Minnie Riperton - Stick Together Lyrics

Every time I look at you
I remember all that we've been through
No I can't imagine living without you
I don't need no symphony
I hear music when you're lovin' me
You make all the world revolve in harmony

Oh, baby, let's stick together
Just like two birds of a feather do
Life's such a pleasure with you
Ooh, baby, let's stick together
Wand we will ride stormy through
Until each grey sky turns blue

Though no riches to speak of
We possess the world's most priceless love
Heaven sent us something special from above

Precious moments come alive
Happiness is layin' by your side
And there's still so many dreams we've yet to try

Oh, baby, let's stick together
Just like two birds of a feather do
I found my treasure in you
Ooh, baby, let's stick together
'Cause there's nothin' I'd rather do
Than stick together with you

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Minnie Riperton Stick Together Comments
  1. levan beriashvili

    Stevie wrote this. Stevie feat Minnie = musical perfection

  2. Ebony Boop2

    I still love her. Her voice sounds like love and get chills through my spine.

  3. Michael Nix Jr. Family Members

    Mikey's Disco But Goodies.

    Ebony Boop2

    Michael Nix Jr. Family Members tell me about it

  4. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #23 on the dance charts in 1977!!!

  5. Rafael França

    Awesome! That cover was an inspiration for Mariah Carey in the single Don't Forget About Us cover, i guess.


    ~ R.I.P. The great Minnie Ripperton. One of many great songs by this icon, and a fantastic dance record for 1977, still fresh in 2018!! Cheers, DAVEDJ ~

    Dalphon Hamilton

    Ooh I remember. When this song came on at the spots in Chicago, the dance floor ALWAYS suddenly got very crowded. And we danced till our feet were sore. LOL

  7. Jeffrey Wiesemann


  8. David Allen

    For those of you that don't know...this was Maya's mom that belted this one out many years back!

  9. Lornald Trump

    Lorne Armstrong brought me here

  10. T Cee

    I'm sorry he is killing that piano...

    Victoria Wallace

    And you know this!

  11. Michael Anthony

    Ohhhh, I love this song...What a range love Minnie Riperton...

  12. Kenneth Fullman

    I remember this song. Beautiful voice. Work!!!!! I tried to Stick Together but the only person wasn't having it. I really was in love but did the wrong things. I am so sorry.