Minnie Riperton - Close Your Eyes And Remember Lyrics

Blowing softly through a meadow, laughing like a baby, breeze
(Baby breeze, baby, breeze, baby, breeze...)
Tapping lightly at the treetops, whispering among the leaves
(Through the leaves, through the leaves, through the leaves...)

You hear the magic song, that ancient poets sing, hey, yeah
It's sweet as morning dew, and sounds a lot like springtime

(When you close your eyes) you feel your heart go there
So close your eyes and you may find that
Fireflies were as bright as stars - close your eyes and remember
Summertime lingered on and on - close your eyes and remember
Your first love made the world stand still - close your eyes and remember
Close your eyes and remember (remember when...)
The moon was made of cheese

Racing swiftly through the mountains, bubbling along the stream
(Down the stream, down the stream, down the stream...)
Sighing sweetly through the hollow, gentle as an infant's dream
(Baby's dream, baby's dream, baby's dream...)

You hear the magic song, that ancient poets sing, hey
It's sweet as morning dew, and sounds a lot like springtime

(When you close your eyes) you feel your heart go there
So close your eyes and you may find that
Fireflies were as bright as stars - close your eyes and remember
Summertime lingered on and on - close your eyes and remember

Your first love
Close your eyes, and remember
Close your eyes, and remember
Close your eyes, and remember
Your first love

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Minnie Riperton Close Your Eyes And Remember Comments
  1. Jamir Tuten

    Thank you god for Minnie Riperton!

  2. Therone Dawson

    First time hearing this song by this beautiful song bird. I missed her and Phyllis Hyman.

  3. Theresa Thompson

    Beautiful song, from a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice, miss you Ms minnie, and happy birthday today 11-8-17 in heaven , you are forever loved

  4. Internationally Known Freddy Tiffany

    Y'all noobs here, i've been up on that 9th sample since '08.

  5. Jay x Jay

    9th wonder- close your eyes ✌️

  6. Sage Valdez

    9th wonder took a sample from this to make a dope ass beat

  7. Troy Lewis

    Chess Records Curtom & Rotary Connection my friends :)

  8. Chris Roberts

    I never knew about her singing this I thought it was only Ramsey Lewis song this is great

  9. Brandon Collins

    9th wonder....

    Brandon Collins

    Greg C close your eyes- it's dope bruh....

    Babu Robinson

    Minnie Riperton ...

  10. Andre Williams

    Sorry, everyone remembers LOVING YOU, BUT CLOSE YOUR EYES AND REMEMBER my favorite song by the MINNIE. It's sooo smooth.

  11. D Brown

    Sehr schön

  12. Gert de Ruijter

    WARMTH AND against odds ,,,,,,, SPIRITUALITY

  13. Ice_Man 1500

    Throughout history the music industry periodically produces a unique and quintessential voice that captures and rapturously bring into captivity the hearts of those who have an ear to hear. Minnie Ripperton, had quite the voice! From the moment I heard this songbird sing with the purity of an angels voice, and how she could scale unto the heavens with beautiful octaves that only can come from above, I've always loved her pure and vivacious talent. She sang with a softness that would and could touch with the delicacy of serene sweetness. Minnie Ripperton was alone among them all. There have always been good entertainers, who in their own wonderful way could raise the rafters, but none could touch the hem of heavens garments as she was able to. It's been many years since her untimely departure from us, but that recorded sound will forever live on in this listener's heart. Thank you, MrMusikRnb for being kind enough to showcase what many may never have been able to observe and enjoy!


    Well put....AMEN😇😇😇

    Valerie Johnson

    Say it again Ice Man,
    Those that has 👂's
    to hear!

  14. Reginald Townsend

    these singer's got nothing on this Angel. Ms. Riperton voice make you believe dreams will come true.

  15. Andrea Altgayer

    What a vbeautiful voice!

  16. kpitt1204

    I still listen to this album every night!

  17. Aaron Israel

    This joint is serious.

  18. Ryan Burns

    What a beautiful song.

  19. Lord Dove

    The best song ever

  20. lionzion22

    She's a "music" legend. I'm 32 now but I've been hearing this woman's voice and music at parties and on radio stations since I was a child. A select few irrelevant opinions won't ever change that. Only people who fit the very definition of ignorant would call her a one hit wonder.

  21. Just JuanGoodCitizen

    minnie was fukin amazing!!! i could be angry as shit ready to go postal and here minnie's voice and just go to sleep. they need to take a plane with big ass speakers and just fly around the world playing minnie's song and i gurantee it will be peace over the globe.

