Minus The Bear - Into The Mirror Lyrics

They got a mirror full of caine in the bathroom
Cause nobody here knows when to stop
For now we're just making out with the door unlocked

Back in the atrium the music's slowing down
The party's thinning out for the late crowd
Fixes her lipstick fixes his belt
The coast is clear as he walks out

She whispers you get what you pay for
We could cost a lot
You get what you pay for
But we do it for the taste of a good high
We do it for the sake of a hot night

The man on the couch in the blue room
With everyone stoned and talking at once
With no thought to where they've been
What they could've done

She sits down beside him
Without a hint of shame
Cause every thing's the same in its own way
Kisses her man's cheek
Her hunter eyes lock on her prey

She signals you get what you pay for
And we could play a lot
You get what you pay for
But you do it for the taste of a good high
You do it for the sake of a hot night

She senses the fear in him
And an irresistible kiss and the
Lie she hangs on his neck like a silver chain to her whim
Pull him into the mirror again

She senses the lead in him
For irresistible kiss
And the lie that she hangs on his neck like a silver chain to her whim

There's a mirror full of caine in the bathroom
Cause nobody here knows when to stop
And their hands along the rail
Seems he hangs out here a lot

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Minus The Bear Into The Mirror Comments
  1. heyhihellook

    I've loved this song for like 6 years and am just realizing it's about cocaine

  2. Matt W

    lyrics are nuts

  3. Black Rogue

    I always listen to this when I'm on the slopes. 😇

  4. Turtleproof

    Heather Duby's vocals in this song, unf.

    James Matthews

    I thought the same thing, but it's actually Rachel Flotard from Visqueen. I adore Heather Duby.

  5. Eric Carrillo

    There’s a mirror for the cain in the bathroom...

  6. kdoeone

    This song purrfectly depicts Pender harbor life.

  7. andy selby

    Song and music are great. Lead vocal and the way it's blended with such vibey music is shit. Greg Laswell does this trick MUCH better.

  8. This Reckless

    On repeat you will never know when to stop.

  9. cattleprodding

    Dat bass. Literally. The bass drum is kicking.


    At paul stevens inc.

  11. moose drool

    i have listened since.. 2007? this is the pinnacle

  12. Oliver Neet

    Add a 🍐. Times a deer. Equals a cheer

  13. Stephen B

    I've seen them 10 times. Great family affair with my kids. We're going next week for their last show in ATL. Will miss them. Wish Erin Tate was playing with them again. One of the best drummers. All of them are fine musicians and clever lyricists.

  14. Ryan Eckman

    Diamond Lightning will always be my favorite... or maybe Ice Queen... oh shit what about Excuses... Absynthe Party... Fuck!!!

  15. Jeremy Willcox

    Can’t believe they’re breaking up

  16. Kevin Burress

    I'm not for sale

  17. Kara Blair


  18. Koric Moore

    Colorado Springs, the best dive bar became the best experience due to these fellas!

  19. Luisa Gutiérrez

    Best song ever! ❤

    Stephen B

    A sad thing. The last tour. 😥

  20. herb tender

    The original version is great, But he version he does live at Darryl's house is the best!

  21. Jason Adkins

    First heard them on " Live from Daryl's house" have been a big fan every since.

  22. Mike Martinez

    Hookers N Blow!


    I love this song so much

  24. Ambition


  25. Joey Kohn

    FeelsGoodMan Clap

  26. Marlene Lopez

    I haven't heard this song in years. It use to be my favorite jam.

  27. Brian

    Saw these guys open for Silversun Pickups tonight. Great band

    Zero Cool

    Silversun is still a thing?

  28. Dan Rojaz

    The bass at 0:12, kills me every time.

  29. Spencer Olsen

    Too hard for the yard!!!

  30. Woolsey Band

    This is one of the best MTB songs! The imagery is fantastic! Love you guys!

  31. Brooke Longobardi


  32. Emily Noir

    They got mirror for the 'cain in the bathroom because nobody here knows when to stop.

