Minus The Bear - Lonely Gun Lyrics

Living with a lonely gun
Like we're both too afraid to run
Unlike us it speaks the truth
Both are waiting to be used
Like a match and a fuse
When you come together
Shes your life to lose

I wish I could turn it off
But it's ricocheting like the...
Anything to break the calm
Take my mind off this lonely gun

Every time I try to get her home
You, you turn to stone
A bullet and a chamber cold
Can you hear a heartbeat alone?


This lonely gun
Take my mind off this gun
This lonely gun

I don't know
Where the last pieces go
To fix our love
Fix our love
We tried
We tried
We tried
Again to fill it up
Fill it up
Fill it up

[Chorus x2]

This lonely gun
Take my mind off this gun
This lonely gun

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Minus The Bear Lonely Gun Comments
  1. Tank Engine

    I love the synth trumpet around the end. This song kinda reminds me of a less complicated, more distorted Highly Refined Pirates song, with more kick to it.

  2. korlu01

    I do hope that eventually they do return to their old style. I love minus the bear for experimentation albums like omni and infinity overhead. Some people call them sellout albums but I truly don't see them that way. And even if it was a form of selling out it is certainly very mild. You want sell out, listen to the new Mumford and Sons album. I thought this and omni were good but the older stuff will and can never be topped and I hope they gravitate back to that in the future. P.S. I think that's why Erin Tate quit the band; because of too much electronic inspirations in their music lately. Either way, love you MTB. Always will.

  3. Iggy Dickson

    I like this song quite a bit. The guitar riff at the beginning reminds me a bit of Liz Phairs "Supernova".

  4. JoshuaM

    the guitar part reminded me of bucket head... I actually thought it was bucket head until the singing started.

  5. GamingControversials

    You guys know Pink Floyd? Yeah Minus The Bear is kinda like a 21st century version of them. They have different types of music, but still don't make it too weird and is still amazing.


    Kayo Dot is more like Pink Floyd imho

  6. iAM jim

    1:43 - 2:50 only good part

  7. thrivenotsink

    A thousand percent agree. I thought the same damn thing when I heard this song. Good on you chief.

  8. Roberto Perez

    if i was a big og mtb fan (which i am), and got fucking struck with some mega amnesia, all random like... and heard this song, i'd be like "i don't know who the fuck my mom is, but this band sure as fuck sounds like mtb"... because that's all that matters.

  9. Miriah's Guide to #Adulting


  10. Xadavid_

    God, that Sax solo is such a tease. I wish it went on for at least another minute.

  11. TheCelticbob

    saw you guys on lfrdh,well done, you have a new fan. Great music!

  12. Pete Daley

    This on repeat. the whole drive. going snowboarding.

  13. iamqwot

    dat sax. 3:04-3:35 is not enough.

  14. Blaine Chappell

    Minus the Bear is an independent band. Meaning they do what they want to do. I don't know if you've noticed how many different labels they've signed to but I count 3 so far. I could understand your argument for bands with one label but Minus the Bear writes most, if not all of their music prior to signing with any production labels. Embrace change my friend, it's the only thing that doesn't change.

  15. Kuroi Kenshin

    One could also interpret "evolution" as "selling out" Sacrificing their original style to adhere to record sigining contracts or whatever. People bitch about the new minus the bear because their LPs and anything before Menos el Oso is far superior to what they come out with now.

  16. Edward Hamilton

    I walk into Zia record exchange and this song is playing. The whole time im wondering who it is but never ask. Little to be told the band becomes on of my new favs.

  17. lapoltba

    Damn, first track I've heard from these guys. Found them through a FB post from a friend. Pandora station subscribed. Most excellent!!!111!

  18. Samuel Gaskins

    Best analogy ever.

  19. bunkerbuster0118

    J Baby pls

  20. J.L. Mitra

    did he write this song about his dick?

    i think this is a song about his dick.

  21. Joshua Stephen

    I hear a bit of dubstep influence on this track. Either way, sick track and band

  22. i2oss

    i ordered the pre-release album package for IO and was lucky enough to receive the lyrics page hand written and signed by jake. been listening to them for 8 years, best gift ever.

  23. Tonic24k

    Yo, can I get an extended Sax version?? (3:27 - 3:37)

  24. bluekr2n

    menos el oso always going hard always a fan i love all their albums what ever they do they can't go wrong in my eyes

  25. minusthebrewski

    This album blew me away!

  26. Gilbert Perez

    BEST fucking way to explain mtb. props man. hahahah

  27. Blaine Chappell

    I'll take it!

