Minus The Bear - Diamond Lightning Lyrics

We all go down to coastline bridge
It's where they say all the magic is
Over that dried up riverbed
Blocked by boulders at both ends

We all go down to coastline bridge
Where we ended and we began
Infinity overhead
And I whisper, are you listening?

Liquid concrete under our feet
Trippin' on the constellations we see
Diamond lightning
Seeing where seams are sewn in

We all go down to coastline bridge
Met Lucille for the first time again
Canyon walls became the audience
Time becomes irrelevant
All go down to coastline bridge
To be wedded to our accidents

Liquid concrete under our feet
Trippin on the constellations we see
Diamond lightning
Seeing where the seams are sewn in

Liquid concrete under our feet
Trippin on the constellations we see
Diamond lightning
Seeing where the seams are sewn in
Diamond lightning
Diamond lightning

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Minus The Bear Diamond Lightning Comments
  1. Turtleproof

    There are friends that tuned me into this band that say they got soft, all of those so-called friends refused to grow up while these band members matured.

  2. Mojmir Luky

    2019 never ending circle:)

  3. Brandon Burks

    This song hits me in places I didn't even know existed

  4. HASSAN SMITH made in america

    Damn I love this song!!!!
    It's so abstract, so imaginary, so magical, so many things.

  5. HASSAN SMITH made in america

    I've just rediscovered this band, thank goodness.
    Never thought nearly all the great music I've ever heard came from video games I've played through the years.

  6. HASSAN SMITH made in america

    I love that damn cover art!!!

  7. Daniel Hall

    Ahhh... lovely with reheated chow mein

  8. Snarpsta

    Listening to Minus the Bear makes me so God damn emotional now... Knowing it's coming to an end soon, and I've been following them for 14 years. Literally half of my entire life has been listening to MTB. Gonna miss you guys!

  9. Cavernous People

    This one is perfect ❤️🎶

  10. James Kennedy

    Mark booher is a fuckin queer cock sucker

  11. Jay Dallas

    This band always remind me of the coast. Their guitars sound like the voice of the wind of the breeze . its not about getting in the water but the feeling I get just standing there feeling the wind and the sooth sound of tides.

  12. LOVE IS MY REBELLION. beauty unfolds

    acid rock

  13. Spencer Olsen

    This is one of my all time favorite songs. Especially after I heard him explain him explain what it was about. It reminds me of my ex.

  14. Bronson Cuzzort

    Still listening to this in 2018. From highly refined pirates all the way to voids. Every album has a special, unique feel.

    Andrew Palm

    I have their farewell tour in Toronto on Sunday night, cannot wait! 3rd and last time seeing one of my favourite bands.

  15. Maxwell Burns

    Why do i listen to this song when i'm sad.

  16. Eric Stringham

    Love LOVE this song.

  17. William Angliss

    god this song just feels perfect

  18. Crocshank

    I've listened to two songs by this band, both of them mentioning boulders. They took the term "rock" a bit too seriously. Good music though

  19. Roy Glenn

    saw them play this live on Saturday. gave me chills. and I'm glad somebody confirmed my suspicion that this song is about LSD

  20. capitouro

    multiple and paradoxal borders and minus the bear

  21. Erin Robles

    The chills are real with this one, minus the bear gives you a high when you are completely sober...

    tim sheets

    Erin McG. Best example ever... I'm not sure why but I have a overwhelming urge to move to the PNW when I hear this.....

  22. abdullah swager

    consta who horoscope fool

  23. Ben Prince

    "Blocked by boulders at both ends" made me think about playing Zelda on my Game Boy back in the day.

    HASSAN SMITH made in america

    Best comment.

  24. Ryan

    This song is a tribute to the Beatles and their song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (LSD)
    Both are about an LSD trip.

    "Met Lucille For The First Time again"


    +Jared Garcia haha jus playn Go Broncos!

    Bombastic Bill

    +Ryan The only song by MtB that is clearly about tripping is Dayglow Vista Road. I don't know where you got that this song is about an acid trip cuz its clearly written about the time Jake poured a bad foundation (liquid concrete under our feet) for a family and it broke (wedded to our accidents) costing the family thousands of dollars.


    +Bombastic Bill
    I got the idea directly from a band member. Read the Q&A I left a link to for the other dip shit that said i was wrong.


