Minnie Riperton - Les Fleur Lyrics

Will somebody wear me to the fair?
Will a lady pin me in her hair?
Will a child find me by a stream?
Kiss my petals and weave me through a dream

For all of these simple things and much more a flower was born
It blooms to spread love and joy faith and hope to people forlorn

Inside every man lives the seed of a flower
If he looks within he finds beauty and power

Ring all the bells sing and tell the people that be everywhere that the flower has come
Light up the sky with your prayers of gladness and rejoice for the darkness is gone
Throw off your fears let your heart beat freely at the sign that a new time is born

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Minnie Riperton Les Fleur Comments
  1. Joel Bennett

    Interesting tidbit

    She is Maya Rudolph's mother

    Joel Bennett

    And died of cancer at age 31

  2. Chad Garrett

    Rowan Zorilla's part in Baker 4 brought me here

  3. Mass Appeal

    Love her!

  4. Mass Appeal

    WHO the hell put dislike??!!!!

  5. biro24

    I heard this years ago, the chorus stuck in my head, but I had no clue who sang this masterpiece, finally here I am 😀

  6. keelykoos


  7. NAGA Samurai Go Ichi

    Just discovered this wonderful song through a ad on Hulu

  8. Mac Donald

    Who is here in [FUTURETIME USA]

  9. Joshua Holcomb

    It's amazing because this sounds like something that you think is a current song from a 21st century artist. I'm in my early 40s and this is older than me. Beautiful music is timeless. Think about how much incredible music that exists out there that you haven't even discovered yet...

  10. frank sanchez

    I agree that the commercial brought me here, and yes I too am ashamed since this woman. had such a great voice and I did not appreciate it when. I was kid.

  11. Eric Williams

    This song hunts me. This is the kind of music from a era that didn't quite have a genre that you can put it into. I was just 3 years old when this came out.

  12. Salafi 2 Tha Death of Me

    Sorry, I have to admit ”Us” and Microsoft commercial brought me here

  13. Andreina Na TV

    I love it ! this song makes my skin bristle

  14. Vegito LoS

    whos here from the windows commercial

  15. Nile Curtis Stop Motion

    was this in the movie Us

  16. tiffany sheridan

    I love this song

  17. Paul K

    This is a fantastic melody!

  18. Aramys Sierra

    Jurassic 5 - Thin Line

  19. MrFlavum

    Shoutout Rowan

  20. mateo ito

    Zorilla > Us

  21. demestramusic

    Oh my, the bridge to this song. Minnie Riperton was very gifted.

  22. QueenBob W.

    Now I understand the Minnie Riperton —> Kate Bush connection, and why Kate had a special feeling for her. The influence is clear. Rest In Eternal Peace, Minnie. ❤️

  23. Two-Eyes Mckay

    How did I not know this song before "Us"? Wow.


    Baker 4 life!!!!!!

  25. steve shirato

    The film "US" brought me here. I'm glad I did this search, Minnie is wonderful and now I know the person behind the fantastic vocals. When I heard the song at the film's ending I thought this music had to come out of the 60's, it just had that feel. 1971 is close enough. I also heard part of Les Fleurs in another film, "Inherent Vice" but that was only the chorus. Good stuff man...

  26. KL LWC

    I adore her and her daughter 💌🖤💌🖤 Minnie died too soon 💔💫💔. Rest in power& Grace 💐🌏💐

  27. Ricardo Renteria


  28. Dominique Savage


  29. mrwilljones3015

    Thanks for sharing your gift Minnie ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  30. steve gant

    The 70's were a magical time, and the music was a big part of it! What a beautiful voice Minnie had!

  31. Elephant Cat

    I can’t believe I haven’t heard this damn fine song until a few days before 2020. 😑

  32. Michael Addison jr

    I came here from the commercials

  33. kawboyzx1400

    musical LSD

  34. John Anders

    After first hearing this song about fifty years ago.Yes Hip -Hop people it's that old. You can understand why I hate what music has became. The Motown Sound, Rock,Do Woo Jazz. Voices and the instrumentation of accomplish musicians. This Hip Hop crap has destroyed music. Still we can listen to all theese old school disc ,like Les Fleur from the late Mini Fullerton. Listen to that Beyonce broad or the one who is doing that Pepsi commercial,I don't think so.

  35. Marjorie Libourel


  36. James Almanza

    Roll another joint to this...

  37. Harvey Birdman

    Got here cuz of thrasher lol

  38. AMV Audio

    I'm a digger. I search for dope stuff to sample. When this came on in "Us" I was like "where have I heard this before?" Then I looked it up n remembered!! Already had the like on it! Thanks for reminding me us

  39. Stazi _art

    This so is so so beautiful! The harmonies n everything, sounds like the musical embodiment of a butterfly

  40. wolfflow

    people are still watching commercials in 2019? well at least some people still appreciate music with actual heart and soul

  41. puffmyblunt

    Thanks Minnie for this music and Maya Rudolf!

  42. Jasmine Jackson

    Smoking on...

