Minnie Riperton - Return To Forever Lyrics

Days... floating round the bend
Through the rainbow's end
Return to forever

Nights... ring around the moon
Ending all too soon
Return to forever

When we reach the autumn's bend
Will we wish that we were young again
Laughing in the face of time
If only we knew now, what we did then

Clouds... billow cross the sky

Changing as they fly
Return to forever

Waves... rush to kiss the shore
Once and nevermore
Go back, return to forever

How I wish that you were mine
And we could live again that summertime
To be that happy just this once again
If only we felt now as we did then

Child... holding out your hand
Please try to understand
Return to forever, return to forever

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Minnie Riperton Return To Forever Comments
  1. Christopher Marks

    Beautiful song from a beautiful lady with that beautiful voice always, happy birthday ms minnie 11-8-19 you are so truly missed and forever loved R.i.p. lady

  2. What's The Use People Don't Listen Anyway

    This was the B-side to "Here We Go" and it got just as much mileage as the a-side, if not more.

  3. Janie Braxton

    One of the most beautiful song and arrangement I have ever heard. Poignant, touching, profound, just utterly "beautiful". Minnie Riperton, just does this song so much justice. I am so thankful to hear her holy voice and this holy music. What a gift we have been given..even though she has gone on...the music LIVES.......and so does she!!

  4. Juan Pa Fernandez


    90's hip hop only

    Why do Hispanics like our music?

    Juan Pa Fernandez

    @90's hip hop only Music is music, and it has no owners ... I don't know why it is believed to be "his music".

  5. Eve Demian