    +Bombastic Bill liquid concrete under our feet tripping on the constellations we see diamond lightning seeing where the scenes are sewn in. combine this with where he says infinity overhead and I'm pretty sure he's talking about space and the fabric of space and time being visible or tangible while tripping on LSD. wedded to our accidents could be referenced just living with you you are and accepting mistakes from the past.

    Michael Mollura

    +Ryan dude I see it man. Definitely a sweet observation. Right on!!! Also MtB (particularly Jake) have said on several occasions this song is about doing LSD during high school years.

  25. Anony Drums

    Essa intro...

  26. carlo cuss

    Math and indie...

  27. Steven Holloway

    This is a great band. 

  28. Jared Aldridge

    It's funny how I heard knights by them on saint rows 2 and from that listening to all their albums loving every song


    Lmfao! Same here :-D

  29. Jason Spears

    Time becomes irrelevant....

  30. Jacob Shawley

    I can listen to this song over and over again and never tire of it.

  31. Evan Chesterman

    I agree DynastyFPS

  32. DynastyFPS

    Best live band i've ever seen, that's unquestionable.

  33. Great Stag

    Minus The Bear. Still underground? It seems?

  34. Chonkyfire9

    Best band of all time. Hope you are still listening.

  35. Tanner Crawford

    Im going to their concert in ten days!!! im so fucking excited!

  36. Caio Ribeiro

    Como um

  37. Caio Ribeiro

    Como um

  38. Ember Jed

    Kinda boring.

  39. chicano and proud

    so relaxing

  40. Ran Manbavaran

    IMO, only the people who were there tripping will be able to literate exactly how they felt and what the meanings of their experience were. Tripping can be a very intense, memorable experience which is hard to describe in words, and maybe that's why it's difficult to pinpoint the exact meaning of this song. I think this track is a sort of tribute to the meaningful experience they had when taking LSD. Bonding, laughing, enlightenment, fear and loathing, etc...

  41. CaptainAmerica

    Such a great drum sound

  42. JonnyGisMe

    Listen to the band "Audiobakery". Those guys are some top notch musicians and are incredible live!

  43. Evan Stueve

    You are what makes YouTube so great.

  44. Panagiotis Tzitzilis

    What a [email protected] MASTERPIECE !!
    I stay paralyzed with the feeling forced upon me after 3.35
    Try to rly HEAR what the song is saying
    I can't believe I just discovered this band
    From the depths of my heart Thank you

  45. Ran Manbavaran

    You seriously had no idea this song was about tripping? Christ....

  46. Darre Euphoria

    Diiiiiiiiggg etttttttttttt

  47. GamingControversials

    These guys are seriously underrated. Nobody seems to know them.

  48. phantomboss133

    ha its funny. he just like "this song is about uh.. a high acid trip"

  49. Mark Booher

    I know exactly. It references a high school acid trip that Jake had. For a source, just search them playing this song acoustic and he explains it.

  50. FlockOfChickens

    The perfect beer on the porch song. I watched a couple birds bicker over a wild mushroom in my backyard yesterday listening to this song, and for whatever reason, the world made sense, suspended in that moment.

  51. Bucketheadhead

    where can I find a girl like you? Better yet just come to the UK yourself

  52. Brittany Maryjane

    Their music just takes me to another place...:) There is not one song of theirs that I don't like.

  53. SuperKA85

    Awesome! They are special live, specially in smaller venues with less crowds, it's a beautiful thing. Enjoy the show, no doubt you will.

  54. gumbyonacid

    this is what happens when special musicians get together ....whoever thinks there are no great newer bands,they don't know where to look- the radio aint the place.I am lucky my kids turned me on to the bear....going to see them wednesday with both my kids and my ex wife :)

  55. intheshadeofyou

    Way better than "Omni", because I couldn't quite get my head around that. This song is amazing, of course.

  56. Haley Price

    i love this band.... the music is the best iv ever heard in a really long time...

  57. PlymouthVT

    My fav Diamond Lightning. So trippy. Like a 70's song. Great. Wish I could find the tabs because I sing high enough to hit the beginning.

  58. Freakyfresh

    Minus the Bear is up there with Circa Survive. You simply cannot compare one to the other they're both great at what they do.

  59. J. Bastien

    Bands change all the time, get over it. As a musician, you should want to progress and mature, not stagnant. Anyways, I dig this song, this band gets better and better.

  60. Vincent Delpierre

    You speak with full knowledge of the facts?

