Minnie Riperton - Lover And Friend Lyrics

Guess we always knew
Best of friends we'd always be
Sister and brother we two
Romance never entered our view

Always you were there
When I needed you
Suddenly out of nowhere
I realized I loved only you

And that just how true love begins
It just walks on in
And one day I knew
It was you... it was you
It was always you

Baby, in the end... I've got you as lover and friend
Darling in the end I've got you as lover and friend

Funny how it goes
We'd be the last to know
We were made for each other
And from friends we became lovers

Keep on being my friend
Our love will never end
We'll have it all
Yes we will... yes we will
Yes we will

We're gonna have a happy ending
We started our with such a great beginning
We'll walk together talk together
In every kind of weather
We're bound together
Forever yeah

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Minnie Riperton Lover And Friend Comments
  1. Emanual0607


  2. Deborah Patterson

    Gone waaaaay too soon. This was one of my favorites. This was the song track to my 'real' marriage to man who was my friend before he became my lover. Rest easy KP.

  3. Rotrice Summerville

    Timeless...real love music!!!

  4. ShootingStarJRG Green

    0:44 - 0:50

  5. Talene Williams

    Loving Minnie....one of my mom’s favorites....Cancer be gone...in the name of Jesus!!!

  6. Sonya Devore

    I remember my oldest sister buying when it first came came out. IT Was right next to Natalie Cole album

  7. Philip Torrez

    Special song for two Lovers, Should have lasted a lifetime, then one grew up.

  8. Garret Jones

    One of my favorite Minnie Riperton cuts!

  9. Darlene johnson

    Now that brings chills, no music like that anymore

  10. Brian Catron

    Xoxo xoxo xoxo, Minnie!!!

  11. Tyron Davis

    And in the last 30 years ago, for a quarter of the last century, somewhere in Chicago, the last time I ever heard that song I was going on 11, turning 12 years old in 1989.. and I have been fighting to figure it out who played this song. I was living on South Cregier Avenue on the Chicago South Side
    at first, in that later part of the year I was living on North Sheridan Road, and then West Pratt Boulevard, with my mom when this song is playing, just shortly before moving back to the South Side in 1990......at that time, attending Charles P. Caldwell Elementary School..... That being said.... one of another twist and surprised on this tune that I never knew it was Minnie Ripperton that played this sweet 1978-79 song. And I just found it again at the age of 41 in present day, Brooklyn, NY ,New York City, USA (2019)..........As l was learning about this song, it was Minnie Ripperton's last album prior to her death. And this song played pretty melody good.
    So therefore ,. RIP Minnie Ripperton..... Happy 40th anniversary of your eternity 😢.
    The truth is, I was just still a toddler into my early childhood, when singer Minnie Ripperton died in Summer, 1979..... That's why I never knew it was her.
    40 years after her death, her music still lives on in her memories in I hope today's radio stations; if not, I pod cast, etc. Millennials, teenagers, and people in their twenties........ you must try this song for once....... you might get an education on what this really cool music is like......... because I am still listening and learning in 2019... and so can you... Thanks for allowing me to address my take on this song. This is beautiful.🇺🇸☕🌈🥞🍳🥓😢🌈😎 Minnie Ripperton your song made my day.

  12. Teena Phelps

    This is one of my top favorite tunes by Minnie Riperton, I like the lyrics and the musical arrangements 🎼🎵🎶♩🎤🎹🎸🎷🎺🎻😀😍

  13. MurphMagic

    Stevie Wonder is the best song writer and composer of all time !!!!

  14. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #20 on the R&B charts in 1979!!!

  15. Julia Lewis

    I This Song And It's ALWAYS In My Head I Got A Lover And Friends Our Love ❤😍 Will Never End.😂

  16. Deborah Patterson

    Pass the bread cause this was my jam and he became my man.

  17. pappy999

    21 dumbass idiots need a lover and friend (and a brain.)

  18. Ruud de Quay

    damn, stil after all & over these years! what a voice! what a song!

  19. Halona Dorsey

    I love it 💖💖💖

  20. Brenda Pearson

    My favorite Minnie Riperton song! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  21. Animal finatic

    Love this song

  22. V P

    One of my favorites singing into a hair brush in my teens 💕

  23. Theo Bradford

    My eyes and my heart still weep for this song bird we lost much , much too soon . The most purest singer to have ever come along in past 40 or 50 years . My eyes are still tearing for this Goddess . She was so sweet , so innocent , probably never harmed a living thing in her life , ever . RIP Minnie , gone but not forgotten .

  24. Angele Smith

    She was a perfect angel her voice was Gods gift to the music industry...i always will cherish her voice

  25. Reca Peacock-Trawally

    One of the greatest vocalists ever! No one comparable!

  26. Lynn Jackson

    Luv you Minnie Rest Peacefully❤❤💋

  27. Liesa Reese

    Oh, how I miss you beautiful lady!

  28. Maine M

    Love This Song.........

  29. Maine McGee

    I Love ❤️ this song.........

  30. Wilson Owens

    Fuck that dumb picker wood white boy.

  31. Melinda Carter

    Beautiful song.....memories

  32. Tuckygun 0311

    This is the worst shit I have ever heard. I heard this on the oldie station and I thought it was a joke. I looked it up and it's just as bad on YouTube. Cannot believe anyone thinks this woman could sing. Absolutely awful. Actually gave me a headache.

