Minus The Bear - Excuses Lyrics

Coins I could drop
Shake in my pocket
They shake like you do

Steps that you take
Bend and they break
They break like I do

Running out of excuses
When we know what the truth is
I'm into you, I'm into you

When you hear this song
You'll say you knew all along
You're into me too, you're into me too

The vibe you send
Sets me out my end
Do you get my vibe too

You held me on for so long
With what's a lie
And what is true

Running out of excuses
When we know what the truth is
I'm into you, I'm into you

When you hear this song
You'll say you knew all along
You're into me too

Running out of excuses
When you know what the truth is
I'm into you, I'm into you

When you hear this song (You here this song)
You'll say you knew all along (Say you knew all along)
You're into me too, you're into me too

Black and white dress
Puts me into a trance
As I memorize you

First game of chance
Ends in a loss
I just lose it to you

Running out of excuses
When you know what the truth is
I'm into you, I'm into you

When you hear this song (You here this song)
You'll say you knew all along (Say you knew all along)
You're into me too, you're into me too

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Minus The Bear Excuses Comments
  1. Joshua Darby

    Running out of excuuuuuuses

  2. Leonardo Ampuero

    what a good song! im 22 and I havn't discovered such a good band in like 2 years or more! i'm happy i've listen to this! thank you Minus the Bear!

  3. Flano

    Beautiful song about confessing feelings for someone and those feelings being requited. I love this song. Love that album. I love this band.

  4. Don't Trip

    Minus the Bear: Timeless music for every generation

  5. cptnsolo77

    Refreshing !!!!.....my only disapointment is that they are not a new band.

  6. Valyssa Peck


  7. Kalashnikov Samurai

    I love how MTB songs can almost always be broken into three categories: songs about women, songs about driving in Washington, or drinking beer. Sometimes a combination. Man, I love these guys

  8. Nate S

    I'll be there in Denver to see Planet of Ice in full. Sooooo stoked

  9. kaiser

    tim's stream?

    Andee Liu

    kaiser same


    Sup fam

  10. Turtleproof

    This is one of those rare songs, it is not music, it is the carefully crafted sound of being held by someone that loves you.

    Hilda Castillo

    Nailed it! One of my favorites.

  11. Kaytie Phillips

    This song is how i feel about my drug addition


    what about your drug subtraction?

    Ryan Eckman

    Minus the Drugs

  12. Tyzoe Brown

    still love this track.

  13. Erik Nardini

    A bit of Explosions In the Sky with vocals.

  14. Tania Farley

    loveeeee it!!!!!!!!

  15. Eniotron

    Great song.

  16. Aidan Parent

    These guys are like RHCP in the sense that NONE OF THEIR SONGS ARE BAD!!



    Michael Nichols

    @blank3214 go fuck yourself

  17. Caleb Fraley

    Panties hit the ground for Minus The Bear....

    Corey Oman

    This album gets it done.

  18. AyeimDJ

    I never understood something about their name. Is minus a bears name or what?

    ian h

    no, that's not the bear's name lol. they got the name after a friend of the band went on a date, when asked how it went he replied with 'it was like B.J. and the Bear, minus the Bear.' naughty, huh?

    Rob Ladendorf

    It was actually a TV show back in the day (1978-1981 on NBC)

    Ryan Eckman

    ian h: I hope to true that this is god.

  19. Camila Segura-Rivera

    This is wonderful! Thank you <3

  20. flyingcheeze14

    Hey there Chuck

  21. Dee Zee

    ''i seriously havent felt this way for a very long time babee/.\ thats why i dont want to get hurt'' the text i got from my Girlfriend when this song came on , perfect <3

    Phil Pacific

    magic in the air

  22. 8nikitta

    Hi SuK!

  23. rigenr8

    SUK brought me here from twitter

  24. Swamplings

    <3 <3 <3

  25. itachizlastresort

    Their music is so potent. Who knows what it makes me feel next.

