Minus The Bear - Cold Company Lyrics

Feel your hands on the rock
Roll the rock up the hill
What did you do to deserve this hill
When you get to the top
Watch it roll down again
Are you pushing up the sun
And dragging down the moon?
Did you think it wet
When she came after you?

Keep your hands on the rock
It will finish you if you stop
Cold, cold company
Forgive me
This ain't my stone
This ain't my stone to roll
Skin on my hands can't take it anymore

Feel her hands on your back
Feel the world go black
No future and no past
Here, now, alive at last
Feel your hands on the rock
Roll the rock up the hill
If I slip into this dream
When I awake it's the same

Keep your hands on the rock
It will finish you if you stop
Cold, cold company
Forgive me
This ain't my stone
This ain't my stone to roll
My aching feet can't stand it anymore

Life's goes on and on
Outside in the cold
Inside the barber waits
Waits his turn

Cold, cold company
Forgive me
This ain't my stone
This ain't my stone to roll
My aching feet can't stand it anymore

Cold, cold company
Forgive me
This ain't my
This ain't my stone to roll
Skin on my hands can't take it anymore

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Minus The Bear Cold Company Comments
  1. josh kirkwood

    Solid sound. I've never heard anything like this before. Wow! These guys are awesome

  2. chris czerenda

    How many ppl her because of Rocksmith

  3. Komikaize

    Thanks Rocksmith

  4. Ken Fresno

    5 years later and this is still my favorite song to play on bass


    Man i can listen to this everyday , love you 3000

  6. Justin Maxey

    I was listening to this band long before Rocksmith even showed up. Love me some MINUS!!!!

  7. Abraham Martinez

    This song makes me happy 😊

  8. Precious Misfits

    I LOVE playing this on RockSmith! My new favorite, I'm playing bass, much easier than guitar for sure.

  9. Mykey Rotten

    Sounds like modern day Ozzy XD

  10. James Kennedy

    Im acctually a fan for 17 yrs and proud

  11. Artorias Gamer7

    Playing bass on Rocksmith on this song is fucking fun

  12. Politicaldonkey gaming

    My favorite part starts at around 3:06 or 3:04

  13. P T

    Feel your hands on the rock
    Roll the rock up the hill
    What did you do to deserve this hill?
    When you get to the top
    Watch it roll down again
    Are you pushing up the sun
    And dragging down the moon?
    Did your feet get wet
    When she came after you?

    Keep your hands on the rock
    It will finish you if you stop

    Cold, cold company
    Forgive me
    This ain't my stone
    This ain't my stone to roll
    Skin on my hands can't take it anymore

    Feel her hands on your back
    Feel the world go black
    No future and no past
    Here, now, alive at last
    Feel your hands on the rock
    Roll the rock up the hill
    If I slip into this dream
    When I awake is it the same

  14. Black DIAMOND

    Elle m'a fais péter un plomb dans rocksmith c'est super technique en tapping mais ne jamais lâcher!!!

  15. dalesargeant92

    Heard of these before but never listened to them. This song was on my Spotify weekly recommendations yesterday. Really liking this song. Going to listen to more!

  16. oliver jaehne

    Thank you for the Music you create 🙏🏻

  17. Um Otaku Qualquer

    _Mas toda vez que você chega ao topo da montanha... Você se fortalece... E na próxima vez vai ser mais fácil... Pelo menos assim você pensa..._

  18. Alexander Reilly

    Beautiful Riff... Great syncopation :)

  19. DrumRoody

    Bass 98% lead 23%


    And now?

    Gaming Guitarist

    ?? what

  20. Dominic Dancy

    rocksmith brought me here

  21. Alexandru Ioan

    Rocksmirh brought me here but now this is a favorite of mine!

  22. ganondorfchampin

    Reminds me of sludge metal meets post-hardcore meets post-rock.

  23. CrimsonedArmor

    "skin on my hands can't take it anymore" Exactly what I thought and felt when trying to pratice the guitar for this.

