Minnie Riperton - Expecting Lyrics

She is thinking of the year, sixteen, sixteen
She is taking down her thoughts, reflecting, expecting
She is musing on her autumn, her dreams, her dreams
She is making up her mind, expecting, expecting

She is certain that she likes his schemes, his schemes
She is waiting in the woods, expecting, expecting

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Minnie Riperton Expecting Comments
  1. sirresebethea


  2. Lamar Shaw

    This shit beautiful 💯🔥

  3. Lamar Shaw

    This song makes me feel everything..I can go to any emotion with this.💯

  4. Charles 91771

    RIP to the irreplaceable Minnie Riperton who transitioned 40 years ago today 😢 😢 😢

  5. barbie. butler

    Master Peace of Work Beautiful
    Highest Praise of them all MiNNIE

  6. Danny Douglas

    Who needs a bag of herb or whatever kind of smoke when this type of music can take one on a zen high.

  7. 50ways2leaveyourluva

    OMG!!!! Pure 😇ngelic

  8. David Roy

    C'est magnifique et d'une beauté incroyable !!!!
    J'en ai pleuré rien qu'à écouter
    Extraordinaire 😎

  9. Winner 2016

    REALLY BEAUTIFUL. SOAR... earth ANGEL. Heavenly Angel. Sing Songbird. Your soul is now free.

  10. Nichole Simpson

    Very mesmerized by her vocal abilities, wow 😎

  11. noneya biz

    how she holds these notes are just fucking amazing

  12. TSK ONE

    Yo, this piece is ABSOLUTE BANANAS...... Charles Stepney was a GENIUS

  13. Ashlyn Wolff

    I AM IN HEAVEN😍😍😍😍 Minnie is amazing singer, why that song wasn't a hit like "Lovin' You"...

  14. FITZML100

    Her range never ceases to amaze me.

  15. Jay McDonald

    Such raw and undisputed talent beautiful and precise

  16. Latasha EsawHouseAustin

    Minnie Riperton is my heart ❤️ ❤️❤️...I love her SO much

  17. Debbie D

    Voice of an angel.

  18. Strings of Peace

    I must confess i used to do hallucinogenic drugs to this album , didn't make it any better but i got greedy and wanted to get inside the music.

  19. Mia6146

    Mariah aint got nothing on Minnie!!


    Mia6146 no point in comparing

  20. TSK ONE

    Charles Stepney... Yo (!!!)

    Xavier Pace

    TSK ONE later on he work with e.w.f

  21. Pikachu the best

    This song is so beautiful <3

  22. MsLatrice2

    Can someone tell me what this song is about     was she pregnant at the time

  23. D W

    never have i had chills run through my body like am listening to this masterpiece - minnie and c. stepney are a match made in heaven

  24. Roger Winters


  25. Ronald Aldridge

    She's singing on an Angelic scale
    Above the music, and out of this world..


    Ronald Aldridge She was an Angel...

  26. mrsmjj81


  27. Johnson Johnson

    Nothing but pure phenomenon. I love this song and the entire cd!

  28. Nellie Sky

    I love this c d. ! It's just so amazing !

  29. Karen Good-Marable


  30. Mario Caloro

    Voce da violino.......

  31. Trevor Prescod

    I have a original copy of this album it is almost as old as me LOL! The whole album is brilliant but every time I listen to it I can't wait for this amazing song!

  32. Adam Smith

    Angelic Bliss.

  33. LA LH

    the hairs on my arm are standing up!

  34. reggie king

    when my big bro return home from Vietnam he had this album in his collection,played it all the time,he later told me that it helped him forget the ugliness he witnessed. now  I to play it, too,    .it puts me in a mellow place too.thank you Minnie,miss you !

  35. Cicero simoes paranhos

    Absolutamente lindo...

  36. Rafikah

    Could you imagine watching and listening to her perform this today??? So devastated we'll never get to witness this woman's magic. This song sung live could've brought people back to life. We will never have another minnie riperton Grace this earth and no one will ever even come close. Just... WOW!!