  33. KAS470

    What an amazing song

  34. Arlington Fartworthy

    Freaking love this song.
    You get what you paid foooooorrrrr

  35. Grehg

    bad song

  36. Dan Whitaker

    Not enough caine on the mirror to listen to this again.. Well.. One more time

  37. em?

    first heard this on pandora 2 days ago, where has it been all my life?

  38. DestroyerDain

    Just saw them at the Knitting Factory in Boise, awesome performance! (At least better than the other two opening bands lol)

  39. darkdensity gaming

    i fkng love this band

  40. Kalei E.


  41. Ghost Peper

    Saw them with Circa Survive. Great show.


    When the f*** did the play with CIRCA? Must have been a damn good show.

    Miss Wolf

    Fogles 2013 haha

    Kirby Cosgrove

    saaaaaaaame so much fun. i tripped on acid it was weird but cool haha

    Stephen Sporman

    what a badass show that wouldve been. i saw them with silversun pickups and MTB blew them out of the water. They sounded exactly like their records but even more amazing. Best sounding live band ive ever seen

  42. Joshua Dickey

    lotus is also a really good one. fooled by the night, woman we have met yet.

    Graham Bauer

    Lotus live is amazing

  43. Cristine Pangelinan

    why did it take me so long to discover this song? omg

    Memeingmy waythrulife

    fasho , always wanna spread MTB to anyone and everyone there so fucking Awesome Lol!

    Rafael Núñez Quezada


    Don't Trip

    Only thing that matters is: You discovered Minus the Bear.

    Pq Foster

    Dude I was doing scarface lines in the bathroom at parties my senior year of high school to this song

    X Batman

    Cristine Pangelinan why did it take me so long to find this band??

  44. Shawn Smith

    what Joshua said was absolutely correct sounds like my life and my x !!!

    Fidel Ortega

    your ex is a cocaine hooker?

  45. We're All Thieves

    anyone know of any songs that are similar to this?

    Latiza Quijada

    @DeVL RiZ lol


    Darude - Sandstorm


    Camp fire song - Spongebob, thats the shit

    Spencer Olsen

    Diamond Lightning by Minus the Bear

    Josiah Clelland


  46. Joshua Vanwormer

    It's about people that are living fake. People just partying, lost, without direction. People looking for happiness in all the wrong places.

    d_rain_ged 79

    That's stupid

    BlakeAnthony `

    d_rain_ged 79 lol gotem

    Sean Thompson

    no it's not that's just your interpretation

  47. Tania Farley

    love these!!!!!!!!

  48. Oriol Canal Borrachero

    this song is ethereal

  49. Sean Thompson

    I'm the guy that's the one that doesn't know when to stop 😏

    ACatNamedJoe x

    Still alive, yet, Sean?

    Greg Terry

    Me either

    Black Rogue

    @ACatNamedJoe x yup! Still alive, better than ever!

    ACatNamedJoe x

    Right on, my dude. Be well, out here.

  50. Ryan Privitera

    Mirror for the Caine in the bathroom

  51. Mr. Detroit

    This song is solid

  52. OGB


  53. Sebastian Cardenal

    k qansyon tan orryvle

  54. __ ill fated_

    always thought you sucked but i was proven wrong

  55. Wicked Mouthed Sims

    Just realized this song was about hookers. Hmmm . . . didn't realize that two years ago. Still awesome.


    @oinkimus It's about hookers using cocaine

    Actual Trash

    +bubbathenaslover lmfao

    Memeingmy waythrulife

    correction , its about whores doing cocaine Lol. Take that L

    Joshua Howard

    Brett G correction its about plush toys and the ruff life they live in the daily basis. Are they gna get an arm taken off are they gna nit get played with anymore. Cause you get what you paid for a plush toy. But the plush toy isnt a toy at all it has feelings and fears.

    This Reckless

    Wicked Mouthed Sims yeah it is a really good song though.

  56. Pancoar

    Ah this song takes me back... Love it. Love the almost mournful sound in the melody and vocals.