  24. Josh Blackburn

    Rock Smith didn't send me here..but these comments are sending me to RockSmith for sure.

  25. Mr Python

    Any 1 here think rock smith should have AC/DC thunder struck

  26. Lou Vegas

    You have to hear this song live!!!

  27. Lucas Buonanno

    this song is so awesome!! respect from france!!!!!!!

  28. Mykey Rotten

    killed it

  29. dpsrbi

    Every comment is about rocksmith. Did anyone here know about minus the bear before 2014? They've been around since like 2002... Hopefully the rocksmith people listen to highly refined pirates.

    Jua-Knee Toe

    dannyphehe there is nothing wrong with finding the band because if rocksmth?? Everyone doesn't find the band right away my dude. Rock smith is the reason I found this band, and since then I've been listening to them a lot. So what's the issue?


    @Jua-Knee Toe
    What do you mean? I never said I had a problem with it. All I said was I hope the people who heard of them from rocksmith check out their first album. I was just surprised with how many comments were about rocksmith.

    Tabby Dowling

    @Jua-Knee Toe Triggered?


    Yeah, I knew about them before Rocksmith. They also kind of remind me of Pressure 4-5.

    Zan Azoth

    It's odd
    I've known about them since uhhh... 2005

    Yet somehow I never heard this specific song UNTIL Rocksmith.
    In fact, I somehow skipped this album as a whole. I see now that was a mistake.

    Menos El Oso is still to this day one of my all time favorite albums.

  30. John McNair

    I love how melodic the tapping is in this song.

  31. Ruben Martinez

    what is rocksmith?? I just knew these guys's music by a friend


    guitar game. looks like guitar hero but you play with a real guitar. it's really more of a guitar learning game than anything

    Ruben Martinez

    +albooga oh thx haha had no idea

    Team Super Badass

    Oh dang, that sounds pretty cool. I should pick it up. Thanks m8

  32. marq020

    Usually when you play tapping it's just a sudden quick flurry of notes, or one or two relatively high ones for contrast... my middle finger now hurts because of this. I'M GONNA PLAY THE FUCK OUT OF YOU WHEN I'M BACK FROM SCHOOL!

  33. Edwin Morin

    I just knew about them and I never played rocksmith I rather just play in real life in front of a real audience because

    Justin Martinez

    +Edwin Morin I thank my curious mind for the findings I come across in good music. That also includes friend suggestions.

  34. Joshua Garcia

    rocksmith did not send me here...lol...mtb is one of the most talented bands around and this song isn't that hard to play...just gotta put the work in to learn finger tapping and effect pedals


    +Joshua Garcia Putting the work in, learning finger tapping, learning effect pedals = HARD!

  35. gabyrock88

    rocksmith 2014

  36. N Dias

    Any more minus the bear songs a bit heavier like this one?

    Lou Vegas

    I am going to Northampton, MA, May 12, just to hear this song.

    Chris Parsley

    Broken China

    Crystal Knopps

    Let's play guitar in a five guitar band is amazing. It's slow starting but picks up in the chorus. Probably my favorite song

    Grumpy Sega Tech

    N Dias Double vision quest. The second half of lotus. Secret country.

    Elias Lopez

    Listen to their earlier stuff. Highly refined pirates is a goodie

  37. LiberalsArePoop

    This song is all kinds of awesome and I would never have known about it were it not for Rocksmith.

    Jet the Luckiest

    +DanR67 OMG IKR???? :DDDDDD the bass mode is actually harder than u would think.


    @Jet Quinn Playing it on bass is the best part of it.


    Same goes to Wasteland by EarlyRise

    Alex Carlson

    ayyy same

    Precious Misfits

    same for me

  38. parag dulam

    Is there an official video for this? I would love to see one.

  39. Live_Breathe_Musix

    Minus The Bear baby!!! Hell yesssss... These guys are fucking great. One of mah favorites.

