Minus The Bear - Zeros Lyrics

We are common
More than we think
And so unique
To whoever's behind the eyes
We're the zeros
Behind the billions
Assigning numbers
So specific
Wake up before the sun
Leave your hour to the highway
And your day to
Line the pockets
Of some man with,
Softest hands
Sometimes I think
That it's all a
Sick joke on
The middle class

Keep on pushing, pushing, pushing
Keep your head down and your number
Your numbers up
I swear on my checkbook you'll be up here soon
We're all counting on
Counting on you

Put your time in
And time working
Spend your weekend
Finishing dead ends
Years go by
Xerox stays up
Exchanging your life
For a paycheck

Sometimes I think that it's all a sick joke on
The middle class

Keep on pushing, pushing, pushing
Keep your head down and your number
Your numbers up
Keep your numbers up

Keep on pushing, pushing, pushing
Keep your head down and your number
Your numbers up
I swear on my checkbook you'll be up here soon
We're all counting on
We're counting on you

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Minus The Bear Zeros Comments
  1. Jalen Conway

    Oh no everyone is complaining about music which is an outlet to express one's self. If you don't like it, don't listen to it. More Bear for the real fans

  2. Dabomb1237

    Why do people dislike music? If you don't like it, don't even rate. Unless, of course, they have a superior taste in music.

  3. GI Jimbo

    Ah, I love that they wrote this song. It was quite an effective method of weeding out their douchier fans.

  4. monkypunishr

    That's the point of art, moron. The musician/artist can depict or compose a piece of music about anything. Being a musician myself, I find it easy to connect music with emotions, and it seems that MTB feels strong about this topic. How dare YOU for even calling yourself a Minus the Bear fan. Who are you to try and influence what influences them? It doesn't seem like they'll be reading your comment anytime soon due to all the negative votes. You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

  5. Jake M L G

    They have plenty of voices.

    MTB used to be a band that we could listen to when we wanted to FORGET about our problems. Now they sound so watered down with generic political undertones it's become almost sickening.

    I miss the old MTB, the simple yet beautiful musical piece of art they use to create.

    Don't get me wrong, there are glimpses of extraordinary music and harmony scattered throughout this album, but before Infinity Overhead EVERY song was gold...that's what I miss more than anything.

  6. FiHuvWix

    I get where you're coming from, however I feel his lyrics are incredible on this album. Sometimes the best lyrics are spit out in a matter of five minutes; I'm not saying this is my favorite album it certainly isn't, but I don't enjoying hearing any negative comments on such beautiful work ;)

    that being said I completely respect your opinion and am glad to hear you're a huge MTB fan!

  7. Jake M L G

    Oh I know they're right, it's just that it's TACKY.

    We listen to MTB to ESCAPE our real life problems...I never thought they would put something like this out, something so obviously cheesy. This song's not even B-side material. I know every single song from MTB by heart, favorite band hands down...and I know that Jake isn't putting out the quality he used to, lyrically.

    He even said it himself, he writes some songs the night before they start recording, like "cramming for a high school test"

  8. FiHuvWix

    Why? Why should anyone listen to anyone else on what to put into THEIR music? You have no say in what they write about and if you don't like it then go listen to something else. Plus politics has played a huge roll in almost every genre of music since the 1920's...

    Oh and by the way, MTB is absolutely correct with what they're saying. Have a good one ;)

  9. PvtSkittles12

    I don't see how they're trying to "force feed the fans" in any way. They probably wrote this song to show their own opinion on an important topic in the country today.

  10. SteadyChasin MoneyBags

    MUCH AGREED!!!!!

  11. jamie stanley

    why is everyone complaining about the lyrics??? there's nothing wrong with them just enjoy the music

  12. Blake Robbins

    No dude I'm the one who agrees with you. Def think they should be able to express themselves freely..

  13. Ana Raposo

    you guys are SO winy. God. Get a fucking life

  14. Luke Houghton

    Why can't a band sing about some kind of political thought?

    To Black Robbins

    Plenty of artists have some kind of political view in their songs, look at Bob Dylan, The Beatles, John Butler Bob Marley. the list goes on.

    I am guessing you must be fairly ignorant of other people's right to express their views.

    Let MTB sing about what they want. They are great!

    The middle and lower classes do get shafted let them have a voice.

  15. Ethan Brown

    The main problem with the new MTB vs the old is that SUICIDE SQUEEZE HAS NO EXPECTATIONS/LIMITS to their records; you become more popular by being so different, like the entire album of "They Make Beer Commercials Like This." The music (from an instrumentation and technical standpoint) has increased in depth, while the lyrics and message has been diluted. Still, find one band that switched labels and DIDN'T change. Modest Mouse, RHCP, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Tool, The Shins, the list is endless.

  16. Jake M L G

    It might be ridiculous to you, but I don't think it's right, they never used to be like this...their music used to have DEPTH.

    Jake's lyrical depth is completely nonexistent.

    He said it himself, he has to write all the lyrics to a beautiful piece of music his band comes to him with, like a highschool student cramming for a test. He's lost what made Minus the Bear great, and he knows it. Zeroes is just another example of it.

  17. Blake Robbins

    Keep politics out of art?!! Can you think of a better way to express yourself than through art? Art is meant for self expression.. I'm sorry I just think that's one of the most ridiculous things I ever read

  18. G Rock

    This song is awesome and they're right. Middle class does get the shaft. FREE ENERGY!! EFF THE MAN!

  19. Jake M L G

    Ok, MTB, if you're reading this...KEEP POLITICS OUT OF ART!!!

    What the fuck is that? Preaching about how the middle class is getting the shaft? How DARE you try and force feed the fans that you've accumulated through GOOD music with this garbage.

    It's not right, because of this I'm not buying this album.