    This Reckless

    Pancoar 5 years ago...

  57. TheGstar32

    Petit papa noel

  58. iAM jim

    believing that "something" didnt creat all this, and before it there was"nothing" is a little bit crazier..just saying

  59. iAM jim

    no youre just downright crazy

  60. iAM jim

    omni was fucking awesome what are you on?

  61. Scott Sherman

    Cats Are Hot

  62. Tony Starks

    I'll do things to this song with you!

  63. Hunter James II

    Too. Much. good

  64. Laurance Grube

    actually, no. we all die eventually and our souls walk the earth for eternity. stop it. science>things we're raised to believe.

  65. Renee Crawford

    I need a man so I can do things to this song

  66. Mosiah Tollestrup

    dope af!

  67. Anizeb

    How dare you? My cosmic teapot is forever.

  68. Cimmy Kyoka

    I love this group and song! Imma new fan LOL


    Anyone who believes /talks to invisible entitys are crazy.......

  70. fanofbadge

    Sometimes it's our biggest mistakes that make it clear that this music does us justice.
    I love the tunes, beats, synchs, vocals, lyrics,
    so fly!

  71. HeroicD23

    Music IS real. You are hearing it right now :) Listening is feeling

  72. James Franco

    daaaammit, the intro just gets me

  73. Darre Euphoria

    Hahaha the guy below me, his comment.. XD. Tis Darian approved.

  74. CthulhusDystopia

    We can't touch music but music can touch us.
    In the pants.

  75. Randi Savage

    Everyone needs to just stop giving a fuck and enjoy the song...

  76. samepurpose12

    do you know what this song even means? if you were a christian you would'nt be listening to this song. I don't blame you for listening to it since its a great song. : )

  77. Simon O'neill

    Believing in a sky spirit that created everything is just as crazy, just saying.

  78. Koni Ichise

    (Ohyeez) I remember the first time i played it on loop in our class room using imac, and t'was really loud :D (pabida song sa classmates habang wala si prof hha)

    i so love this song up to now. still prefer the loop playing :p

  79. Aiko Oller

    i just saw these guys with Circa survive, AMAZING show :D

  80. Sharik Carcamo

    This song is fucking awsome end....ok just listen to it

  81. pottery27

    Is this your fucking day job??? Preaching while people are trying to listen to a great tune??? I was raised religous but you are laughable and must have some serious problems. I've seen your crap on other MTB videos. Fucking religous stalker is what you are. Pathetic

  82. Michael Milazzo

    You coming on YouTube spamming your "faith" to everyone who will listen makes me wonder how strong you really are in your beliefs. Someone who truly believes what they preach doesn't need to justify those beliefs by yelling them to anyone who will listen.

  83. David Marino

    and worshipping a story-book character makes you guys look good. we're talking about apples and oranges here. christians are nut jobs anyway.

  84. Chris P. Bacon

    Jack Fraggie???

  85. LeBron James

    you have to be a little crazy to be christian. not too crazy, just a little bit.

  86. FuxUMuttZ

    @Xaqtly it wouldn't become a douchey song, but douchebags would start listening to mtb then

  87. lilymybaby

    I would so smash to this song ;)

  88. Kendall Thompson

    perfect band to listen to when you're toking up. or you know what's even better? Explosions in the Sky. Freaking magical.

    Mert Munson

    Finally!!! Somebody else realizes how phenomenal eits are! Saw them live years ago when they opened for nine inch nails in Pittsburgh. Liked them before that, was madly in love with them afterwards! All of I sudden I miss everyone is a masterpiece that few people know exist. Anyways, keep jamming.

  89. leijababe86

    this song is so amazing, makes me look at my life, and love every minute of it, Jake sounds incredible.

  90. Couch Sales Wolf Okami

    great song

  91. Mike Rotcherts

    because its not gonna make as much advertising revenue as other stuff. if youre serious you should first consider the types of people that are more susceptible to influence via adverts and then speculate about their tastes.

  92. Vostok

    You took one too many shrooms man.