  40. justin reckmo

    I wanna know where the bear was to minus it?

    Andre Hebert

    justin reckmo their band name is based off a joke. one of the band members went on a date and someone asked how it went. he said "it was like that kids cartoon BJ and the bear, minus the bear."

  41. neko cobain

    There r more rocksmith players here then band fans


    yep. Rocksmith really got me into this band!

    Chef L



    Who says I can’t be both?

  42. elitebelt

    Thank fuck for Rocksmith. But damn, talk about tapping!. So much tapping. So. Fucking. Much. And string-skipping-chords, or whatever you call em.

    Pranav Chadha

    hahaa yeah dude, still working on that tapping for this song
    chords are not a problem for me though


    oh god I know right!? I about shit myself first time I played it since I got cocky and set the difficulty at 100% thinking I could handle it. 😄

    Gore Gaming Central

    elitebelt I know right!

  43. Emily Bryant

    The bass for this is so damn fun



    oblivion Paradox

    +Live_Breathe_Musix Third! having a blast with it!


    I play both bass and guitar in rocksmith, and I agree it's really fun! I really _really_ rock out when playing it on bass :P

    Ethan Giambrone

    So true


    yes! it is!

  44. Juniorbabies


  45. Tim Pounds

    i would care if i was a bear

  46. Sheppard Of Fire

    Rocksmith 2014 sent me here

  47. Danny Hayson

    I just took like 2 hours no joke on Rocksmith trying to play this intro..
    And you know what? After two hours of grinding away at the intro, I fucking got it!!

    E T

    @Bazdarino The Bizier no u

    Alexander Vetrili

    I honestly thought this was one of the easier songs on Rocksmith o.o then again, I did play guitar for a couple years before jumping onto Rocksmith.

    mehmet rasim inceoglu

    @Danny Hayson As a Bass Player (a very bad one) it took me also a couple of hours to nail the song. I really love rocksmith

    RandomJDS _

    Ik it's really hard

    Mr. Aurigema

    Easy...Hard...it's all relative. Don't be a jerk about it.

  48. joshua draper

    i also played it on rocksmith and it is verry hard

  49. Blankishish

    I like that song a lot

  50. Boicycle

    I am learning this on Rocksmith 2014!   (That is what sent me here!)

    Jason Thomas

    Same. This song is fantastic. 

    c g

    same verygood song and cool to play on rocksmith


    @Robert McTaggart That's one of the main reasons why I think Rocksmith is so helpful in improving my playing. It practically forces me to play things I would never play otherwise.

    Biggie Miggie

    Boicycle it sounds different though

  51. Dian Maritz

    They should've sticked to their groove that they had in highly refined pirates and menos el oso.... this isn't even indi anymore... Its more like rock with  a hint of indi and a lot of delay effects...this album makes me think of 80s metal guitaring. );

    Jason Thomas

    But I love 80's metal....

  52. Jayrod M

    The coolest idie rock song

  53. MetallicaFan0503

    The guy's voice reminds me of a real young not-on-drugs version of ozzy osborne's

    Andre Hebert

    MetallicaFan0503 woah. can't unhear that one.

    Rúben Santos

    same, cant be unheard now ahah


    I think he sounds a lot like Mudvayne's singer.

    Nate Squiggles

    Would never have said that but it’s so true

  54. Brimborium Drumherum

    i play that on rocksmith very difficult ^^

  55. Jake Perkins

    They Make Beer Commercials was my favorite.

  56. sarcasmosis

    This is what it would sound like if Nickelback had even a little tiny bit of talent. 


    @Mike Scanlan Sounds like post-modernist bullshit to me. Not all 'tastes' are in any way equal.

    Mike Scanlan

    @G96Saber Exactly what I said... "They're just people with different tastes." If you dont like it...Fine. Great for you. Hell, slap it on your next Job application. Again, I could care less for them as well, not at all defending them. 

