Minnie Riperton - How Could I Love You More Lyrics

My love is bigger than the sun
How could I love you more
Darling it can't be done
My love is stronger than the tide
How could I love you more
No one could even try

You have sailed into my dreams
So many time
Calling me to fly away
And now I wake to romantic fantasies
The dream is real
And you are mine

I will love you till I die
Till the stars fall from the skies
Till the oceans all run dry
How could I love you more
How could I love you more
How could I love you more
How could I love you more

My love is bouncing off the moon
How could I love you more
Darling we'll be there soon
My love is softer than the rain
How could I love you more
How does a heart explain

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Minnie Riperton How Could I Love You More Comments
  1. Joseph Mackin

    We weren't as lucky as you younger floks to go see reruns of music you missed out. But when you got lucky to see her in person or TV it was a occasion she had what the other Singer's didn't have she was so special. You tell today young people hear there reactions speak volumes. They are use to Mariah Carey. Don't come for me it the truth and I'm old enough to be your grandfather.

  2. maliyah mcroyal


  3. Theresa Thompson

    I love minnie ' s music always, and still listen to her music to this day (2016) I first started listening to her music when I was 15 and now I am 55 and will always be minnie 's no.1 fan forever, R.I.P ms minnie you r forever loved and always missed.

  4. seancallahan914

    Another great song by minnie riperton to love minnie greatest singer ever

  5. seancallahan914

    If this song was released now it would be number 1 it has catchy beat and killer hook......Minnie was before her time

  6. seancallahan914

    This song kills I love it

  7. 4959jtl

    Is that band in the background Rare Earth or some of it's members?

  8. TIFA.

    @yaoidiva i think this proggy will solve your problems with youtube songs. Just go to google type in Free-YouTube-to-MP3-Converter load it install it DONE

  9. Big Fangs

    I just sent you a message asking if I could have a copy with my email in. Pretty please!

  10. kenneyut

    She was so under rated it is sad......I am thinking about moving to san diego...I would like to visit her grave...I visit los angeles from time to time....what is the best way get there....I still have a lot to learn about CA.....

    Ronald McFondle

    It makes me wonder about all the other wonderful music I don't know about from performers who are only known for one hit

  11. Nisha C

    LOVE IS TRACK!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Marco Freitas

    When was this first released?

    Ronald McFondle

    (Released in 1976) Her and Richard's music is beautiful and timeless..Theirs was a true and beautiful love...That is him on the album cover..She had one radio hit from this album (Stick Together)

  13. CreoleCW

    This song and "Wouldn't Matter Where You Are" (also on YouTube) were my faves off this album. High school in NYC! I got to see Minnie open for George Benson. I would soon relocate to L.A. where I got my driver's license and this album was typical of the sound out here.

    Did y'all know Minnie was the mother of former "Saturday Night Live" member Maya Rudolph? Maya's dad is record producer Richard Rudolph (Manhattan Transfer, Teena Marie, co-producer of this great album). R.I.P. Minnie.

  14. dukenthaylor

    when i was about 9 yrs old, i must have spent my whole summer (1978) pissing off my BUSYBODY next-door neighbor by listening to my mom's albums (while she was at work) of:

    richard pryor (wanted - live in concert), sugarhill gang (rapper's delight), and
    minnie RIPerton (stay in love, minnie)

    just a little too loud! 8O

  15. HobbsBhipp


    It's true, many people slept on this one. One of my favorites of hers.

  16. bassandguitarguy

    MINNIE MINNIE MINNIE!!! What a talent! What a gentle soul! I love you! ( ps - another great tune!)

  17. indelaxiom

    I know...that cover is killer!! Oh Minnie!!

  18. Shuffle Jack

    I do love her without havin` even spoken to her. I know from the kind of music she makes that she must be a wonderfull person, damn, I think I didnt heard one song from her that wasnt just legendary. How can someone hit this hightones...

  19. eddie hall

    just the best,thats all she is

  20. Shivarious One

    How could you NOT love Minnie Riperton!?

  21. EpicBeauty

    To each his own, different tastes for different people

  22. Patut1

    I love you Minnie!!! Thanks for all the wonderful songs! I miss you so much. Thanks for all your wonderful Music!!!!

  23. Prince Consort Apo Jesse W.Windsor

    Wow....... I love this song

  24. IMC OnAir - IMCRadio.Net

    Today it would have been her 60th Birthday (November 8, 1947 -- July 12, 1979). Deep respect for this voice, quality of singing and deep emotionality. - And hey, Minnie-Baby: You still enjoy us with your hot stoff. The young generation of "wanna become a star" still can take as an excelent example, what's world class R&B. - Keep you ever in mind & heart...

  25. harvsoul

    This song was the B-side of her single "Young, Willing and Able" which was released in 1977.

  26. Ché Moni

    U already gave it 2 me! Thanx tho!

  27. Ché Moni

    Could you give me this audio/song?