Minnie Riperton - Memory Band Lyrics

Sail out of the dawn glide past the day
Drift into the mist float far away
Lift up the latch
Squeaks of the past, dull lighted patch
Sail sideways to morning backwards till noon

Climb into your head, look where you dare
Sit on every snowflake kissing air
Roam deep in the canyons beyond time
Reach through every curtain clouding mind

Sail out of the dawn glide past the day
Drift into the mist float far away
Lift up the latch
Squeaks of the past, dull lighted patch
Sail sideways to morning backwards till noon

Greet each blinking dot before your eyes
Weep with tender rose petals sighs
Slip under the crack beneath your door
Step over the line where sky meets shore

Climb into your head, look where you dare
Sit on every snowflake kissing air
Roam deep in the canyons beyond time
Reach through every curtain clouding mind

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Minnie Riperton Memory Band Comments
  1. RPG

    elevator music

  2. ohd00bley

    The version of Memory Band was usually sampled (I've never heard a sample of this version): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lGv-lLST_M (Rotary Connection, Riperton was a member).

    Charles Stepney produced and arranged this recording, the song was written by him and Richard Rudolph


    I love her Voice!

  4. Big Deo

    Jinsang sampled this song so well :)

    Hani ASFURғɪʟᴍs

    ... and Ljones ;)


    whats the name of the song?

  5. Mary Stroughton

    That song sounds like it should be song in Brazilian.

    Helton Damas

    Yes. This is Bossa Nova

    Mary Stroughton

    Yes. It sounds like it was literally translated.

    Mary Stroughton

    Helton Damas I love Minnie. really underappreciated.

    Helton Damas

    I love her too. Amazing singer. Gone too soon.

    Mary Stroughton

    Helton Damas Yup.

  6. Roger Winters

    Stevie Wonder was right, she was an Angel here on earth.

  7. Marcio Ivam de Brito Teixeira

    Bela voz...bela cantora....

    Mary Stroughton

    Marcio Ivam de Brito Teixeira amen.

  8. Masses Esclaves

    Stepney in full on Bacharachian mode. Even Minnie sounds a bit like Dionne Warwick.

  9. Amo Poder


  10. Verny Mack

    Nah he didn't sample this. He used 'Memory Band' by Rotary Connection, at least for the vocal sample that is.

  11. Cicero simoes paranhos

    Canta como um anjo...que voz privilegiada.Grande cantora.

  12. umiami85

    Bonita Bonita Bonita

  13. Louis Mont

    Bonita Applebum?....

  14. Ride Hip Hop / Nets Videos

    Black Eyed Peas sampled this before they sold out; true story.


    damn! pete rock used this for "The Life I Live". i love you minnie


    @nicky1703 Man,he was so brilliant as minnie was divine!!!the arrangements melted my brain!!!i cant describe the feeling!!!

  17. nicky1703

    behind this music and its orchestration, their is one man: Charles Stepney. He wrote the music and arranged it. He worked with many other great artists, though his name has been forgotten. If you like this music, try to listen to the "ROTARY CONNECTION" music, which has the same spirit. For example, listen to "this town", written by Stevie Wonder and arranged by Stepney. Pure marvel.

  18. btinsley1

    in 2005, i found this cd at Walgreen's for $3.20. so good i bought several & gave them as presents to a few people who'd appreciate it...i was not shocked at all when those very same people had never heard it (over 50 years old) & thought it was tremendously under-appreciated.

    you wont be sorry if you can acquire it, trust me

    Annette Trent


  19. ronnymob blade

    minnie and charles stetney dangerous combnation wonderful music thanks for posting

  20. jonathan pelaez

    lovely voice,

  21. AlwaysaLady365

    God took Minnie from us to have her sing to him......Beautiful!!! Minnie left us with so much Beautiful music to enjoy. Like this Beautiful Album.

  22. Pirate7X

    @incrediblecHiller Pete Rock did for InI's "Life I Live" off the Rotary Connection version.

  23. Brownsugar M

    @Dynamo001 Amen. Well said, my friend. Thank God for youtube, so now our music legacy is not forgotten. Her non-popularized songs are newfound treasures for me and many others. Thanks for expressing the opinions of so many of us! God bless.

