channels for months now. #823


    noodood yoooooo i was here when he was before 1k subs. Now he’s globally known and huge. Glad to see his passions getting the recognition it deserves

  93. Cris seka

    I found a little big artwork, it's simple but very beautyfull song, I love it

  94. Marina Granen

    Ug - have become sooo obsessed with your music lately. You're simply fantastic. My friends are crazy about you too. Keep up the good work!

  95. ezziemizuki

    Beautiful as always, Tom :)

  96. TXDA

    Oh gosh... Im into rap and trap music and stuff like that but this song is just THE BEST. I love this song!!

  97. Luke Rabbitte

    Fantastic stuff Tom
    You can have all your "pop chart number one" and "drop the bass" but this is just music to deeply enjoy

  98. TheRunningBrave

    You make the music I love!