  26. xlaythe

    not really sure how you see this song being about giving up one's virginity.

  27. itachizlastresort

    LIIIEEEESSS!!! ALL LIIIEEEEES!!!!! :P No concept Minus the Bear gives me is lame. It's virtually impossible. It doesn't exist in their genetic make-up. :D

  28. Breveleri

    hahahaha yea this is what i used to pick up my girl friend

  29. xlaythe

    sacred virginity concept is lame

  30. itachizlastresort

    I am a girl, and this song makes me want to appreciate and love my virginity more.


    Awesome ! and how is that working out so far ?! =D

  31. richard aguilar

    6 people get's no pussy at all.

  32. pinpoint45

    i love minus the bear, omni is different, sounds really groovy, but its just as good in my opinion as any other of the albums. i could jam out all day to MTB

  33. Mayra Ponce

    6 morons need to learn good music!

  34. nonsensicalramblings

    I love Minus the Bear despite my desire to be a virgin until I'm married. I love a challenge.

  35. Christine Bowlby


  36. DivergingUnity

    I heard every time this song is played, a sensitive guy gets laid and it's beautiful

  37. FenCheeks

    Minus the Bear is so sexual and i love it.

  38. George Kush

    The chi put me up on this.

  39. Jdimp

    @TheLayneMeyer bitch u got toooolllllddd

  40. Jdimp

    I hate this son


    .... Runnin out of excuses... now u know what the truth iiissss.

  41. BVTVRocks


  42. mwn213

    @DFATECH85 WHAT is so wrong with something being "radio friendly" (whatever the hell that means -- no swearing or some shit?)?? What is wrong with a band writing beautiful music that's accessible for everyone? Better yet, answer this: Why do you bother to make such petty distinctions? "Radio Friendly"? -- Why can't you just see good music and bad music, criteria that goes beyond genre or popularity? Because the truth is, this and many songs on OMNI are BEAUTIFUL songs regardless of airplay...

  43. mwn213

    @dale8dawn perfect description

  44. dale8dawn

    Hauntingly Beautiful.....

  45. Approachable1

    great fucking song

  46. Jake M L G

    @NeroAtsumori I feel so bad for people who can't feel like we do.

  47. LawrenceMFTW

    Why the fuck are there dislikes. What is there to dislike? Its pure eargasm.

    Alex Ayers

    LawrenceMFTW Well...my guess is the dislikers are ppl who failed to "get laid" with this song as quite a few of the comments implied it would've. =).

  48. goofysmartypants

    @NeroAtsumori Great music has that affect on us. :)

  49. SantyMOD

    @SupSarahxx Same I asked myself when I was given this band.

  50. Sarah C

    why am i just discovering this band

  51. thrashSJ

    earjaculations.....multiple earjaculations....

  52. Yemmy95

    @gagnegreen This girl is so sweet and talented, she deserves to win tickets to see Skrillex live! She really is the best in the contest, but she's losing to some tool bags who don't even know what music is. Probably two of the 3 guys who thumbed down this song!

    Please thumbs up her video to help her win a trip to Lollapalooza music festival!


    Thanks, and spread the word!

  53. Seth Flora

    what three fuckers decided to dislike this? you three need music in your life.

  54. CantStopMeBiotch

    @Mystik0s And only Highly Refined Pirates watch them.

  55. Matt Huffman

    @CantStopMeBiotch yes sir. It's the aphrodisiac of champions.

  56. CantStopMeBiotch

    @SICKSxNINE Works every time.

  57. MiKill93

    Thank god for MTB. Without them i would be a virgin.

  58. C W

    Why is the total views only showing my views?

  59. Matt Huffman

    @amberawsome hahaha.

  60. Matt Huffman

    Wanna get laid? Play this song while riding down to the coast with the windows down, and your favorite female in the passenger seat.


    in my opinion, this kinda sounds like the 90s. it's so refreshing.

