Minnie Riperton - Stay In Love Lyrics

And lately I've been thinking
About what we have together
Our own special harmony
Makin' love by heaven's light
Ooh it feels so right
Lovin' you... lovin' me

Let's stay in love
Don't let anything in our way
Let's stay in love
And love will grow every day

'Cause the world is filled with so many people
Who once felt love so strong
They can't remember why it slipped away
Dyin' day by day
Now they wonder what went wrong

Let's stay in love
It's the most two people can do
Let's stay in love
Give to me as I give to you

We're lying underneath the stars
In a night enchanted with love's sweet mystery
We hold each other close and oh, so tight
So afraid we might
Wake up from this precious dream

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Minnie Riperton Stay In Love Comments
  1. Leon Holt

    I Remember.❤

  2. Ronald McFondle

    In 1976 I played this album so much the needle wore the grooves out on one of the song. I also believe it had something to do with the extremely high pitches she could hit because that is where it wore out.😀 At the end of this song, the stratosphere notes she sings, "In Mid Air." What an amazing talent....

  3. Shawn McDonald

    RIP Perfect Angel. Love you Minnie. 11/08/47-07/12/79.

  4. Blake Gildaphish

    Her music sounds like an enchanted garden.