Minus The Bear - Heaven Is A Ghost Town Lyrics

Heaven is a ghost town
Heaven is a ghost town
The pearly gates fell to the ground
The angels fell a thousand years before
There's no more
They turned off the tunnel of light
No bathing in the warmth of peace
Did the lord stop paying the lease?

Heaven is a ghost town
Yeah know, heaven is a ghost town
It's so dark at night
And since they outlawed love
It gets too cold
There's no one to hold
There's no one here
Heaven is a ghost town

No one's home
The lion
No message from on high came down
With no one secure enough for salvation
So no need to praise that empty crowd

Heaven is a ghost town

The pearly gates fell to the ground
The angels fell a thousand years before
There's no more
Heaven is a ghost town

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Minus The Bear Heaven Is A Ghost Town Comments
  1. Spencer Olsen

    This is such a great song not just because of the beautiful melody, but the lyrics as well. Their lyrics are always amazing. This song is tragically beautiful. Top five favorite bands easily.

  2. xXTristenBlairXx

    I love this song, I really do but the if you really think about what they are saying, they saying that God has gaven up on us and their is no hope for eternal peace! I mean that's real quite DEPRESSING if you ask me.

  3. randy Your Sticks

    honestly, I never heard about or from this band before, but i think i've fallen in love :)

  4. C Ovando

    MTB will for EVER hold a place in my heart..

  5. RealMusicSTUDIOS

    This song is just, pure emotion.

    Oh wow, this actually made my eyes water a little bit. Minus The Bear really channeled Pink Floyd and The Reign Of Kindo here.

  6. Matt Loyd

    Every album since menos el oso has been pure gold. Fuck off if you think otherwise


    Matt Loyd what was wrong with highly refined pirates? Also a great album

    Pat Orlowski

    HRP was meh


    good but was before menos, maybe he just wasn't familiar with it.

  7. Lt.Grim

    You do know that the guy who writes these songs was in a major depression when he wrote this, and tried to kill himself. They're not out of Ideas, the ideas are different. That is all.

  8. damien michiels

    speaking of long commends

    Death's Daughter

    damien michiels ikr

  9. Derek Fuller

    @SICKSxNINE knows what he is talking about, i was about to comment as well but he pretty much said it, i am currently feeling the same with people about Fall Out Boy's new album, like these are great bands that have provided amazing music and great memories with every song, people are such critics, i'd like to see you make multiple albums and everyone out there that listens to your music enjoy every single song you got

  10. Matt Huffman

    I can't believe some of the comments I read about this band. I could never EVER sit here and rag on a band that provided such great music. I feel like Minus the Bear has matured just like I have since the first time I ever heard a song by them. If bands didn't evolve and form new sounds how would we grow as musicians or people. If you want to hate get off of this page and listen to these pop bands that are poisoning our youth, i'm sure One Direction could use a couple more fans.

  11. victor price

    I love MTB, but I cant stand them. I dont know why, they come up on pandora and I cant sit through them.

  12. Brandon Hughes

    omni was fucking awesome

  13. Chables

    Planet of Ice had to grow on you, say whaaaa????

  14. Chables

    To each their own. I think it's beautiful.

  15. kissthestegosaur

    MTB is great and this album is pretty good, but holy fuck his song sucks.

  16. Stack Silverson

    Omni was terrible. This is very good. Menos El Oso was mindblowingly amazing.

  17. 808ac

    Honestly, this Is probs one of the best albums. Too good.

  18. OhHeyImDave

    This song is amazing, this album is amazing, they were amazing when they came to Boston, they will continue to be amazing.

  19. Xenia Katz

    LoVe this song so much! Over and Over and Over

  20. panic!! panic!!

    Yep, fuck 'em.

  21. sevendubb

    Yeah, fuck these guys for not writing about getting drunk and doing blow anymore. That was a lot more creative.

  22. panic!! panic!!

    This is the song that convinced me MTB is out of ideas. I'll always love OMNI and everything that came before it. This, not so much.

  23. SteadyChasin MoneyBags


  24. notyoursavior78

    Yeah some of the songs from Infinity Overhead seem decent. No problem though yeah I was just sharing my opinion too.

  25. Chables

    To each their own. I love Pirates to death. But I feel like I'm getting older and some of the more "pretty" and I guess to some, "boring" songs of theirs really appeal to me. Plus, I just saw them play all but a couple of the new songs live a few days ago, and the energy of the songs live makes me listen to Infinity Overhead with totally new ears, so to speak.

  26. notyoursavior78

    Some of their newer songs are just boring. I've been trying to get into them, but meh. I was more of a fan of just the Highly Refined Pirates and previous style I guess. Menos el Oso was pretty good too. I guess if I wanted this kind of style of music I'd find it elsewhere.

    I just loved the randomness and drink happy style of their old music. I'm sure they could have done some more like that, but I guess they grew up. Oh well.

  27. Chables

    You're welcome!

  28. Jeff Price

    Finally a comment that makes sense. Thank you.

  29. Chables

    I don't understand why so many people are hating on this album. I don't understand why so many people hate on OMNI. Everyone would be bored of proggy tapping songs about drinking by now if they were STILL doing that, anyway. It's like complaining Pink Floyd didn't make a second Dark Side of the Moon instead of WYWH. It's just...ignorant.

  30. Phil Perry

    This band emits pure bliss with the music they create. An applause is needed.

  31. Ernest Aquilio

    Such truth in their music, such a relief

  32. iffy801

    Some of the hooks are SO good. Especially the first change.

  33. plotagainstjohn

    The most honest band in the world

  34. ripkd15

    they never disappoint

  35. thenoiboi

    such a good song. such a good album.

  36. david entendu

    This album man... This song... Just pure excellence in spiritual soundscape creative musicianship. Thank you Minus the Bear.

  37. Blaine Chappell

    No words, all I can do is listen and smile