  22. trooper40below

    Who ever said she was a one hit wonder is seriously smoking powerful crack. Minnie has a lot of hits. She died relatively young and would have been a very powerful to reckon with had she lived. She's had such a huge huge impact on hip hop culture. 9th Wonder, A Tribe Called Quest, etc. Today's R&B have no soul whatsoever. This is a true artists in its purest form.

  23. calininiss

    Incredibly wonderful! This album is a treasure left for us to see the magic of life through the voice of a magical Human Being : Minnie Riperton.

  24. MsMerising

    No - Deniece Williams sang it. Niecy sang with Minnie in Wonderlove (and did back-ups on 'Everytime He Comes Around'). The song you want is called 'Free' :) Mx

  25. 198812311045

    44 to 57 9th wonder loop good shit man

    Brandon Collins

    198812311045 love it....

  26. abcdefghjklmnrst

    @LJMO85 absolutely....she was gone way too soon....i still consider Come Into My Garden to be one of the best albums of all time

  27. miles brooks


  28. trademark1874

    @MrMusikRnb Thanks MrMusic!

  29. LJMO85

    yaa i hear you abcdefg guy.... im a white girl and i totally agree ... but her music is sooo amazing ... she deserved much more credit

  30. Overseer76

    No offense to Ms. Riperton, but I prefer the instrumental version with the heavier bass beat. The intentionally-sung-off-beat lyrics sort of take away from the music's natural rhythm.

  31. MsMerising

    lol...I hear you.

  32. abcdefghjklmnrst

    exactly....and obsessive might be putting it lightly lol

  33. MsMerising

    Market forces always focus on select product to push. Remember, its the artists that went BIG back than that enabled artists like Minnie to stay on labels without selling platinum. Not every record that comes out can be a hit because most people are not obsessive music nerds like myself (and perhaps yourself, too :)

  34. abcdefghjklmnrst

    you're right....and i hate to say it, but the people that run the billboard charts and all these records don't recognize the black charts....if it didn't go pop then it was largely ignored by the (forgive me) white people....and that's just being honest

    Therone Dawson

    Ain't that the truth.

  35. abcdefghjklmnrst

    i love this song....it's probably my favorite Minnie Riperton song of all time so i gotta give props to 9th for re-introducing us to this classic, but more props to Minnie for that angelic voice

  36. MsMerising

    July 12th, 2009 is the 30th anniversary since Minnie Riperton's passing. Please, Minnie lovers, may I suggest you all "Take a little trip" - "Close your eyes and remember" our Beloved "Perfect Angel" :)

  37. ebonybelle1luv

    I absolutely adore this song. It's so beautiful.

  38. Muziclvr07

    Another Minnie masterpiece. The entire album was a treasure. Maybe with the recent "UnSung" doc on her life, maybe this gem will finally meet a new audience. I sure hope so...Minnie deserves it.

  39. exfactor003

    this is my favourite song of hers!

  40. marlonwebber


  41. Mártir Dombaxi

    Close your eyes listen and feel the poetry .After u open the eyes just keep remember and feel the great voice that she ....... Just remember and recognice.

  42. Alberto Sed

    If you were to take "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," and replace Gene Wilder with Minnie Ripperton, you got "Come to My Garden." which reminds me, how awesome would it have been if she did a cover of Pure Imagination?

  43. kwkable11

    You are totally right, but everyone is not going to know everything about a particular artist. I have a great music collection that consists of 15 genres of music, yet I don't know everything about every artist. But I know one thing; Minnie's music is a peaceful stream in my life that is a tyfoon out of control. I sometimes can't listen to her music because it reminds me of an old girlfriend. Love lives forever. R.I.P. Songbird.

  44. horus1971

    Close your eyes and listen to the legendary songbird!

  45. vanessa solorio

    lmfao! soo true

  46. dinmc808

    Hey Mr musikRnb. It would be really great if there could be a massive tribute concert organised for Minnie fans next year, the 30th anniversary of her passing. would be great if her family would be involved in such a thing. I'd travel from UK to USA for that most definitely!!

  47. Jonny Winter

    well done. 10 points for being controversial :S

  48. traceyke

    "shorty on the lookout"?! Man are you sure this is the original sample to that? I know it's for his "Close Your Eyes" beat but I don't think it's for the shorty on the lookout beat.

  49. TruthSerum101


  50. kpitt1204

    I meant SIX months later.

  51. kpitt1204

    SIc months later, and I am still listening to this album. The strings on this cut make my heart smile.

  52. elvirap

    this was my first Album. Still love it

  53. 68NYC

    Beautiful Song-
    There's just something about really Good music...
    *Yes, Mr.MusikRnb this is like a Lullaby.

