Mirah - Where's My Heart? Lyrics

Where's my heart?
Not on my sleeve
Cut in my throat
A little choke

I don't wear
My heart on my sleeve
It might get caught
In the machines

What's the most
Delicious to eat
What fruit should i be
What fruit should i be

Where's my heart
I threw it out with the garbage on thursday
Used it to water the plants
I dropped it in the street on the way back from yr house
It's waiting outside the movie theatre all alone

Where's my heart?
Not on my sleeve
Caught in my throat
A little choke

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Mirah Where's My Heart? Comments
  1. Ashley Rojas

    i just found this song. its 2019 and i’m in shock at the fact that like this hasn’t blown up. this is amazing i love it so much

  2. Jacob Boslet

    Where is this from? Not any of her albums I don't think.

    Paige Sheehan

    Storageland ep 1997

  3. ChildishBlondeB

    I've bee na fan of thsi song for so long! Can't find it anywhere else (not even iTunes). 
    Thank you so much for this!! <3


    **Been **This

  4. Karina Harris

    Modest mouse-y sounding. like it.

  5. POPuppets

    Music like this should be played everywhere all the time. Sadly it's like a bottle in the ocean.
    Floating,waiting..... to be found, treasured, and then pass on again.
    To Journey on for someone else to discover.

  6. Sammy Darkling

    because popularity is based on quantity... not quality of people who like it???

  7. EarthToBlu

    Why is it always that music like this, isn't considered popular?

  8. Solana Oliver

    omg i love this song thank you!