  43. spaghetti o indigo


  44. AquilaChe #FBA

    This song is soooo Aquarian!💐🌷🌹🌸🌼🌺🌻🦋🧚🏾‍♂️

  45. yolonda owens

    2019.. Her voice is beyond Beautiful

  46. nashrox61

    This song fucking sucks

  47. Daniel Raphael


  48. mindless monk

    My curiosity led me here

  49. Toni A

    This song makes me so happy...like the world is just a beautiful place to be in!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🌹🌼🌻🌺🌹🍀🍃🌳🌿🌼🌍🌞🌝🌟🌈

  50. AfroSoul

    Thank you Minnie your beautiful gift

  51. Ethan

    I heard I’m this in the Surface Commercial and it sounded so good. I searched for this song for forever

  52. scarlet82297

    Thank you for that commercial that introduced me to this beautiful song

  53. Juras Sixx

    Baker 4

  54. Sherice Muhammad

    Minnie is timeless and her voice is MATCHLESS!! Yes, I’m listening in 2019! Who else! #ShoutOutToCharlesStepney 💜🖤💜

  55. Joel Scott

    My new #1 fav !

  56. Nick Moss

    Baker 4!!!!!

  57. cwash2005

    234 dislikes? It is obvious they were all being sarcastic.

  58. missandthrowpee

    baker baker

  59. Howawwe


  60. Mellowtron

    Baker 4 sent me here, *again.*
    I first heard this song years ago, when the artist known as Caribou made a bitchin “mixtape” this tune was on there. I’ll find it for you. Here it is, 2015, a 1000 song mixtape.

  61. Erika Davis

    I imagine this is what I'll be hearing when I cross over into eternity. Hauntingly beautiful.

  62. Jaron swinburn

    Baker 4 brought me here

  63. Shag11

    The many that like this song, must lookup The Rotary Connection. My father made me aware of this group, and it's when I first heard Minnie, and oh what a revelation.

  64. Shag11

    So glad a recent commercial reminded me of this gym. One of the all-time greatest voices. Takes me back to the 60s and early 70s. The hippie in me.

  65. Karen Josey

    Microsoft commercial brought me here

  66. Dave Rocks School of the Arts

    Wow, could be released today! and was :) Where has this song been all my life?

  67. lola bigcups

    Been a fan since 1997.

  68. Neon Spiderfoot

    This came out the Year I was born. Why did it take 49 years & a movie & a commercial for me to find it? Brilliant <3

  69. josie posie

    Does anyone know what the background and vocals say? I cant find it on any website...

  70. Inga Hicks

    Minnie Ripperton is legend. If you didn't know, learn it!

  71. Channel 69 WSNO

    💐🌸🌷🌹🌻🌺🌾🌼 Ring🎉🔊📣 all the 🔔 bells🔔 sing🎤 and 🎼 tell🎵 the🎶 people that be 🌍🌎🌏 everywhere 🌏🌎🌍 that the 🌷 flower🌷 has 😩 come💦
    🔅🔆💡Light🚬🌲🍁 up the sky ⬆⛅🌞 with your🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏 prayers🙏🙏🙏 of 👌👌 gladness😃😃😃 and 👍 rejoice👍 for the darkness is gone😈😤◼ 🚫🚫🚫📵📵❎❎⛔◼ 🔚👿
    Throw 😤🙌💪 off your 😱😨😰 fears let your heart💛💙💜💚❤💗💓💕💖💞💘 beat freely💋👥👭👭at the sign that a new💅 time🕟 is 🚼 born🌼🌾🌺🌻🌹🌷🌸💐

  72. Tha investor

    I swear every time I hear this damn song the first thing I always say is God damn it that was a crazy ass movie

  73. clevemc

    Get the Album or CD, you will be glad you did! Trust a stranger on this one!!

  74. Mrs. Yates

    I don't care what brought you here. It's a great song, and whatever brought here welcome to a beautiful song sung by a beautiful woman.

  75. Sergio Sanchez


  76. Eunaré Webster

    This song is creepy now but im still vibing

  77. chomy n chacho


  78. Arvee Valencia

    Rowan baker4

  79. Onlythetruth247

    Don't you just love Minnie Riperton.

  80. Kenneth Smarta

    If this was made this year I would still love it

  81. Autumn Wilson

    This is where the song "Hay in the middle of the barn" samples from

  82. Autumn Wilson


  83. hendrik shun

    Baker 4

  84. Monkey D. Luffy

    Baker 4???

  85. djbhe

    If you like this song check out Rotary Connection the group she was with before going solo. All of their albums are great. A Tribe Called Quest sampled a lot of their music. Another Chicago legend.

  86. Karlann Herndon

    💎🌹M🎤I🎶N💧N🎻I🌈E. Brought me here🎤🌹

  87. Blown Moon

    All the hipsters are gonna ruin this absolute banger

  88. Lupe Orduna

    This song reminds me of the coraline garden scene


    minnie blessed us with her music and with her daughter

  90. steve b.

    tTruly Inspired stuff!! maybe Best if We all lost current Tech and forced back to TV days maybe?..... Ironic Microsoft using it in a computer comm... ☮️

  91. ツtanookibbq


  92. Cole B


  93. Darcia Mbaye

    Omg thought a white lady sang this. This is an old song from the 70s.

  94. Rachel Edwards

    Where has this music been all my life?

  95. Its Shanti

    This is beautiful 😍

  96. Frank Brown

    Perfect Angel, Back down memory lane,...Minnie Ripperton is amazing. Her beauty, her voice. Just Wonderful.

  97. Baby Lungs

    Baker Baker Baker

  98. BooM

    Dawg, the movie US just make this old picture of this lady even more scarier!