    Thank you for sharing!!

  54. MsTexas73

    I LOVE this song...That Charles Stephney was such a genius. this is the first time I've heard Minnie's version...but I've heard Ramsey lewis do about two or three versions *including the one on Urban Knights 6*

  55. Sirius B

    Beautiful, angelic voice and person. Bless you Minnie for the beautiful music you gave to us.

  56. mistermilkman

    Yes, sir...it was recorded in 3 days in Nov of 1969 & released in 1970.

  57. Reuben

    he sho did!!!

  58. Ezra Gober

    9th Wonder killed this

  59. toni cancino

    beautiful song,AMAZING ALBUM ,the title track is one of my favorite songs of all time,the arrangements are unbelieveable,LOVE U 4 -IVER MINNIE !

  60. llehcin

    I don't forget Minnie rocked out on Stevie's Ordinary Pain. I didn't realize it was her until a couple of years ago.

  61. D. Gable

    WOW...you are right...she IS in the background vocals of "Creepin". In the "Love is sooo aaaammaazing....part.

  62. Anthony DiVizio

    if there is any hiphop listeners, a producer named 9th wonder sample this joint and its called close your eyes

  63. Sirius B

    Thank you Mr. Musik for submitting such beautiful photographs of her. I have never seen them. I grew up with her beautiful music.

  64. mistermilkman

    You can also hear her on Leon Ware's "Instant Love" & "Comfort (AKA Come Live With Me, Angel). I love the fact that she was true 2 herself & didn't back down 4 what she believed in. Musically, she was underrated. She did what many singers struggled 2 do, which was evoke the emotions of her songs thru voice. She wasn't limited 2 just R&B.

  65. mistermilkman

    Thank u. I'm probably her biggest. Many love her for her whistle reg. I love her 4 her boldness & talent. She wrote amazing songs. She was highly slept on & underrated. Epic knew they had a gem, but as with most businesses, they saw her cancer as stick in the mud. ;0(

  66. mistermilkman

    My favorite is Love & It's Glory & Simple Things.

  67. mistermilkman

    Not quite. It was after the 1971 The New Rotary Connection album that she left the biz & moved 2 Gainsville, Florida. She didn't have 2 audition 4 Wonderlove, Stevie found her 2 be a perfect fit.

  68. Ronald Austin

    the afro should be in the hairstyle hall of fame....it still has a lasting impression after all these years

  69. elvirap

    This album helped me make it through highschool, my first real heartbreak and I would lose myself in her voice. I know every lyric, mood, and right now I am home. I LOVE this album. Thank You!!

  70. TorranceJPlaylist

    beautiful song

  71. kpitt1204

    This is one of my top ten favorite albums in the world. I actually play it just about every night as I go tp sleep. I find it to be very soothing after a long day at work.

  72. JET997u

    Just purchased the "Come To My Garden" album. Was previously only aware of Minnie through the Rotary Connection albums. But this solo collection of songs is pure serenity. Really amazing.

  73. mistermilkman

    The 'Come To My Garden' is by far Minnie's most beautiful album. Her voice is almost perfect, recording the album in only 3 days. The album is 100% quality & out of this world. My favorite tracks r 'Only When I'm Dreaming,' 'Wherever We R,' 'Expecting,' & Come 2 My Garden.'

  74. Pinky And da Brain

    yes I love Minnies lament if you have it please post it! PLEASE also return to Forever?

  75. pghpookie

    this album was recorded at chess in chicago a month after leonard chess died, and about a year after he had sold chess to grt/janus in new york. the album got lost in the upheaval and chaos that followed. grt, it seems ruined a great record co. the singles were'nt released until like 1972, three years after the record was done. the album never had a chance. a buried masterpiece.


    pghpookie Following her since her days with the "Gems".

  76. Grreystoke

    Co-sign, Come to My Garden is such a beautiful, solid album you can't get tired of.

  77. IMC OnAir - IMCRadio.Net

    Today it would have been her 60th Birthday (November 8, 1947 -- July 12, 1979). Deep respect for this voice, quality of singing and deep emotionality. - And hey, Minnie-Baby: You still enjoy us with your hot stoff. The young generation of "wanna become a star" still can take as an excelent example, what's world class R&B. - Keep you ever in mind & heart...

  78. Jay Ross

    i love this song i listening to this cd alot!!

  79. kpitt1204

    A friend turned me on to this way after the fact, and now it is on my top ten of favorite albums ever. I can't even compare this music to anything else I have ever heard. I wonder how it did on the charts, although the charts always miss something superb by chance.