Minus The Bear - Empty Party Rooms Lyrics

The radio's playing songs
But there's loves we never get
Besides this one
Then we'd have to admit it
So let's keep it boxed up
A fiction we don't know we're living
Pretending we have time
To take until we get it

Doesn't matter
If we let it go
Right or wrong
Right or wrong
Doesn't matter,
If we let it go
Never turn this love off
Turn this love off

Saw your eyes straight on
Did I hold them for too long?
Maybe no one saw
Bringing this all up again
We used to talk about it
In empty party rooms
How wrong we always were
There's nothing to be done

Doesn't matter
If we let it go
Right or wrong
Right or wrong
Doesn't matter,
If we let it go
Never turn this love off
Turn this love off

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Minus The Bear Empty Party Rooms Comments
  1. Jenna S

    Critics talking negative about the album aside, this is definitely one of my favorites from it. If you get the chance, listen to the acoustic version on their Acoustics II album, made me love it even more.

  2. Jesse Christ

    I find Infinity Overhead to be extremely disappointing, but what's with all the people hating on Omni? Personally I think Highly Refined Pirates and Omni are their two best albums.

  3. Pablo Escobar

    They have 3 Full Albums 3 Eps and 2 Acoustic albums before this, so ............ deal with it.

  4. jessen100

    Great song ruined by overdone vocals. Probably been said,

  5. 1defsoul

    @obeyxherobrine You are so right! This band doesn't get near enough love. The sexiest music and the nicest group of guys!

  6. Diesekt

    if you listen to minus the bear starting from infinity overhead backwords down to what I know about being gigantic you will appeciate all of the music they put out. Sexy ass song.

  7. Franco Shade

    I can't tell if the popping is from a bad upload or my computer is crap =/

  8. rizednb

    saw them last night in Las Vegas!! was an amazing show,,if you get a change check them out

  9. TheNumBert00

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I got a boner, chorus is so sexy.


    I'm a big fan but I hate when they have a nice relaxing song and then they have to ruin it with the loud singing,guitar,and drums I'm just saying I love there music just please I hope they make more chill songs

  11. phantomboss133

    this album is a mix between omni and planet of ice. if you can't hear it, you are musically blind and don't know enough about music to talk shit

  12. Blake Russell

    "Music critic" is a ridiculous concept. If you don't enjoy something...especially something art related, move along or make something yourself. Or wait. Do you think minus the bear will change based on your negative comments?

  13. Ana Raposo

    I see we have a lot of a music critics and experts here on youtube. You all should be rich doing this. You TOTALLY got it. except you don't.

  14. permagrin

    omni and this album ARE messes. no good. shitty. poo.

  15. Francisco Borrego

    I didn't know MTB had to make pieces of shit like "Omni" and "Infinity Overhead" which completely lack any sense of "creativity" for them to avoid sounding similar to their old stuff. Cause last time I checked none of their albums sound "similar" This, and omni just sound like shit.

  16. Shane Keenan

    i mean, they've been around for ten years..... the same shit over and over and over would get real old quick. that's coming from a drummer/musician of 11 years..speak for yourself, don't speak for me. i disagree with you completely.

  17. Shane Keenan

    wtf... how can you clump all mtb fans into just those categories? ive been a fan since 2005, i've listened to every single album front to back multiple times. omni being my least favorite. planet of ice being my favorite. i am not in denial that this a whole different MTB. this is a more mature, polished version of the young dudes who wrote highly refined and this is what i know.... people grow up dude. infinity overhead in my opinion features feels from all their old albums. my opinion only.

  18. Francisco Borrego

    Jeez...Are you really that deep in denial? Cause last time I remember, their progression pretty much topped off at "Planet of Ice"

  19. Francisco Borrego

    Really, less thoughtful lyrics? Ohh you mean, genuinely creative writing and not boring, bland, straight forward lyrics?

  20. Jon Harris

    And who the fuck are you to make generalizations about the MTB fanbase?

  21. Ephlanuist

    Ultimately I can find things to like about all of them. Their sounds have always been very unique, for instance. If this progression has taught me anything, it’s that artists aren’t beholden to their audiences, and that we shouldn’t expect them to return to our favorite ideas over and over again, even if they were successful.

  22. Ephlanuist

    The narrative voice of Planet of Ice exemplifies the lyrical evolution, and pretty much explores older melodic concepts to a deeper degree. Big sounds are definitely a thing. There are even a couple ‘pop-y’ accessible numbers which are just fun to listen to. In many ways it struck a balance which OMNI wasn’t interested in maintaining, and which Infinity Overhead might be aiming to rediscover.

  23. Ephlanuist

    It’s funny you should say this because Highly Refined Pirates relies a lot more heavily on the abnormal and unexpected rhythm changes and crazy guitar work that is most commonly associated with “math rock.” There were generally less big sounds, and less thoughtful lyrics in my opinion. That changes in Menos El Oso, with a greater focus on lyric and melody. I think they move in the pop direction that will embody OMNI, here too.

  24. Rated R Kids Shows

    ive been into minus since beer commercials. this is just a well written album. its like omni withouth the omni chords. big thumbs up!

  25. SubparPanda

    I fucking love this track so much.

  26. Francisco Borrego

    Pretty much the pinnacle of the album. Anyone digging new MTB are one of 2 kinds of people. Ones that just recently got into them cause of Omni and dont know anything about their Menos el oso album or even Planet of Ice for that matter. I wont get upset if they dont know Highly Defined cause that was a WHOLE different MTB. Regardless I digress. The others, are the "Die Hard" fans that are just in denial that the band they once loved turned into some Glossy math crap.

  27. david entendu

    They just always own on great wave flow, expert musicians.