  28. Chables

    Just listened to the new album in full. Plenty of crazy time signatures, and the last track is one long crazy tap fest. Yar!

  29. bluekr2n

    minus the bear your fucking great

  30. Paul Stafford

    Dang, I love this new direction. What a beautiful evolution Minus the Bear have made.

  31. howiseverythingtaken

    You're my temporary hero :O

  32. howiseverythingtaken

    It IS hard to beat Menos El Oso. It's a shame you don't like this, though. It's catchy as balls, and that's saying something. 'Cause balls are catchy as hell QQ

  33. anoceanbetween

    This reminds me of SA's "Admit It!!!" I thoroughly enjoy angry comments like this.

  34. Merica'hell yeah!

    Biggest mtb fan ever!!!
    Fuckin amazing talent

  35. Jake Niehaus

    Gah. I'm sorry this really bores me. Nothing will top Menos El Oso.

  36. Eric

    The ever evolving bear!!

  37. Josiah Quirós

    And this album seems like its going to be better than OMNI and Into the Mirror but not better than the rest. Will definitely get it because I'm a huge fan.

  38. Josiah Quirós

    To me This is what I know about being gigantic OMNI.

  39. BeefMcDoogle

    Bravo, sir...

  40. John Pockets

    How can anybody NOT like this song... You 9 people booooooo!!!!

  41. steeev11

    Me too but the tunes are still great.

  42. steeev11

    I like this a lot. Sounds like a modern Collective Soul.

  43. Max Henderson

    To me, Planet of Ice>Omni. So maybe this will be a good fit for me, it sounds closer to what I fell in love with(:

  44. JahJahJangles

    all three of the songs ive heard from this album are very different. that's awesome.

  45. Ryan Beatty

    sit back, relax. put some headphones on. enjoy. such simple and gratifying instructions.

  46. Katie Gotwols

    should be able to evolve yet still maintain that old style.. i don't think evolving necessarily means having to give up that old sound--and this doesn't sound like minus the bear at all.. a little disappointing. hopefully it will grow on me.

  47. Jake M L G

    Yarrrrrrrrrrrrr bro!

  48. Blaine Chappell

    "Oh it doesn't sound like old Minus the Bear!"... No shit. If you want to hear old Minus the Bear there are 5 previously recorded LP's and a few EP's. Bands evolve or die. This band is evolving and instilling the same joy I felt when my Charmander evolved to Charmeleon and then to Charizard. YAR! Keep showing us your magic Bear.

  49. Marqus Irving

    1:45 - 2:00

    makes me trip mad shitballs

  50. eliexbby

    9 people are obviously deaf.

  51. T34mCr41g

    sadly its not likely to happen, the constant two-hand fret tapping, stupid title period of theirs is long gone, and bands tend not to go backwards. More complex time sigs go hand in hand with that style, but it would be interesting if they mixed it up a bit.

  52. karmapolice911

    4/4 is good and all, but I like the way their earlier albums experimented with odd times and interesting melodies. I hope they do more "pirates" or "oso" style songs on this album.

  53. ballpit

    going to two shows on this tour

  54. Andrew Sundberg

    i disagree, i like the mixture of styles in the 2 songs i've heard this one is a completely new sound, but they still mixed some classic mtb in diamond lightning. as a longtime fan ive only grown more respect for these guys recently they actually give a shit about their fans!


    Fuck all of yall theres not one song I hate from mtb these guys are awsome and this song sounds badass I cant wait for them to comeback to houston

  56. ShannonMarie43

    I really love all of their albums and songs. Including, this one. :)

  57. Michael Mollura

    didn't dig the last album at all, but I love this. So much better.

  58. mikemuelly

    I never cared for them too much either but their new track is fucking good.

  59. James Allen

    circa survive sucks.

  60. licnats77

    this is good. it reminds me of their new album "Infinity Overhead".......

  61. bubbathenaslover

    i like it

  62. cyanatelolwut

    I like diamond lightning better but this is still good. I hope this just means a good variety for the album.

  63. Paul S

    I love all MTB I started with Omni and went back and this album, of the two songs I've heard, will be great.

  64. Jaquizz94

    Skrillex meets MTB.....a sad day. Hopefully not all of the songs are like this. I need more of Dave's tapping on nothing more than his PRS hooked up to a clean amp....no effects.

  65. Mr0172thetimeguy

    While I too prefer the earlier sound, those of you saying Lonely Gun and Omni suck are stuck in the past. If you can't find any way to embrace this fresh new material then you simply aren't a real fan of the band.

