Minus The Bear - Lies And Eyes Lyrics

He regrets having no regrets
And his long nights on the outside
Letting it slide
One more time
He cant stand it when you talk to him in that voice that sounds like your mother
He's watching your mouth move
He turns words into white noise
He blocks you out

What do you want, what do you want to know?
The good decision
Never feels like the right time, girl
(What do you want, what do you want to know?)
You think he's a liar
So save your sorrow

He wants to, want nothing
Nothing to do with the woman
Who fall in love with his lies, eyes
And you think that he listens

While you act like you are losing your mind
Over whatever truth you find to be a lie
As he fades out of the room, into his mind

What do you want, what do you want to know?
The good decision
Never feels like the right time, girl
(What do you want, what do you want to know?)
Think he's a liar
So save your sorrow

Pick up the pieces of these words
Shattered across the floor
With careful hands
You know his words are sharp
and you can read the blood
You can read the blood
You can read the blood
You can read the blood
(What do you want, what do you want to know?)
You can read the blood

Spells out everything about one man
Who he is and where he's been
You watch his eyes ten thousand times
But you don't see
Maybe you're wrong

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Minus The Bear Lies And Eyes Comments
  1. Skeleton Wizard

    You can read the blood.

  2. Brian Fletcher

    New fan to MtB. Been learning to play Cold Company on RockSmith 2014 and holy crap I have huge respect for Jake Snider and Dave Knudson. Recently downloaded Their last couple albums and love almost every track.

  3. GeekLegion

    I love the production on this record. The drums and guitars sounds so full and warm.

  4. Jesus Carrizales

    avicus. I agree with all you are saying!! right on point. almost like what Radiohead does. but maaaan. I love minus the bear. every single album. every song!!

  5. Avicus DuSang

    I love this song.  Love this album.  Just love this band.  Every album has it's own unique sound, and I think that's an amazing quality.  Because, even though each album is different, they're still fundamentally Minus the Bear.  Truly talented musicians.  I chat with Jake now and then on Twitter.  He's a great guy.

    Popcorn Sutton

    I'm a huge MtB fan and have been for a long, long time. Every album has its own unique sound? Seriously?

    Avicus DuSang

    Yeah. Take OMNI, for example. The album is a lot like doing cocaine. It shoots you straight to the top with "My Time." And it stays upbeat until a certain point where the sound starts getting a bit more heartfelt. A little sad. Until you hit bottom with "Fooled by the Night."

  6. Jonathan Jorgensen

    good song

  7. Pfunk Tman

    Refreshing by Any times standards. . What a production masterpiece

  8. Kuroi Kenshin

    9 bitches were fooled by his lies and eyes.

  9. Nenhum Mesmo

    this album (2012) is very melodic and rhythmic. anyone who loves music must be open to musical variations on a same musical style mind. Insist that all albums are equal to Omini is childish and limits the creativity of the band.

    Taylor Craig

    IMO omni was the worst. Their older stuff was the best and this is a nice change. Omni made me sad. Fake funk bleh.

    Corey Oman

    fake funk? are you kidding me? Omni was amazing start to finish. Just cause they experimented with it beyond the normal "Planet of Ice/Menos El Oso" sound, doesn't mean it was "Fake funk" lmao. What songs on Omni bothered you? Surely there was one song you actually DID like.

    Corey Oman

    Erin Tate man, you'll value all his contributions with time im sure.


    +Corey Oman I'd have to agree with Taylor. Excuses is a great song, but the rest of the record is meh. I much prefer their more prog sounding records like Menos and Planet of Ice.

    Bunt Cakes

    Fucking normies. Omni is pure gold like every mtb album

  10. Kyle Mills

    Seriously my new favorite MTB song!!! and yes this is way better then omni!

  11. Bren Duhhh

    I can't stop listening to Minus the Bear...seriously in love with them!

  12. Vito Spano

    theres a paramore song that starts off the same. cant think of it though

  13. brownsuggameplease

    Still think the bands first album (highly refined pirates) is the best.


    I 100% agree with you. No doubt about it

  14. Caio Ferreira

    Essa banda é foda!!!!! A melhor de todas

  15. Andrew Thompson

    Just found out about this band from a suggested video streak. Such a great band.

  16. vincentnigga23

    Guitar owns seriously

  17. Tiffany Thompson

    Can't wait to buy this!

  18. Michael Gurney

    Personally my favorite song on this album

  19. hovertricycle

    3:10 dear god...

  20. iAM jim

    i loved omni it was awesome, especially compared to this

  21. Aaron 5683

    sick song love the feeling i get

  22. Kuroi Kenshin

    this song is depressing

  23. i dont know ok

    People that hates MTB... Stfu

  24. Haley Jen

    This album sounds like ass.

    Bronson Cuzzort

    Haley Jen why?

    Devman 6

    Haley Jen you should really rethink that and give it another listen

  25. Adriana Lozano

    my name is mike show and MTB is persnally my favirote bands there an amazing and talented band and are amazing live and will watch them over and over there song into the mirror is my personal favirote and the infinity overhead album which i caught on there tour.

  26. monkypunishr

    Why does everyone think OMNI was terrible? Personally, I loved OMNI. How can anyone not like fooled by the night? I just found a personal connection with all the lyrics from every song on that album. Now, of course it wasn't their best album, but it wasn't absolutely awful. Every album MTB has made has NEVER disappointed me, not even this one!

  27. Quadrider50

    Totally Cool Band! Fresh and Interesting!

  28. ibkhi

    i heard this on the radio guys asfafsafklsm

  29. jrbaconcheez

    The vocals sound slightly overproduced to me, but not nearly enough for me to not absolutely love this song

  30. Vernon Chen

    People have to stop comparing their new stuff to the old stuff and just enjoy what they make!!! love this song :)

  31. Delmers

    wow..tons of people have said my band sounds like these guys. Absolutely disagree.

  32. jmptech357

    Seriously love every note this band has ever played

  33. Stack Silverson

    P.S. Whoever says this album is just as bad as Omni is crazy. Omni was awful. This is very acceptable. It's just not mind blowing like Menos was. Doubt anything will reach that level again for a while

  34. Stack Silverson

    Granted, this album is not nearly as good as Menos. They are still amazing live and will make Infinity awesome at their shows.

  35. Jordan Mannix

    cool story

  36. permagrin

    Minus The Bear, Disappointing Me Since Omni

  37. Ryan Ellis

    Like New Yorkers might say.

  38. Ryan Ellis

    I meant that as in the long "a".

  39. Ryan Ellis

    This song is tats.

  40. Andymanaman

    Favourite track off the album

  41. HotWheels24seven

    too pop-y

  42. Jessica Quattry

    Fav song!!!!

  43. Andrea Caccese

    this is prob my fav song off the record!

  44. Michael Grin

    Already love this album. MTB delivers once again!!