Minus The Bear - Houston, We Have Uh-Oh Lyrics

Stand here with the mountain in background
The copper mine up the hill from the town
Sits asleep like a retiree
Once used and now no use for

People used to work here
And mined their lives from this ground
Crushed them in these machines
And forged them in the future
We just take pictures
Of hearts that stopped beating

Sometimes you're a tourist with a camera
Stealing souls for scrapbooks
Sometimes you've got a life back home
Sometimes you're really alone, you're really alone
Sometimes you're really alone
Sometimes you're really alone, you're really alone
Sometimes you're really alone

We go home, after fishin' all day
And get our hands dirty
Getting the catch clean
And Mike is in the kitchen
He's heating up the fry pan
And we're in the front yard
We're watching the sun fall

People used to live here
And lived their lives on this ground
Raised them in these fields
And lost them in the future
And we just take pictures
Of hearts that stopped beating

Sometimes you're a tourist with a camera
Stealing souls for scrapbooks
Sometimes you've got a life back home
Sometimes you're really alone, you're really alone
Sometimes you're really alone
Sometimes you're really alone, you're really alone
Sometimes you're really alone

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Minus The Bear Houston, We Have Uh-Oh Comments
  1. Mina Girgis

    As a Yankee fan, this song seems appropriate today :)

  2. Pandah Sykes

    This band reminds me a lot of the dismemberment plan , both of which I listened to a ton back in the good old days like a decade ago now —- how the days go by so fast 💨

  3. Mike nolan

    this fucking song

  4. jon ronan

    Best band on exsistance. Disagree on theology but they have created a sound unlike any other for 20 yrs & i thank them for it. Come to va more!

    Grumpy Sega Tech

    They're on their farewell tour now. Please see them one last time. It's going to be an amazing experience.


    @Grumpy Sega Tech I saw them in Chicago for their farewell tour. It was my first and last show seeing them, I'm glad I was able to though. They are amazing live! Caspian was a great opening for them.

    Grumpy Sega Tech

    @jman3845 I just saw them on Tuesday 11/27 with Tera Melos. My god, what an amazing night. Saw Jake by the tour bus before the show. He's a genuinely cool person.


    @Grumpy Sega Tech I bet it was amazing! They are such a great group of guys and their show is amazing. I wish I would have been able to see them off stage. I did get to talk with the lead guy of caspian for a while at their merch booth though. Minus the bear and explosions in the sky will probably remain the best live shows I'll ever see.

  5. austin thompson

    20 people don't like getting their hands dirty

  6. industrialhemprocks

    Turtle island

  7. Joseph Olson

    This track is a life changer.

  8. moose drool

    one of the if not the best of their songs

  9. Dope Scope

    best video picture ever

    Jeremy Landry

    funny thing about that pictire
    have always thought it was a wet dog with its tounge out
    now i see it's a turtle.
    and i can't see the dog anymore, it's gone


    Yeah! It goes really well with this song really captures the summer vibes...

  10. Dabomb1237

    They played this for their encore in Seattle, where I saw them for my first time. Great band!


    I want to say Fall of 2015 at The Crocodile

    Andy Perkins

    got a big mega fan fact checkin ya bro you made it

    Alexander Sahs

    lol nah it's not like that. I just think it's rad they still play this song at all. Dope encore!

    Kaytie Phillips

    Dabomb1237 go SEATTLE

    Grumpy Sega Tech

    They are on their last tour now. Go see them at the showbox later this year. I'm going to Tampa to see them Nov. 27

  11. Jah Kins

    hey you with the face who uploaded this thank you that is all.

  12. Ian O'Connor

    Fucking good.

  13. UMPHreakED

    What is this from again? Album...Extra?

    Cool Ronny

    @Edwin Hrabe Jr It was added to the "They make beer commercials like this" reissue

  14. Innuendo Records

    Fuck yes. Thumbs up for the Sealab reference.

    Jordan Harms

    hey, i love sealab and minus the bear, but i guess im not paying close enough attention lol, whats the reference? 

    Ian O'Connor

    +Jordan Harms The name of the song.

  15. theangryemonerd

    Do not compare it to dance gavin dance. That band is total shit if anything. This sounds like a non-screaming/shouting version of The reptilian


    theangryemonerd DGD is not shit, but as a long time fan of both they are awesome in their own respective genres.

    Ark Entertainment

    theangryemonerd when you have a bad taste in music

  16. spohn420

    This song must be the birth of "Hey! is that a ninja up there?"

  17. Frohman128

    one-wayed sooooo hard to this soong

  18. derek carmack

    You Should Get a Different Bf Then. lol

  19. TeethKnifeKwikAttack

    Check ur comments page. FB: Harold Gorebinsky

  20. ShannonMarie43

    You can try :P

  21. Great Stag

    Yeah that turtle is awesome

  22. notyoursavior78

    Everything is okay in the world when MTB plays.

  23. darryl workman

    i just wish that they keep jamming and have fun. Hope that they stay beneath the scene for us

  24. John Michael Anderson

    if you like minus the bear check out the band KING RAMBLER

  25. OmegaNeofelis

    i get to see these guys live with circa survive!!!!!!! fuck yeah i literally cant wait!

  26. TeethKnifeKwikAttack

    Ur bf sux. I'll take u on.

  27. Elliott Fields

    That is a pretty sweet-ass turtle

  28. Christopher

    I wish I could get a girlfriend.

  29. N. Ash

    That's the turtle from Finding Nemo.

  30. AJ_KPX

    This is the first time I've ever saw two top comments being shipped together. Godammit, internet.

  31. jfourn295

    NOW KISS!!!