  61. cammykinzofdeath

    Well yea but either way its still shitty

  62. Jugetti

    His opinion is wrong? Kinda douchy to say something like that.

  63. phantomboss133

    those people that dislike this new MTB should get over the fact that bands change. after Omni, fans started bitching, so they took older influences and combined them with omni's sound, though thats still not enough apparently. this album is one of my favorite because im open-minded (and its awesome).the only song thats boring is Zeros, but all the others are great

  64. phantomboss133

    their titles have made sense for like the past 3 albums man

  65. LadyPropane

    @xophillychick , they usually play in San Antonio tx in june f for rocklobster fest. I've gone the past 2 years, great venue, but then again, i live in h, tx

  66. Corbin Fowler

    I remember when Minus the Bear wasn't just another boring indie band. Went really downhill after HRP.

  67. cammykinzofdeath

    It kindof made me twitch when i hear him say the name of the song. What the facckkk minus the bear your titles aren't supposed to make any sense!

  68. Andrea Caccese

    lucky! I live in Sweden and they are sadly not really known in Europe. Its basically one of my only fav bands I never had the chance to see live!

  69. PortiaGermain

    IDK! Put they are amazing. I've seen them at least 8 times, and adore my meet and greet autographed poster!!!

  70. SuperKA85

    It's hard to hit the nail on the head every track on an albumn, but I agree with you they are consistent, and defiantly have created full albumns you can rock from beginning to end, and that is really the thing I love about them. Before the onset of mp3's and downloads, you had to hit up the record store and buy c.d's, least I had to before the internet took over. I dreaded having to buy a full c.d for one or two tracks I liked on it. You don't have to worry about that with these guys.

  71. ASPx360

    11 hipsters weren't impressed

  72. RobiRoadkill

    they'res a difference between making a living and selling out kids, they're sounds has changed it evolved, they're still minus the bear just more grown up, its not like they're making pop.

  73. Amputechture22

    I love MTB so much. Glad to see they still got it

  74. Jeff Commissaris

    This song stands out as AWESOME.

  75. SuperKA85

    Minus the Bear has the best musicianship out of a band I have ever heard. They are talented, everything they create is gold, if you haven't seen them live, you should. I have been a fan since their beginning, and in my humble opinion, their music just get's better and better. Get on board, these guys truely rock.

  76. So Cal Vegan


  77. Jacob Dean Hawley

    This fucking guy. All the awards.

  78. Toolfan322

    Going to see them tomorrow for the first time with my gf!!!...gonna be a great show :)

  79. Donovan Miller

    You are the man.

  80. imaghostya

    hope i can make it to the tempe show. been like 4+ yeas since ive seen them. and playing with cursive nonetheless. @!$#$#@

  81. Derek Arpan

    I fuckin love these guys! Nov. 6 SLC, Utah!! I'm so there!

  82. Jeff Commissaris


  83. VoodooKush

    This song is amazing

  84. Dabomb1237

    This song reminds me of Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks. The songs are a bit different from each other, but the build up and mood make me think there was a little influence in there.

  85. seth taylor

    umm... what song is bad?

  86. metalbronie96

    but this sound is fucking awesome though. :D

  87. Evan Stueve

    Actually, that was the spoiled me talking. I loved the intro so much that I just wanted to hear it more. I've given the song more of a chance and I love it in it's entirety. That's what I get for doubting MTB.

  88. Rachaun Rogers

    Didn't care for Infinity overhead when I first listened but this song Grew on me.

  89. Stay90s

    I bought a couple albums from these guys a few years back- just started listening to them again lately. Cool to see they released a new album. Anyone know if they're coming to Canada after the USA dates? By the way, couldn't help but notice the comments about their new sound... do you really want them to sound the same their entire career? Come on now. Bands can't release 10 albums of the same sounding shit.

  90. Dance Dustin Dance

    Too bad you are wrong.

  91. Evan Stueve

    Intro is amazing. Too bad the rest of the song is just OK.

  92. seiph80

    Can't stop listening to this song.

  93. Raivolk

    This album came out August 28th of this year.

  94. Mike Hawk

    It's incredible :*|

  95. Dabomb1237

    Their guitarist always writes really juicy riffs.

  96. phantomboss133

    this album should have been in between Planet of Ice and Omni. a good album, nonetheless.

  97. ashr451

    OCTOBER 22! With cursive and girl in a coma. Gah!