Minnie Riperton - Could It Be I'm In Love Lyrics

You move me... I'm burning
Such passion I'm yearning
One thought keeps returning
Could it be... I'm in love?

You touch a place in me that feels so divine
I can't recall the pain that once was mine
Since we kissed I am not the same
I've blossomed in desire
Could it be... I'm in love?

Falling... I'm flying
I'm laughing now I'm crying
I'm born but it's like dying
Could it be... I'm in love?

I tremble... it's thrilling
It scares me but I'm willing
It drains me but it's filling
Could it be... I'm in love?

It's madness... I know it
I love it do I show it
It's too late now I glow it
Could it be... I'm in love?

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Minnie Riperton Could It Be I'm In Love Comments
  1. James L Rederburg

    Had Mini known, in 79, about a special vegetable juice discovered in 1927, that cures cancer, even Leukemia, she'd still be here this moment and probably singing.

  2. Gašper Petrič

    Camron brought me here...

    Demire Moorman

    Gašper Petrič Crazy Sample Flip

  3. Billy Love

    She Skips through those Octaves with such Grace and Precision! I can listen to her music to no end! Missing you Minnie *

  4. Kevin Isaiah


  5. JALBERTO 1961

    Que voz tan impresionante tenía esa mujer. Un don de mi Dios. Una corta carrera interrumpida por su muerte.

  6. Redhowz Redhowz


  7. Lucas Chagas

    3:36 wooowww

  8. *WeekendScratcher007 *

    Omg!!!! That voice 😍😍😍 Those notes 😍😍😍 💃💃💃💃💃💃

  9. Joao Stofel

    2019 and still listening to Minnie's albums as if she never left us! She's simply perfect! What a voice!!!!

  10. Deborah Steele

    "LOVE IT COMPLETELY" - DJS - 4/02/19

    Saundra Cottingham

    My angel 👼🏾. I am so blessed to share the same Birthday as you. RIP My darling angel ♥️♥️♥️

  11. Odessa Clark

    Yes, while you're soul tying with "Other"

  12. Odessa Clark

    Maybe, the only person who would truly know besides God is you!

  13. Soul Star Cris


  14. Michael Josiah

    Voice of an Angel.  Blimey she was gifted!.

  15. akuapiatas

    Just imagine if she had the power and vibrato of Aretha, Gladys or Whitney and then rise up with that whistle.

  16. Theresa Thompson

    Another has gone by and I ms minnie will always be your no.1 fan and I could not let this day go by without saying happy birthday in heaven 11/8/18..

  17. Joe Miller

    Nobody does it like Minnie! Incomparable and unique!

  18. Johnny Traxler

    Wow i forgot about this one from Minnie The Great

  19. Deborah Steele


  20. Matrix Master

    Minnie Riperton
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Minnie Riperton
    Minnie Riperton 1977.jpg
    Riperton in 1977
    Background information
    Birth name Zainon Mohd Salleh Riperton
    Born November 8, 1947
    Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
    Died July 12, 1979 (aged 31)
    Los Angeles, California, U.S.
    Soul R&B jazz quiet storm psychedelic soul vocal jazz disco
    Occupation(s) Singer–songwriter
    Instruments Vocals
    Years active 1962–1979
    Chess GRT Epic Capitol
    Associated acts
    Rotary Connection Stevie Wonder Leon Ware Charles Stepney Deniece Williams
    Zainon Mohd Salleh Riperton-Rudolph[1] (November 8, 1947 – July 12, 1979),[1][2][3] known professionally as Minnie Riperton, was an American singer-songwriter best known for her 1975 single "Lovin' You" and her five-octave coloratura soprano.[4]

  21. Levern Thompson


  22. Dallas Solis

    If you had never felt the effects of love before then you get the chance right here. Minnies expression was just sublime.

  23. You Kendoit

    THE Best Minnie Ripperton song. It was even better "live" which is nowhere to be found on YouTube

    Joe Miller

    Anyone who experienced Minnie live saw and heard a performance that was,artistically and technically a masterpiece. It was a spiritual revelation.

  24. Mr. Kolohe

    No comparison! The one the only...

  25. Theresa Thompson

    Happy birthday, 11-8-17, to the best female singers that will always be, in heaven, R.I.P MS MINNIE

  26. Theresa Thompson

    still missing you, Ms minnie, R.i.p.

  27. Deborah J. Steele

    "MY HEART MUSIC" - DJS. - 2/25/17

  28. King Kong Photo

    wow...didnt know this one !

  29. RosyRo

    I love the way she sounds at 3:51

  30. A Lano

    love love love for Ms Riperton... you are terribly missed :(

  31. Theresa Thompson

    I will always be your number 1 fan ms minnie, I have loved your voice since I was 15 and now I am 56 and have all your music and still listen to it til this day 2017, I will always be sad that you had to leave us, but I know God wanted you to be one of his beautiful angels, I am just so greatful u shared that beautiful voice with us and your beautiful style with us. ms minnie you will never be forgotten by me, and you will and always will be loved. R.I.P. LADY, from your number 1 fan 4-ever.