    IamMe UAreU

    Definitely agree..I remember her album covers when I was a kid at my mom's house..i remember thinking that she was pretty. Getting caught up in her music and its taking me places Ive never been


    Very true!

    R J

    not a woman. A trannie. A castrated boy on female hormones. Died of cancer because injecting hormone from pregnant mares CAUSES cancer and high blood pressure! Even today, menopausal women on HRT (Derived from pregnant mares' urine) get a higher risk of developing cancer

  37. Ari J.

    Hermosa... Esta canción debe escucharse en soledad!
    Best woman!

  38. AE R

    I read thru alot of the comments here and I agree with almost all of you.  I remember exactly when her song Loving You came out in the 70's when I was in third grade and remember how that song stayed with me, not because of the song itself but how she captured it in a way that made you completely mesmerized.  I new it was special.  And here I am now and now learning of these other songs.  Her interpretation is spellbinding.  I LOVE IT.  Minnie Riperton has a certainje je ne sais quoi that is timeless, TIMELESS.  I don't know the lyrics but agree with the one comment that it has a tinge of an abortion type issue, there is an issue in it that I know is very serious.  So grateful to have found this track.

    AE R

    @A Gana Now I'm going to look for the AMEN song.

  39. Danny B. SunDay

    earthangel * what bliss *

  40. Dom Joseph

    every time i trip i gotta listen to my baby minnie, she never does me wrong

  41. Lenore M.

    Lovely piece....

  42. Linafornia

    gotdammit minnie.....

  43. meltaylor25173

    This comes from up above.Beautiful beyond imagination

  44. viveka

    Minnie sings from the Soul and the Heart. She talks to us. She tells a story. By the way, hers is one of truly the most angelic and beautiful singing and musical voices. Raw and Pure. Butn then also precise, perfect. On point. Real singing. Real Artistry. This kind is not heard today anymore. So any teens listening to this track, learn. Singers sing like this. 

  45. seancallahan914

    This is why Minnie is the best ever!!! This was in 1970 pure voice no auto tone

    Adam Smith

    So true. No need for audio effects when the singer is the audio effect.

    Dana Carter

    Absolutely right!

  46. Michael Anthony


  47. Maya Mells

    Never heard Amen from her, where can I find it?

  48. pookdesnow

    Wish all of you could hear her Octave in AMEN. Your whole being soared with that voice. No one can match Minnie.


    Rose Royce :)

  49. Sonja Jackson

    What an angelic voice,r.i.h.Minnie Riperton!!!

  50. seancallahan914

    I love love love this song an underrated album this is and minnie is a legend

  51. seancallahan914

    This is the queen singing miss Minnie riperton in case you just stumbled upon this song

  52. Jae White

    Now this is America's Got Talent performance...
    I dare anyone to try to do this song.

  53. nikoro Channel

    amazing voice

  54. Bobsherunkle

    Alison Goldfrapp brought me here

  55. Simon Haveland

    A unique timbre...special

  56. seancallahan914

    Greatest singer ever!!! I love minnie she belongs in rock n roll hall of fame

  57. TruSageMusic

    Come on... she out sings the string section WOW

  58. TruSageMusic

    Come To My Garden... A Very Special Album... This song reminds me of "I Am The Black Gold of The Sun" By Rotary Connection. I Can't say i've heard anything this "Divine" in a long time...

  59. SoulfullySowingSeeds

    This is simply beautiful! ♥

  60. Marcus Oliveira

    Brasil na área!

  61. Dr.Vegapunk

    Nobody on this planet can sing like her anymore its just impossible so unreachable no one can make music like her this is a sacred voice that is unreachable

  62. coetmor

    Her voice pulls a chord through my body, inducing goosey pimplings that fructose my nangadangs.

  63. KraneAudra

    2 deep 4 words

  64. DJ BAE Bunnij

    I listened to this time to time when i was a teen even though this song came before my time i love how its timeless this song sum up what i went through as a teen ill always remember it

  65. xlrprettygirl88

    This is too beautiful...she had such an angelic voice, she was an angel...

