Minus The Bear - Toska Lyrics

You seem to think that you're over it
Your eyes imply you're the blameless one
Somehow as of now you think this is love

Try to read your life from memory
Expecting trickery
Bring on the he said she said he said she said
It's never enough

We all need a second chance
And a third and fourth after that
Give a little and you give it back
It goes around like that

Try to read your life texturally
Expecting mockery
Leave out the he said she said he said she said
I'm calling your bluff

We all need a second chance
And a third and fourth after that
Give a little and you give it back
It goes around like that

I'm a fool in your pocket
I'm a fool in your pocket
Like a picture in a locket
Like a picture in a locket
I'm a fool in your pocket
I'm a fool in your pocket
I'm a fool in your pocket

Lie down with me
Let me show you how
Let me show you all the ways I need you
Listen to me
Seek through my lies
And find what you need to be true

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Minus The Bear Toska Comments
  1. TheNonArtist

    "Toska - noun /ˈtō-skə/ - Russian word roughly translated as sadness, melancholia, lugubriousness. No single word in English renders all the shades of toska. At its deepest and most painful, it is a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause."

    James Kennedy

    Did u google that

    James Kennedy

    500b subscribers with nø videos challenge where u from

  2. John Olmos

    Im more of a fan of old stuff but the stuff these guys do with DL6s is the stuff of legend

    Max Gandara

    dl4 bud

  3. excaribur excaribur


  4. Kuroi Kenshin

    Scroll down to whaas11's comment on how minus the bear hasn't made a decent album since before menos El oso. Truest words ever said.

    Kuroi Kenshin

    Jus sayin homie, they made pure genius back then


    +Deicide Miller Planet of Ice, Omni, and Infinity Overhead are all truly good albums in my opinion. I honestly prefer those albums over the older ones.

  5. kfbpro22

    HA this is the SHIZNIT!

    500b subscribers with nø videos challenge

    ha I know right!?

  6. dustinseth1

    You think so? I guess a lot of their fans share that view. I don't know. I like Highly Refined, but compositionally it always struck me as kinda amateur-ish. I think they got a lot better.

  7. adamits420

    Minus was better in their Highly Refined stage.

  8. critterclaws

    now will be my fall album <3 <3

  9. Luke Schwartz

    haha you can put perspective on anything by saying "At least it's not 'If not now when?'. Not to say I hated innw, but it was dissapointing. I like a lot of tracks on Infinity over head, but I do feel like they're a little to simple, and the lyrics are. . . well he's trying.

    Ian Dallier

    ahahahah thats awesome, I agree about "If not now when?" how are you liking the new stuff for both Incubus and MTB ?

  10. phantomboss133

    i get really really high to this song

  11. metalbronie96

    well i guess thts true. lol.

    500b subscribers with nø videos challenge

    your name is the most fabulasnesnesnes

  12. SteadyChasin MoneyBags

    idk how its random... they make the same kinda chilling music

  13. metalbronie96

    no its just like how random it was to bring up incubus. like y that band? xD

  14. SteadyChasin MoneyBags

    lol? its totally relevant... talkin about bands that change up their music..keep up

  15. metalbronie96

    lol why the fuck are you comparing minus the bear to incubus? like thats just sooo random. XD not tryin to be mean or anything but thats just out of the marble circle. and yes...this is an amazing albumn. :D

  16. UncleJohn72

    Hey man, don't be hating on If Not Now, When?, it's a great album, just takes some adjusting to.

  17. weeb mcweebyson

    I put the headphones on my dogs head and he starts head bobbing. To good.

  18. belome123

    Same thing happened to me. Thank you, fringe radio stations.

  19. Dabomb1237


  20. Tyler B

    Heard this on my local radio station and I had to look it up. This is one great song.

  21. P Matheson

    I've burned this whold release into my mind. Everywhere I go I can press play and my brain will play any song at any time. I even play them in my sleep.

  22. Roberto

    toska > any other band in the world

  23. SteadyChasin MoneyBags

    i cant beleive ppl are hating on this album..... ITS AMAZING.... its not like the new incubus wheres its like totally a diff genre....

  24. atom_jack

    I loved this album, but MTB PLEASE PLEASE go back to prog if u guys make another album

  25. Nothing N/A

    Well i'm seeing them soon so i guess ill be able to judge that. I mean their spotify acoustic session sounded great to me. I think their best setlist was the anniversary tour. They really killed HRP. I also liked that they did the Giagantic ep songs before in addition to HRP.

  26. Nothing N/A

    See i agree with you on that... but i wouldn't say they suck... just very different. Planet of Ice and Menos el oso were undeniably their best albums and its hard to really live up to those albums without changing their sound. You gotta see em live too though... their omni songs were some of my favorite songs live.

  27. Nothing N/A

    This explains so much. So wait why do you talk like you remember those two eps cause you would be like 5 yrs old.

  28. Nothing N/A

    what i said actually is not improper use of that word, what he was saying didn't make any sense, therefore not intelligible. Reasoning doesn't necessarily relate to intellect, but more to the communication/explanation of what is being said. So if you want to make yourself look like a ass, and a bigot for that matter... be my guest.

  29. Nothing N/A

    How is your comment supposed to speculation, you were just insulting them with misinformation. If you don't like the song actually give an intelligible answer with actual factual reasoning... also dido what Samus5164 said. Don't start accusing them as sounding like pretentious 11th graders when you speak about as maturely as an 11 yr old lol

  30. Samus5164

    Any music-related "I liked x before y" statement is obnoxious and pretentious in itself.

  31. Nothing N/A

    I'm confused, how do they listen to the "suits around them" if they've released all their albums with independent labels, and all of those (with the exception of omni) have been produced by matt bayles, their orginal keyboardist. Also on the drugs, i'm sure they do them or have done them, but your just a asshole for accusing them of doing it to excess, and also completely insensitive the people who have had trouble with addiction, or have died from it. Go fuck yourself

  32. Ana Raposo

    Favorite. maybe all time mtb favorite

  33. Ryan Ellis

    @lindemikko Whose comment to which are you referring to??

  34. Zack Dänekas

    less treble more bass on this video would be better

  35. whaas11

    This band hasn't made a good song since those two EPs that came out before Highly Refined Pirates.

    You have to be an idiot to really think that.

  36. felimarie361

    Bought the album today, can't stop listening! MTB3
    Come to Corpus Christi, TX!

  37. Ephlanuist

    I'm in love with this track. I'm trying to give the rest of the album a chance before I start playing this for hours on repeat. I'm failing.

  38. comradjacks

    Wow, that sucked worst than omni. Mtb is Shitty now.

  39. RADIO 547

    fantastic perfect best album i love minus

  40. Joe M

    Toska (Russian) – “No single word in English renders all the shades of toska. At its deepest and most painful, it is a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause. At less morbid levels it is a dull ache of the soul, a longing with nothing to long for, a sick pining, a vague restlessness, mental throes, yearning. In particular cases it may be the desire for somebody of something specific, nostalgia, love-sickness. At the lowest level it grades into ennui, boredom.”

  41. david entendu

    It makes this song, best bridge yet-