  32. Linn Barnes

    She was so beautiful inside and outside. I didn't know her, but I miss her greatly! Just one day in the studio with her; to sing with her and watch her genius way of doing what she did!

  33. Linn Barnes

    I'm so in love wit Ms. Minnie Riperton! I wish I had known this angel on earth

  34. blandbiz

    AMAZING. MINNIE RIPERTON. Vocals so beautiful....

  35. sally gonzalez

    Minnie riperton. Donna summer, Isaac Hayes and Leroy Hutson my favs

  36. sally gonzalez

    Minnie riperton. Donna summer, Isaac Hayes and Leroy Hutson my favs

  37. azeem rahman

    The incomparable Minnie Riperton. I absolutely love her. Her voice, her music and her spirit are so beautiful. A true songbird.

  38. Micheal d Sax

    Mariah Carey needs to listen to many more Minnie Riperton

    Free Flow

    Mariah is beautiful too. Stop comparing, that's silly.

    Joe Miller

    +Free Flow Mariah has her own unique and God given vocal gift. What made Minnie special is the sheer joy performing seemed to give her. Money and fame and record sales were secondary to her. She was never formulaic . Or predictable. She was constantly evolving and artistically expressing her emotions. Her music was for herself, her husband and kids not for mere commercial consumption. She knew her time was limited and sang what she genuinely felt from the heart.

  39. Shank Jones

    it scares her but she's willing

    Jumaane Askew

    Beautiful and so true to life.

  40. KuttyJoe

    That image of her with the Lion....How many of you have seen the video where the Lion actually decides to attack her as she's sitting on the couch! Look up this youtube video "Minnie Ripperton Interview on Sammy & Company Show 1975" They're discussing it, then they show the video clip. It didn't hurt her though.

  41. evalina bakker

    nice vocies

  42. evalina bakker

    beautiful woman

  43. Antonio Clark

    no Babs couldn't touch her.even the guy on unsung said she could sing Barbara Streisand out of the room

    Janelle Rollins

    That is saying something. Know why? Because Babs can SING!

  44. Henry Gee

    The true Queen Sheba of her and Soul time era We bow at your feet for your contribute of the Soul.

  45. Jay Saleh

    perfect angel

  46. ramonpchi

    Amazing !

  47. btinsley1

    hear that?  it's called sincerity and enthusiasm.  thank you M.R. - promise me you'll be singing when i enter heaven's gate.

  48. mike curt

    Holding those notes like Streisand! Although, I don't think Bab's could reach those octaves: ). Minnie was slayin' with those high notes!

  49. ageu silva

    Eu, bobo, ouvindo Minnie cantando!!!

  50. J Puglisi

    The beautiful sole.

  51. Beautiful

    I can always  remember"Black Butterfly", The range that she could accomplish.....

    Derek Rucker

    black butterfly was sung by Denise Williams.. a close friend and they sang together also. but not minnies song.

    Joe Miller

    +Derek Rucker Niecey was an amazing talent Also. She has her own fabulous body of work to experience.

  52. Beautiful

    She would be able to outsing anybody around, including Mariah..........

    Joe Miller

    @akuapiatas Mariah has a most impressive instrument and technique. It is as an Artist dedicated to expression and integrity to her craft and as a person of humility, kindness. graciousness, level headedness and social conscious that Minnie Riperton stands apart. Mariah has at times blindly, pursued fame,money and publicity far more than artistic integrity and emotional maturity. I have no criticism of her talent however what she does with it is the issue. She has chased a string of formulaic,chart topping hits rather than delved into her own soul or tried to find new avenues of expression.or explored new musical idioms. She is a great singer but often does 3rd rate and contrived material. Minnie sang from her heart and soul and for her children husband and fans . Commercial success was secondary .Artistic and creative expression was everything to her.

    Joe Miller

    @akuapiatas I recently learned that Mariah struggled with emotional disorders and this explains much of the downward trajectory of her recordings and their somewhat robotic assembly line like output. I hope as she gains insight and awareness she begins to use the Great vocal gift she has to full potential. She also has great talent as a composer. Indeed her best may be yet to come!


    *no one on this planet can compare😍*

    Elisa Vieira

    She's much better

    Elisa Vieira

    I don't like Mariah songs her personality much less

  53. samtyler100

    And no auto tune anywhere on this song!!

  54. viveka

    That chest voice is really so perfect and relaxed and beautiful. The whistle register, so real. unquestionable. With such precision and warmth. A real Angel, a Perfect angel. VOICE VoICe VOICE. Lyric Angelic Coloratura Soprano. 