  66. jae White

    The best singer that ever lived.

  67. Louis Mont

    FUCKIN AWESOME! (excuse my french)....I leave this world when I listen to this album....

  68. Miroslava Blažíčeková

    wow amazing voice ...

  69. benjamin solomon

    lol eargasm? well put x

  70. MysticDiamond

    this is my favorite song from her. rip Minnie

  71. Maria Jones

    hauntingly beautiful!

  72. Claudia Barrington

    @TsukinoFound: I completely agree! Enrapturing, passionate, and spell-binding are the ONLY words I can think of to describe the entire "Come To My Garden" experience. I heard NOTHING lide it, before or since. She was simply an ANGEL and couldn't stay.

  73. ronnymob blade

    the arrangment and her voice make this a timeless song very powerful and refreshing great work by charles and minnie

  74. NeaFrea


  75. Kokojoe1

    @indaplace2b I agree. Maybe the unusual fact can be that as a black singer she "should" have a more rough and low register

  76. Nikki O.

    This is my first time hearing this song. I have no words that can explain how this song makes me feel.....WOW!

  77. calininiss

    She can take us to another state of mind, to another place in time! This album is truly magic!

  78. Klute1977

    What an artist!

  79. LJMO85

    @indaplace2b PERFECT ANGEL IS ONE!! and she sings it soo beautifully !! Stevie Wonder wrote that song and didnt know who he wanted to sing it .. but when he met minnie he knew she was perfect for the song.. You should watch her documentary called Unsung .. its on youtube!

  80. LJMO85

    @indaplace2b I know there is one or two where she doesnt .. of my head i cant remember.. but im gonna research lol

  81. Bianca Polo

    classic !!! im crying

  82. james rivers

    heaven must be like this..unworldly!

  83. AAS

    @indaplace2b There's a lot, Love And Its Glory, Every Time He Comes Around, Take A Little Trip, When It Comes Down To It, The Edge of A Dream, Lover And Friends, I'm A Woman, Never Existed Before, Return To Forever, Woman of Heart And Mind, Strange Affair, Love Hurts, Perfect Angel, Lonely Girl, You Gave Me Soul, and a lot more.

  84. heartonmyfinger

    Just heavenly.

  85. gemini232003

    Her singing defies belief, There has never been another voice recorded that can compare to hers. I own four of her CD's now, and I'm picking up this one today. She is truly missed by many.

  86. Graceful Tenacity

    .: Joy tears for beauty and the power of the Most High incarnate :.

  87. itsmissvsworld

    The first time I heard this song, it brought tears to my eyes. Truly, truly beautiful. We've lost one of the great ones in Minnie.


    itsmissvsworld yes we did😢😢😢😢

  88. Carrara101

    @queenray1 GOOGLED ... I didn't know it either LOL

  89. queenray1

    @Carrara101 that was interesting where did you get this info?

  90. Carrara101

    A range of 5 octaves... RIP Minnie

    At Chicago's Lincoln Center, Riperton received operatic vocal training from Miss Marion Jeffery. She practiced breathing and phrasing, with particular emphasis on diction. Jeffery also trained Riperton to use her full range, which contradicts traditional operatic training.

  91. k. dakuginow

    Smiling as I listen and can't tell the violins at times from her voice. Amazing.

  92. Young Rocc

    dontt gheet nho betta theenn thiixsz

  93. RaceIsOpen

    singing and doing that note too?! incredible

  94. MysticDiamond

    My favorite song from her. Minnie/Richard/Charles was a great combination.

    This song always takes me to wonderful places. God, why did you have to take her? R.I.Paradise Minnie.

  95. gf1001

    So BEAUTIFUL thanks so much for this,

  96. coetmor

    made me cry

  97. dismissed7

    @dreadhead703 Oh that be awesome!

  98. dreadhead703

    @dismissed7 Well yeah I've seen that but it didn't do her justice at all I would like to see a more in depth documentary even experiences with people singing in the studio with her, It would be cool to here what people like Stevie Wonder and Deniece Williams who both worked with her had to say