    Laszlo Panaflex

    @Mike Scanlan For someone who is not defending them, you sure do seem to have your panties all bunched up ... Nickelback is the rock form of Justin Beiber.

    Mike Scanlan

    @Laszlo Panaflex Lol what? I'm not getting upset or anything about this. I fail to see where you're getting that from.

    Ah, well Justin Bieber is terrible because he is a terrible person, in general. His music is another thing. Since his music is made with teenage girls in mind and I am not a teenage girl, I can't give a fair opinion on it. Especially since I do not listen to it. However, this will be my last message. It is clear that this crowd isn't cool with personal opinions. Shame, but what can ya do. Have a pleasant day.

    Laszlo Panaflex

    @Mike Scanlan I have no problems with personal opinions.  Yours are just confused, and that's ok.

  57. NinjaDog578

    Agreed pal, this is the first time i've listened to MTB and while this song really rocks (really dig that progressive rock vibe) the rest of the album is mediocre to say the least (imo)...
    Also, sorry to all the fans but the singer's voice is generic as it gets, horrible,generic stuff...

  58. Tamara Gordon

    When I go to see MTB in October, I really hope that they play this song. Favourite from the new album!~ Keep it up and I will be a fan forever!

  59. musicallyaroused87

    Although I do still like thinking about being on those yachts with them, I'm glad that you're right about how they change with each album.

  60. quotemeonthat

    Seems like they try to grow musically with each album. I don't think they really care if people like/dislike the fact that their new stuff doesn't sound like HRP or Menos El Oso. They're newer songs may not be as good as their older songs, but they're different people now than they were 11 years ago, just like you or I. Instead of playfully singing about buying yachts, girls on swings, or getting naked in a swimming pool, they'd rather explore more serious subjects. Who cares?

  61. metalbronie96

    1 dislike........DA FUQ!!!!!!!

  62. koolaidmarcus

    Didn't even know this album existed -___-

  63. Andrew Sundberg

    so fuckin epic man.....just insane

  64. Jeff Price

    It was awesome live. I posted the link to the show I saw in the description.

  65. Donovan Miller

    Everyone just needs to see the new songs live, it would change their minds. I just did yesterday at the Club Nokia in L.A and they literally blew my mind. It was the most amazing experience I've ever encountered.

  66. Jack Witty

    Sisyphus did a LOT to deserve the hell of pointlessly rolling a boulder up a hill. He was a total bastard in his mythos.

  67. Corey G

    this is possibly the greatest MTB song I've ever heard :O I love you, MTB <3 in a totally gay way, too

  68. omgwaffleb

    Fuck that....This Ain't a Surfin Movie is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. makashka1

    Nothing will EVER beat Highly Refined. But, this is a great track off this album

  70. makashka1

    stick true to the roots.

  71. GutterPhenom16

    im not sure which riff is more simple but effective.. Cold Company or Secret Country

    either way - this is easily one of my favorite songs by them

  72. Thomas More

    Omni is a a great album, but different. This sounds more like a return to their old sound, but a bit heavier. Can't wait to hear the rest of their new album!

  73. Keith

    Good old Sisyphus.

  74. iamtheelephant1

    Best song on the album. Reminds me of their old stuff so great, bet it's so sick live

  75. mgarcia4609

    Definitely the best Minus the Bear song since Planet of Ice...

  76. B. Burger

    This song shreds

  77. Josh Navarro

    I just think it's more luck, IMO Lotus was an amazing ender while Fooled by the Night and This Ain't a Surfin Movie were just alright, could be placed anywhere.

    Speaking of Lotus, this song oozes influence from Planet of Ice and Highly Refined Pirates, which I love. I love that all of the songs on Infinity Overhead borrow aspects from all their previous albums and still sound unique.

  78. Joe M

    This will be epic live. Can't wait for them to play it!

  79. rustysweater37

    theyre last song always gives me the chills

  80. Yung Padawan

    perfect way to start my day before work!