  55. LovelyFlower44

    Her daughter looks just like her, Maya Rudolph from SNL


    doesn't sound like her though lol

  56. Kenneth Wilcher

    Wow, I forgot all about this song, it truly highlights all of Minnie exceptional and one of a kind talent. 

  57. erie tha artist

    This cut is so new to me and I really be digging it.
    FF Fan and fav. Thanx for a great post OP.

  58. Veronica Thompson

    We had a Real angel.There is one who can sing like here at all

  59. Veronica Thompson

    wow minnie fan me to from the late 70's

  60. manuel mayagoitia reyes

    Una voz hermosa,descance en paz.

  61. David Oliver

    This is Minnie at her best.  One of my favored

  62. Mike like Ike

    Smoother than velvet.

  63. Kimberly Dale

    One of my favorite s ones by Minnie. Still gives me goosebumps.

  64. Kimberly Dale

    I love Minnie Riperton! I know u r up there singing. I miss u! RIP!!

  65. blutterfly100

    Oh I looove this song!!!!

  66. Dana Carpenter

    I love this Lady the greatest songstress of all time MISS YOU MINNIE.

  67. Jon Dishmon Music and STUFF!!

    LOL....SOO TRUE!!!

  68. Deborah Steele


  69. Bernita Hamilton

    Love love love!!! Wow angel for sure.

  70. Wonderlust Beats

    this is great music

  71. chillleft

    hahaha i'm top comment <3 <3

  72. clouds5

    its kinda crazy how high she can sing without any issues and still hitting every note perfectly with ease.

  73. kassidy221

    u got that right

  74. viveka

    God please i beg you help us reexperience real musicianship and real real singers liek this. We miss you Minnie and now you sing in the heavens with other great truly gifted artists, how i wish for a renaissance of artistry.

  75. TheChris3696

    i have been a fan ever since i heard that beautiful voice, and is sounds just as beautiful as the first day i heard it, minnie you are and will always be the perfect angel. i miss you. and i will tell you that many people will try but no one could ever take your place or ever have your style of voice. R.I.P. beautiful, you will never be forgotten, 10-21-12

  76. Milini Rudley


  77. MrGooie

    It's obvious 5 people are not in love with GREAT MUSIC

  78. tasiawful1

    love Minnie...a voice of an angel.

  79. 77koop

    i was born in 1977. [email protected] was da yr of luv.. i grew up on dis kind of soulful music. i am truly blessed! dis is da type of music u really feel.

  80. Dave Lamb

    I'm a teenager at 15 years old. But I'm in love with Minnie too! :)

  81. Danny Brito

    5 people that viewed this video are retards.. Go to hell you dislikers!

  82. Philippe Koo

    <3 Minnie , thank you

  83. blackandtanful

    お得意ハイトーン・オクターヴが炸裂のミニー・リパートン"Could It Be I'm In Love"・・あなたは本当に楽園に逝ったんだネ!

  84. jenniferdillon1

    Love You Tube kept me sane,time and time again.

  85. jenniferdillon1

    This is a vocalist, for sure....Love her.

    Joe Miller

    This a vocalist Extraordinaire! Too many mere singers are labeles Artist these data Minnie Riperton Rudolph was a true Artist! She has complete mastery of her craft and refined it to perfection.

  86. VintageAfro91

    yes, yes it is :)


    @radiootoo Yes Yes............

  88. Erykah_Ba_Dont80

    Oh. My. Gosh!!!!!!

  89. LazyEyeVision


  90. Tina Thompson

    Love this song, Love this woman, she puts her 'all' into all her music, there should be no 'dislikes' to this or any other of Minnie's music; Real people know Real good music, this is real, because it is Real Love by a lovely lady and her fantastic voice, Minnie Riperton

  91. IamAbillionaireNow

    @illuminatrix106 She was definitely a gift from God&I know you mean well but God didn't take her away,disease did,she died prematurely. God doesn't give us sickness10The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. Ppl die prematurely bcs of ignorance of God's promises & how to appropriate them. [My ppl perish for lack of knowledge]

  92. OjBlack100

    @depluv2 ... don't mind those folks who hit the dislike button, there are many out there who claim to 'love' music and are fed on a constant diet of musical rubbish that they have no clue how to discern quality music when they get the chance to hear it.


    4 dislikes!!!! Are you serious?


    Stevie had a knack for working with angelic voices ie Minnie, Deniece Williams, his ex-wife Syreeta. Even Angela Winbush.


    @intelegentable WOW! Your description of her is so AMAZINGLY on point. The sincerity in her notes. Muah

  96. Tammy Brogdon

    and before there was Mariah there was Minnie

  97. ryoshi100

    She died before I was born, I wish I could have seen her live. The first time I heard this song I cried. I was like 12 years old and it blew me away

  98. ivanabbeauty

    @Jenifah2007 OMG!!! thats where I heard it! Do you know who sings that version?

  99. Brokenheartable1

    i lovee this songg (: i miss youu .She's Sooo amazingg (: