Minnie Riperton - Dancin' & Actin' Crazy Lyrics

Late last night I dreamed my baby called
But he wasn't on the phone
I got up and tiptoed down the hall
And tripped into the twilight zone

Everyone there was gettin' down
Dancin' and actin' crazy
Everyone there was carryin' on
Dancin' and actin' crazy

Sparkelitas vamped around the room
Flashin' out with champagne eyes
G. Randini played those eighty-eights

Till ivory tears began to fly

Oh what a party
The baddest jam I'd ever seen
I started shakin'
I had to scream

I woke up and wondered where I'd been
Just a dream I realized
Went downstairs to put some water on
And I could not believe my eyes
Why why!

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Minnie Riperton Dancin' & Actin' Crazy Comments
  1. Anthony Means

    Absolute pure funky.Minnie threw down on this one!!

  2. Darryl Bogier

    Get funky Minnie that's Ndugu on drums.

  3. kim Morton

    2019 💕💕

  4. SingMotown Street Karaoke

    Remembering this from high school daze! I loved this joynt!

  5. Ronald Elston

    Minnie Doing Disco wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Superb!

  6. Blasterizes

    Cheers to whoever put this up...everyone there was gettin down...hahaha...baddest song Minniexx

    Roy Williamson

    This was her amazing take on disco. I used to rock this one like crazy when I was 8. #underratedcut