  66. Sublime6193

    highly refined pirates, menos el oso, and planet of ice were fucking incredible. omni and this shit sucks IMO

  67. Guy Stump

    Party Rock meets Rush....and that guy who said so smooth, I am not sure he knows what the word smooth means...

  68. MultiChickenbreast

    To those speculating about the meaning behind the song..read Jake's interview regarding the latter..The phrasing and content here is raw is reminiscent of Menos, but similar to Omni in production. That being said, I am overly excited for this album

  69. from93till

    This song is shit. Needs more POI.

  70. Ki11er Six

    So f'n smooth. Love it.

  71. Stu Matthews

    Hit the nail on the head there mate.

  72. SuperSaiyanSnoopDogg

    nah they got a real sax on the album. I can't remember the dude's name sadly but they got this guy to record some sax for the album (like a few songs). They posted pictures on Instagram of the recording and shit. I'm pumped because I love some sax!! :D

  73. Cole Thomas

    am i nuts or is that saxophone is straight out of midnight city? anyone doesn't lonely gun sound like a euphemism for fapping?

  74. pdecker79

    cant wait to hear the rest of the album mtb always love your effects make me just get groovy

  75. GuitarMassacre

    the more i listen the more i like it

  76. Justin Smith

    people need to stop living in the past...bands experiment with new sounds and progress. I sure is hell don't want to hear the same sound over and over again on every album....It seems bands can never win, if they try something different they shit for it and when they don't change anything they get shit for it

  77. Aaron White

    Amen. So many people say things like that (When Hot Water Music released their last album half of the comments were "UGH! I WANT NO DIVISION!")
    If you want the old album, listen to it. It's not going anywhere.
    People need to realize people change, and their music changes based on that. I would hate Minus the Bear if they put out 4 albums that all sounded the damn same.

  78. Jake M L G

    You rock dude lol

  79. Lawrence Cabasa

    i miss the old mtb; but it is about progress and not regress. to be honest this sounds like the faint plus jake snider.

  80. detroit586

    They released it on Rolling stone.com (youtube made me space that)

  81. detroit586

    Why is there so much Omni hate? Also, why does everyone want every MTB LP to sound like Pirates? I want them to all sound just a little bit different, which they do. If you want Pirates, listen to it.

  82. Searos_Audio

    Despite the hate for OMNI I thought it was an enjoyable summer album. Think this is good... a bit flashy and overproduced, but a good song that has strong pop sensibilities. Minus The Bear is not going to stay the same band forever and honestly their departure from their original sound into poppier music does suit them. Not everyone will agree but they still have the elements that made them a fan base with elements that make for intelligent pop music.

  83. Ryan Walsh

    People judging the entire new "Infinity Overhead" album on the basis of this song are fucking wack.

  84. howiseverythingtaken

    Hmm. Some great music just can't be made as you get older. Early MTB is probs in that category, if you ask me.

  85. Bhrett Bhretterson

    MTB released this as an album preview through another site. I'm sure he was just the one to put it on YouTube, and thank you for that.

  86. ncirie33

    Love it! They never disappoint. Bring ur arses back to NC and fast!!!!

  87. Brandon Thrailkill

    This song's not bad I guess.
    I'm sure it'll grow on me, just like every other Bear song I didn't like lol

  88. Mike Ferrera

    I'd jump of the nearest balcony if I heard them playing in a&f at the mall. It just feels wrong lol.

  89. Mike Ferrera

    @ hala third that. MTB are famous to the right people. I'd jump off the nearest ba

  90. Mike Ferrera

    Have to second second Gooddayz on this, FM radio makes me want to jam dull pencils on my ear, especially after MTB. They kill it live and are probably the nicest group of people you'll meet.

  91. Mark Bermudez

    Woah woah woah... Why you hatin' on young the giant? I love me some minus the bear and circa survive, but ytg are amazing in their own respect too. They're nothing like the mainstream garbage you hear on the radio. Have you ever heard them live? They've got some serious talent too

  92. ColemanCulture

    The drum machine that comes in during the chorus is pretty lame but the rest of the song is very enjoyable...

  93. k daus

    infinity overhead sounds great but this song worries me a little bit. it's way too poppy. its sounds like omni. this is not a minus dis. i think it sounds good its just not what early fans like at all. we want the tapping back!

  94. Andrew Mesawitz

    You blows.

  95. xalexox

    Amen. But on that note, the infinity overhead trailer song seems pretty chill.