    Anthony Coleman

    +Daij62 , I'm not even going to try and figure out why people do that. I'm not wild about Metalica but I sure ain't gonna go on a thread of their music and slander it. What's wrong with people?

    Fatt Butt


    leon robinson

    ill just say it...... FUCK OFF YOU WHITE BITCH!!!!!!

    Patrick Walker

    If you don't have anything good to say, Don't say shit. Find some talent of your own because I see nothing on your channel.


    What do you know about music anyways? stick to your glocks. LOLLOL!!!

  33. Tammy Calfee

    I thought I recognized Stevie Wonder playing in the back ground. Minnie Riperton was the bomb.

    Thalia Sanders

    Yes, she's the bomb.I miss her so much. Herusic was different but good in the late 1970s.

    Tammy Calfee

    I hate when bad things happen to good people.  Let that be why her actress/daughter Maya is so successful.

    Thalia Sanders

    +Tammy Calfee R.I.P. Minnie

  34. Sheronda Gross

    thank you

  35. Sheronda Gross

    One of my favorites from Minnie. She sings this song funky and jazzy.

    Henry Luis


  36. joecool97

    Great song! One of my favorite Minnie Riperton songs. She's missed so much.

    Tammy Calfee

    +joecool97 This song still brings tears to my eyes. Minnie had a beautiful voice. I am so glad her daughter Maya Rudolph became famous also

  37. William GuyIII

    great song my favorite female artist

  38. iliveibreathe

    I can't believe I've been quite a fan of Minnie's without hearing this song. Good gracious! Her vocals here are phenomenal, almost like the human version of a lark. And can we please recognise how amazing the bass line of this one is? Beautiful!

    Ron Washington

    iliveibreathe Its a synthesized bass. Played By Stevie Wonder. That's him counting at rhe beginning and playing piano too. The Wonder Man.

    Barbara Young

    iliveibreathe for elain blea she my babydoll

    Nina Harris

    iliveibreathe love that dance too!

    Patrick Walker

    That's What you call the Wonder Bass.

    Charles-DeAndre' Wright PhD

    One of my obscure faves since she pasted

  39. Lonn Lawrence


  40. Author G D Grace

    A ~GD #classic pic!

    Frances A Formiller

    MinnieR. had such a unique voice. So lilting, and almost like she came out of the 1940's. A very different style.

    Author G D Grace

    @Frances A Danna Beautiful voice

  41. Thalia Sanders

    Honey I would go we would be the last to know we were meant for each other and for friends we became lovers. Keep on being my friend, our love will never end. We will have it all. Yes!

    Tammy Calfee

    +Thalia Sanders I can still remember watching Stevie and Don doing the tribute to her on Soul Train.

  42. patricia Makhija

    i love this song its
     for the perfect person in your  life

  43. Kimberly Williams

    I got you!

  44. Author G D Grace

    Author G D Grace loves Minnie

    patricia Makhija

    so do i author g d grace

    Author G D Grace

    @patricia Makhija Yessssss

  45. Chonita Warren

    I remember it too. I called like she was my mom...for about a whole week straight!!!!

  46. Rae Carroll

    One of my ALL TIME favorite voices. Unmatched. Timeless. Perfect. Angel.

  47. audrey cooper

    With the exception of Mariah Carey, these folks now a days just don't cut it. They are not singers they are entertainers.

    Falkor Moonchild

    That's what they're all. Mainly visual performance.

  48. audrey cooper

    I was 12 years old, I still remember because they played this song continually. We sure do miss her.

  49. TeeAnnification

    It is Nice if you can have this beautiful type of love.

    Midwest Slot Diva

    TeeAnnification I did once. I blew it😢

  50. tlover1062


  51. lowell21167

    Minnie was a icon in my day 1978, yes in deeeddyyyy. ,

    Falkor Moonchild

    in daddy 📡🚼🎶

  52. Beverly Dosso

    lmaooo ! I'm Only 17 , but Minnie is my Maaaans , I LOVE her . I Guess You Could Say I Have an Old Soul (=

  53. shavell40

    I was 8 years old when Minnie passed and it really affected me! I remember sitting onmy front porch when the radio announced it and i just started crying! I understood that GOD called her home! Shoot, she might be up there directing a quoir! I just thenk God that i am still able to listen to her beautiful voice

    M P

    shavell40 i did too i was crying my eyes out.

    timothyy pearson

    I only was 4 months when she passed she passed July 79

  54. antoinette roberts

    love stevie on this cut. a classic beauty of a song. minnie was the best. mariah is 2nd to minnie. she was classically trained. thank you for posting. I GOT YOU AS A LOVER AND FRIEND. that's my husband mo!.

  55. 2rochelle1

    she was a GREAT LOST to the music world. She is still miss. this is when music was music

  56. mrmiles725

    Stevie is SO nasty on the synth bass on this cut...

    Falkor Moonchild

    all one voice live composition 📡

  57. AzzedineAliaFan

    Saw her perform this on Unsung and fell in love with it, not sure why i never took to it before. A nice song with a catchy beat and likeable lyrics.

  58. Brandi Davis

    Damn she was the bomb! RIP Minnie. U are missed.

  59. tlover1062

    Thank you so much for posting this beautiful song. Minnie will be gone 31 years, this July. An artist who has truly been missed. Thank you again.