Misch, Tom - Before Paris Lyrics

(If you're) Starting to trying to be a musician or artist—something like that—because you wanna make money, because you wanna do a job, that's- that's the wrong way. You have to do this because you love it. And it doesn't matter if you broke, you still gon' do it. I mean, I go out to jam sessions, and I play regardless of whether I'm getting a check or not. It's-, it's about whether I, uh—you have to love this thing, man! You have to love it and breathe it and—It's your morning coffee. It's your food. That's why you become an artist. Art is a mirror of society, you know...

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Misch, Tom Before Paris Comments

    미쳤다 진짜로..

  2. Jae White

    Tom Misch ❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶

  3. Louis Lawson

    Really powerful message at the beginning, I wish I knew who said that. Tom Misch is such an amazing artist !

    Just Notes Music

    Miles Davis I think.

    Samir Tawalare

    Roy Hargrove!

  4. mzurilove beauty & fragrances


  5. Grisha G

    i am a small

  6. max vb

    Cool messi!

  7. Clemente cid

    really love it!

  8. Chris Matheus

    RIP Roy Hargrove

  9. Marlene Jones

    Bravo, Bravo, This album is Amazing.....Eargasm💝💝💝💝💝

  10. Axis: Bold As Love

    "It's your food" Thank You, Roy and Tom......

  11. I Hate PT Cruisers

    Rest in peace Roy Hargrove....thanks for the inspiring words

  12. Eric Fricke

    Who'd he sample for the intro monologue? Barry Harris?

    Juan Balay Martínez

    Roy Hargrove

    Juan Balay Martínez

    https://youtu.be/mIaONoYeDh4 that's it

  13. Nibedita Hatibaruah

    All the feels !!!! 😋

  14. Hariztsani Sabilurrahman

    Every song he made, is good. Magic...

  15. Hadelin-De-Castelardent Le Cathare apyre

    putain je découvre cet artiste par hasard a la radio. juste enorme.

  16. disulfiram62

    0:50 "art is a mirror of society" ??? oh come on! :D art is much more greater than a reflection of society!

    Pravin Dhananjeyan

    I thought he said miracle

  17. Éire

    This goes in the collection of musical masterpieces I'd say

  18. Jerome Johnson

    This is the message that I needed to uplift myself in times when I feel low of my craft. Love the album Tom!

  19. Fake

    holy shit this is amazing but too short pls make extended version

    Daniel Pflug


  20. Piet's Passion

    love your music

  21. Em Hinch

    Thanks Dodie xx

  22. undiescoverd

    This track is insane! had me from when that beat kicks in! Album is sick!

  23. diego cardinali

    Actually for me it's the best song of the album! <3 thanks Tom for this sound!!

  24. Peter Mitchell

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIaONoYeDh4&lc=z223vzerplbxjzfau04t1aokgpod2snie2gmz2mtbwzerk0h00410 - Original dialogue is from an interview with Roy Hargrove.

  25. Gabriel Apolinar

    f sharp minor 9, a flat minor 7, a major 7, b 13, c# minor 9, c minor 9, e7 (?)

  26. Prian Putra

    TOM MISCH FEAUTRING FKJ & JORJA SMITH. Please make it happen!

  27. damnseg

    Dude you're a god. Come to Italy.

  28. Undergroundkid

    It's all about infatuation

  29. Lorenzo Manaois

    been a fan, and always will be a fan! great stuff

  30. Gabriel Gomes

    the only problem with this music is that it has an end

  31. Chaz4short

    wow the beautifully artistic opening and the drum and bass in this is making me move. I still find it crazy how you can make a song that has so much hype and chill at the same time.

  32. formiga C

    I'll see you soon in Portugal !!! SBSR ❤️

  33. discipleofec

    John Mayer would like to do such style music.

    Shaun Daskam

    John Mayer's style is more focused around blues. I don't think he's really into this Neo soul style.

  34. Jade Fibula

    This man is talented! Thanks for giving me your music creation. Makes my heart sings.

  35. Shania S


  36. Jac Castorino

    B e a u t i f u l

  37. Emilly Ribeiroo

    Ahhhh ❤️❤️

  38. Gerson mabote

    Thank you Tom Misch. You made my day once again

  39. Max K-Z

    I will be a fan of yours forever.

  40. limdoo12

    I <3 you and this new album.

  41. Lauren Gofford

    Wish this was longer👌

  42. Ian Watkins

    Everyone buy the Album!!!