  62. luis garcia

    i have yet to meet a person who dislikes minus the bear when i play them. with songs like these, its not a suprise <3

  63. guitarbyous


    RIGHT!! Whatever genre of music this is, its dominant!

  64. amberawsome

    two people ran out of excuses lol

  65. BigWhiteMocha

    2 people have never been in love and don't know what happiness is

  66. Jensen T.

    if u like music like this take
    a listen to what i got
    just copy and paste link below after "youtube.com"

  67. InvaderChrissy

    You are so awesome for uploading. Amazing song

  68. Echosoblivion

    this song hurts me

  69. timetocomeup

    This is a really good melody-driven song & band. I can only listen to them in doses though, because all of their songs(that i've heard) are heavily melody driven.

  70. TheWCrasher

    how can u dislike this song

  71. clevelandtyler2

    @mensendike nope highly refined pirates.

  72. clevelandtyler2

    amazing song.

  73. Stephen Garcia

    @lpress1819 If you like this, you should listen to their other albums! Much better, imho.

  74. lpress1819

    How can anyone even force themselves to click the "dislike" button?!

    I just started listening to these guys(this is probably the third song I've heard) and I can't get enough!


  75. Eyes On Fire

    this song makes me have a jizztacular

  76. JDAX

    I can't get this song out of my head...

  77. thejumpingtroll

    words fail me when trying to describe this song. i guess i'll just settle with "fuck".

  78. Husky McFluff

    Having never heard of this band before, a co-worker linked me to this as an example of their music. I have to admit, I'm impressed. It's very pretty and easy to listen to.

    I'll definitely be checking out more of their work.

    Ace on Wheels

    Husky McFluff hopefully you've been a fan for 7 years now's, lol.

  79. Caleb Henderson

    Great song. Great album. MTB has evolved quite a bit since Highly Refined Pirates. Love their new sound and the lyrics are still there :) All of the haters out there that want the old MTB back can suck it. Bands evolve and change. Deal with it.

  80. Rohtix

    Its really catchy

    Def my favorite

  81. djksolo

    omg, this is the song i wanna hear as i die and enter heaven, soaring up into space with this song playing through the clouds, im GONE, SOOOOO LOST IN THIS VIBE,TY FOR POSTING.... IM HAPPY NOW.

  82. TheGallantGentry

    I know people say this sounds spacey to them. To me, it reminds me of winter and snow gently falling in the city at night. :)

  83. Calvin Mais

    nao tenho palavras... Minus the Bear já está no meu playlist diário há tempos. Banda muito boa, de verdade. Um som limpo, simples... Me conquistou, mesmo

  84. ShiivaWilding

    @heyassmanx B.J. and the bear

  85. Milton .McMilton

    @ShiivaWilding what show?

  86. ShiivaWilding

    @purzhinkitti "How was your date?" "It was like BJ the bear, minus the bear." That's how the name of the band arose. It was making fun of the television program, while boasting about the blowjob he got. Get it now? :)

  87. Purzhinkitti

    @jakethesnake278 I don't get it?

  88. Joseph Chamberlain


    Ya but the bear they're talking about was a heartbreaker and not worth having the bear... so they went out and had some fun, minus the bear! ;)

  89. j080393

    <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 :D

  90. Joseph

    im in love with this album.

  91. Raistar7

    @TheCreaturesWalk I couldnt have described it better :D Endorhphins rush through my blodd whenevr i hear MTB

  92. TheCreaturesWalk

    Happiness for my ears. :]

  93. Derek Guilliaumes

    oh my GOD... YES

  94. gijs scholten

    love it!!!!!!

  95. Dee Marie

    Great song, reminds me of the songs on Menos el oso

  96. Coral Sneil

    mtb did it again, sweet lyrics

  97. guiltytoo

    thanks for posting, awesome

  98. honcho321

    I love this song.