  32. sposluszny

    sometimes your a tourist with a camera

  33. Dabomb1237

    Silly Josway, sex is for marriage.

  34. itachizlastresort

    Y'all should hook up.

  35. itachizlastresort

    Y'all should hook up.

  36. Automatron 10

    I introduced my Girlfriend to this band, that is love.

  37. Lumbee Lust

    My boyfriend is cool enough to listen to this band :)

  38. sposluszny

    What album is this on?

    Grumpy Sega Tech

    They make beer commercials like this. Last track

  39. notyoursavior78

    That's a really funny comment. Marvin Gaye be damned, but yeah people who don't have GFs like this too heh

  40. spohn420

    This makes me wanna BUMP Planet of Ice on Vinyl.
    Too Bad its 4:20 AM..

    I can understand why this didn't make the E.P


  41. Alexander Schoifet

    i don't have a girlfriend

  42. Andrew Grin

    I shown my girlfriend these guys ...she said it's beautiful

  43. ShannonMarie43

    She must be the lamest girl, EVER!

  44. TheMichaelclark

    I showed my girlfriend these guys, and she left me..... Guess i'm too cool

  45. KioP

    No thumbs uppp

  46. metalbronie96

    dude, where did u get tht picture of tht epic turtle. :D

  47. AliciaKitty

    Love this Band :)

  48. ShannonMarie43


  49. kwiss

    lol @ everyone trying to e-fuck shannonmarie

  50. Chase Browning

    Thumbs up for the turtle!

  51. Eduardo Marquez

    Even the turtle loves this song! lol

  52. notyoursavior78

    These comments are weird, but what a great song,

  53. AdamJones514

    @arivema I wish I had a girlfriend..

  54. Jordan Alves


  55. ShannonMarie43

    Hahaha, he might be a little lame. But, not gay. Atleast I would hope he is not .

  56. bluekr2n

    still gay lol

  57. ShannonMarie43


  58. bluekr2n

    your boyfriends is gay

  59. ShannonMarie43

    Haha, I don't live on mars. I just listen to good music! ;)

  60. cookies

    I dont know a single woman near me cool enough to like MTB .. shannon must live on mars or somethin

  61. Ryan Miller

    That turtle still makes me want to punch a nun.

  62. iAM jim

    @arivema you guys should hook up

  63. rumagoo82

    An excellent song!

  64. shirona3

    Like if you bust out dancing when Bear comes on.

  65. AngryKoala Insane

    @ShannonMarie43 I wish you were my girlfriend.. haa...

  66. ShannonMarie43

    @Yemmy95 Which is why my fuck buddy is way cooler then my was boyfriend, haha.

  67. Yemmy95

    @ShannonMarie43 Your boyfriend? I'm pretty sure I saw a post from you on another video saying that your fu** buddy introduced you to MTB...

    Sounds complicated, but not impossible!

  68. OhHiDenny

    As if MTB couldn't get any more awesome, the title of this song is from an episode of Sealab 2021... !!!

  69. chardonnaeevans

    turtles are soo cool, it totally fitst his song, they take life slow, do stuff in their own time, never really wanna hurt none, justsit their and eat theirkrill and cabbage :]

  70. ShannonMarie43

    I wish my boyfriend was cool enough to listen to this band :))

  71. Don't Believe Everything That You Breathe

    That Turtle just saw the Dolphin's win another Super Bowl. Rock On Little Buddy.

  72. justin moore

    this reminds me on wyoming

  73. amberawsome

    its a COOTER

  74. nosillx c

    @wewereinthecorner My bad, I read it wrong lol. (EPIC FAIL) Thanks for tellin' me xD.

  75. 84almond

    houston we have AN uh oh!

  76. Jason Goldberg

    turtle: "Minus the Bear???? I'm cumming!!!!!!!"

  77. nosillx c

    This is a LIVE version? My God, dude. This band never ceases to amaze me. :D

  78. TheCanadianGoose

    thanks for the upload bro.

  79. mprep789

    It should be "AN uh oh"

  80. Joustdoit

    Hey is that a ninja

  81. Aaron Slater

    Love this song :D

  82. Hans Viser

    I like turtles.

  83. Mara Nara

    Really I have never heard a song by MTB that I don't like! Why are they sooo fucking amazing?!?

  84. PlanetofIce35

    @DWB25 You must they are incredible, it is like floating on a cloud hearing them live..and I wasn't even high.

  85. crazyydemetri

    im tellin ya turtles love minus the bear.....

  86. weeb mcweebyson

    @HiImJellyBean no idea?

  87. freetzzzzz

    i think there was one guy who hated minus the bear who disliked every video just to be a dick. theres only like 1 on every video. and by the way this is one of the best songs in the world :D

  88. gumbyonacid

    @PegsEP :(

  89. gumbyonacid

    i wuv turtles......oh,and minus the bear too

  90. gumbyonacid

    me likey

  91. lurpinator

    Aaah, die Schildkröte.. ganz lecker!

  92. Devin Bickford

    this is one band i NEED to see live b4 i die

  93. MangoPuff

    Sweet turtle.

  94. daekrFINGERS

    great song is great. best band is best.

  95. jSOPURE

    Sometimes you're really alone!

  96. mikerotethis

    the beginnings of ninja and houston sound like they are in the same key so they kinda sound similar that way i think but they have different riffs and melody which makes them both even better because u get the same feel from two different songs

  97. mikerotethis

    "people used to live here ... we just take pictures" -- too good.

  98. Jyrgen Shuvalov

    MTB is of greater quality than ttng

  99. Alexander Craven

    best live band ever