  43. Pattykins

    TOM! Your music is the kind of great groove I never knew lacked in my life before.

  44. José Palomares

    Vamos tom! Seguí así!, Saludos desde Argentina

  45. Robert Dimbleby

    Wise words from roy hargrove


    Do you know where he said this?

    Robert Dimbleby

    wotcanary https://youtu.be/mIaONoYeDh4


    Thank you!!!!

    Soyon Lee

    thank you!

  46. Karla Giselle


  47. Valen Tinencia

    Arte ❣️

  48. Danila Grishin

    thnx a lot, genius!!

  49. eltees logic

    Fire emoji

  50. MonkeyJuice

    Woah, i'm 18 minutes late

  51. Steven Injety

    Tom Misch is the stuff man

  52. Nangman 9

    ((꺄아ㅏㅏㅏ 댓글 18개 밖에 없네 ))
    Tom misch 음악 들으면서 지난해를 보내고 올해가 됐네요. 난 당신 노래를 들으며 어려움도 힘듬도 슬픔도 아픔도 그리고 행복도 모두 걸어왔어요. 그대의 노래가 내게 항상 큰 힘이 되는걸 알까요? Movie같은 인생을 꿈꾸며! 감사합니다!
    🔥멀리 한국에서 당신의 팬이 🔥

    Meeseon Lee

    어제의카레로 가면 톰미쉬 들을 수 있나요 ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋ


    물론이죠 탐미쉬좋아한다하면
    메들리로 같이듣죠 넘 좋아ㅜㅜ


    all I understand are'Tom misch' and '🔥', so you get an upvote 👍


    톰미쉬는 2년안에 내한한번 할거같아요 일본은 벌써 확정이고..


    굳굳 다들 티켓 예약 하셨죵

  53. Nicolas Moyano

    LIKE before listen :3

  54. Ferro12211

    Love the sound of the strings dancing, atlesst that's what I see in my ears. The jazz, the soul, the funk, filleth my soul.

  55. Matheus Ferreira

    never disappoints

  56. James Mc

    Ahhh yessss

  57. Rebecca Kim

    Still waiting patiently for that Masego + Misch collab.

    I can't wait for this sick album to drop though!

    Ben Mitchinson

    ... what?


    Ben Mitchinson https://itunes.apple.com/cy/album/geography/1327772541


    Mr.Misterman You don't get it, where are talkin about a full album with a Masego collab


    Skyward 63 Damn. I have been an idiot all along **facepalms** I seriously read that first comment wrong.


    Mr.Misterman No problem 😊

  58. Astrønne

    The first concert I went to was his, in Paris. I can relate to this album on sooooome level that no one could even understand, from the few things that I've heard so far.
    In a nutshell, damn son, you did it again, making my soul twerk


    Fernando Barbarossa Well thanks :) Gracias

    Jordan Rivera

    We’re you at the Palais de Tokyo in summer of 2016? If so me too! My first concert out there and my first time in Europe/ traveling outside my country! A memory I won’t ever forget and the reason why I’m reluctant to see him perform here in the US. Such a beautiful memory I can never replace♥️


    Jordan Rivera Oh wow I'm super envious !! No, his concert in Paris last month was the first and only concert I went to actually :) I'm very content with it and looking forward to seeing him and/or His sister again

    Jordan Rivera

    Oh wow that's still an amazing memory, first concert in Paris! At the concert I went to, walking distance from the Eiffel, I was able to have a wonderful time myself meeting so many Parisians and seeing him, his sister and Carmody live! He performed his singles, and tracks from his vol 2 Beat Tape! It was around the time Memory came out. So beautiful and amazing. I can only imagine he made this new album inspired by that time :) I can only imagine you feel the same way seeing him.

    Laila Mckay

    Nerotsa awe!!

  59. Daniel Gilbert

    Never fails to disappoint 👏👏

  60. Ben Mitchinson

    Can't wait to see you in Chicago !!

  61. Ben Mitchinson

    Listened to it in full love you bb

  62. Joshua Williams

    Another masterpiece

  63. Joshua Williams

    First comments

  64. Mr hooman Gaming channel

    Love you tom misch <3

  65. shootingmoments


  66. Andrew Haynes

    The new album is amazing, Tom!! I've been waiting patiently for months for it to drop!

  67. Nazarin Aruba

    Yayyyyyy!! Never been this early . 😂

  68. Charlie Riley