  24. Adriel Hawkins

    @1960timbo I don't know if you've found it yet, but they have it on iTunes

  25. orionsecret

    @TheSocratease Same with me.....I paid $30 for the LP at Record Finders in LA in 1980. Way more than I had ever paid for a record. So right about "Only When I'm Dreaming"...."mist in purple trees/nothing seems to rhyme" what imagery they conjured to match the awesome musicality and the grandeur of Minnie's voice

  26. JET997u

    @1960timbo I bought this CD on Amazon within the last 6 months.

  27. eiderglast

    @iluvmyboba , thumbs up on that too!

  28. neworleans504fresh

    this song always mellows me out, which is not an easy task. I LOVE YOU MINNIE

  29. beetz15s


    or Minne

  30. Diggum Smack77

    @sportscarman5 Yea, sounds like it in the beginning!

  31. CDsnuts000

    album cover looks like my dick....hahaha jk. Nice soothing tone. hahah but foreal, kind a

  32. clayborn williams

    The Beautiful Minnie Riperton, Eye see you.

  33. MysticDiamond

    It's another version of this YouTube without lyrics and she's just singing operatic notes in background when she was performing with Rotary Connection.

  34. Matt Tebbetts

    @queenray1 same here

  35. queenray1

    heavenly Voice, I'm a fan, wish she lived to the time I was born to see her sing Live

  36. Nick Coley

    This is what I call quiet sophisticated soul. Something these young ones today have forgotten and can't seem to understand.

  37. arty1996

    so beautiful... =)

  38. btinsley1

    step over the night where sky meets shore.....

    bossa nova has never sounded so eternal !

  39. rich g

    what a nice tune

  40. Rasheem Coleman

    Love this

  41. Muziclvr07

    True statement!

  42. btinsley1

    listen.....this is pure imagery.....

  43. BlizzardOfTheCoast

    Sweet bossa flavor. I love this and the original version on Rotary Connection's self-titled. They both have their own unique charm.

  44. mistermilkman

    I think ur beautiful.

  45. elvirap

    This was the first album I ever bought. Lost it in divorce in 1998....sad.

  46. iluvmyboba

    This is my favorite song in the world. It reminds me of a saturday morning where the beautiful sun is shining in your face to wake you up. It is also the weirdest song I've ever heard. Though when you hear what Minnie is suggesting you really want to do it. I really wanted to "slip under the crack beneath my door and step over the line where sky meets shore". I love finding beauty in the most innocent of things.

  47. Fera Fara

    Simply fabulous...love 4ever...rip

  48. Rasheem Coleman

    I love this song..

  49. musicdragon75

    Her voice.. and the harmony. For me, harmony is what really gives a song that EMPHH! and boy does this song have it! I love Minnie!

  50. Anthony DiVizio

    if there is any hip hop listeners, i think KMD sampled this in peach fuzz

  51. islezeus

    PLus it was so DIFFERENT... it was like a psychadellic Burt Bacharach type of shit, lol. The synchopation and irregular time signatures, the complex arrangements and harmonies, the etheral singing from Minnie, it's truly a gem.

  52. mistermilkman

    Not @ all...I must tell u man, this is Minnie's most beautiful album. She recorded it in 3 days...as well as 3 albums that year..."Songs," "Dinner Music" & "Come 2 My Garden" & she still sounds AMAZING.

  53. islezeus

    Thats so beautiful... she had melodic dramatic harmonising as well. We don't get in todays music for sure.

  54. mistermilkman

    She did her pwn background vocals with the accompaniment of the Ramsey Lewis Trio.

  55. islezeus

    Did she do all the back-up vocals as well? She had mad harmonising skills in that high register.

  56. elvirap

    Thank you, thank you, thank you...I am speechless. Beautiful.

  57. xekbixsi

    amazing voice, rest in peace minnie

  58. ladyraven30

    Such a chill voice...marvelous album cover also....

  59. Questbx1

    why does the beginning sound like peach fuzz ,i love minnie

  60. JET997u

    Minnie was also a seductive, mysterious voice in the first albums of Rotary Connection. She's great.

  61. HIYELLA71

    sexxy, suductive

  62. tislamic7

    i'm proud to own this album. i believe it's her 1st. correct me if i'm wrong.