Minaj, Nicki - Put You In A Room Lyrics

[Hook x2:]
Put you in a room
You ain't gotta leave
You ain't gotta leave
But you can't sleep with me

[Verse 1:]
Every time I come to fuck with you
You make up all the rules
You ought to do it
Just because our car's moving
Are you in my fucking corner for real?
Oh, are you plotting to kill?
I tell you just how I feel
But you never hear
Oh, why you take it like that?
Now you wanna leave and never come back
I don't control you, I ain't never say that
Can't give up on you, baby, we go way back

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
Every time I try to fuck with you
Nothing ain't ever enough for you
And I had all this hope for you
But all you do is open wounds
I could be fucking with them other niggas
I know you ain't them other niggas
I don't fuck with a lot of bitches
Just my real bitches
Why you keep talking about it, you keep talking and you gon' get me pissed off
Motherfuckers who be wanting that bitch to go crazy if she could cut her wrist off
I ain't gonna lie, no I ain't gonna lie like it was just his fault
But I know if a nigga lose me, then nigga, Oo-ee, that's his loss, young nigga

[Hook x2]

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Minaj, Nicki Put You In A Room Comments
  1. T0rii W



    This song is sooooo good🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Subrena Squad

    😫😭 this my songgggg

  4. maria nanyunja

    Whew I love this song.

  5. Daniel Sillas

    Still mad this wasn’t on the album :(


    Daniel Sillas deluxe look it up on apple

  6. Darrien pennington

    Can always tell when her Minajesty is pisses 🔥🔥🔥🔥💋💋💋💋😍😍😍😍😍

  7. MissDAdolph

    Why haven't I heard this??!!??

    Rashad Heyward

    MissDAdolph she never promoted it and it was exclusive to Japan for the longest 😩

    Rashad Heyward


    Rashad Heyward


  8. Daniel Sillas

    2019 what’s goooood

  9. Doneishia Henry

    This song is so slept on 😩😍😍😍‼️ #StillBumpIn2019

  10. Ellie McManus

    YMCMB 💋 love 💕 you Nicki Queen 👑

  11. M.T

    This that type of shit that I jam out to with the one im with that did me wrong, I give a smurk, and roll my eyes and say baby you lost

  12. Nick Burry

    This song is so slept on!!! Should be on the album. Nicki shows out and the beat is mesmerizing!!

  13. Mykaya Chappell

    my life!!!!! love you mama

  14. BEYS Mic

    Now who are the 44 idiots who disliked it? 🙄

    J Gamble Weather

    Cardi's Pressed fans xd

  15. C V A


  16. Iamdatbytch27 Guwop

    I know if a nigga lose me that's his lose young nigga ha

  17. Iamdatbytch27 Guwop

    Nun never enough for you

  18. Iamdatbytch27 Guwop

    Are u in my fucking corner fr or r u planning to kill

  19. MzSickleSexi

    This been my marriage theme song since the very first time I listened to pinkprint when it came out. This literally sums up my entire marriage,that's why I have thought out the entire music video

  20. MzSickleSexi

    With the shit me and my S/O go through I thought up an entire music video for this

  21. Nick Flores


  22. djb Bryant

    i love this song so much

  23. Jimniece Lyons

    I brought this album but never herd this song until now wtf I love this


    This , mona lisa, murda murda, wammables

  24. Kadiata diallo

    Best song and mona lisa 💕 why isnt this on itunes 🙄

    Char Williams

    Yes they are the best

    Ezeh Ebubechukwu.V

    They are

  25. Chris Kash

    her rap should’ve been longer 😩😩

  26. Nicki Monaj

    How have i neva heard this 😀😢

    Kavaris Bell

    Nicki Monaj right



  27. King Ovation TV

    Why is this not on Apple Music I'm bouts look on Spinrilla like wtf

    E Fazo

    King Ovation it is

  28. Mómmæ Liah

    Its 2017 and this still my song 😍😘

    Peter Struis

    Itz 2019 and still ma song

  29. B Williams

    I bet if it was Future, Travis Scott, or Jeremih on this beat, with the same lyrics, it would be everywhere because people just love to act sleep any time Nicki drops some heat smh


    B Williams She never released this and no....Nicki is the highest selling rapper of this decade


    Jay Doesn't matter she still never gets her full props. They still try to question her greatness.

    Trichelle Munoz

    Exactly. It's a shame

    maria nanyunja

    Facts smh.

    Silva Phoenix

    If a guy sang this it would be seen as an abusive relationship 😂, but I see your point

  30. Keylon Steen

    This send my emotions thru the roof😪

  31. LiLi071589

    I didn't have this version of the PinkPrint. :( I had the Best Buy and Target version....I should have went online and bought just this one....you know what...let me do that now...years later.

    Immm. Lela

    LiLi071589 did the best buy and target version have different songs ig was it the same as the regular version

  32. Darian Keschon

    this song is so underrated and slept on!!!!!!!

  33. Fancii Coleone

    wish I could find this on Tidal 😢

    Dexter Washington

    This my song


    Tasha Gee it's there now

  34. TheillogicalParadox

    Her lack of punchline rapping and normal upbeat style is refreshing

    Sean Casas

    TheillogicalParadox weird compliment lol

    Haris Eja

    Ik what u mean


    Sean Casas lmao

  35. kennisha

    Why you take it like that? Now you want to leave and never come back, I don't control you I ain't ever say that.. Can't give up on you baby, we go way back ❤

    maria nanyunja

    My favourite part of the song.

  36. Hi Yo

    She could have kept grand piano, and replaced it with this.

    Ericka Mcgruder

    +Milo Boston Shanghai is on the Deluxe album

    Ericka Mcgruder

    +Milo Boston You must got the 16 track album. The Deluxe had 20 songs on it


    Mr. Smith she shouldnt have because everybody claims she cant sing and grand piano was very nude


    Ericka Mcgruder and right

    Bobby Brown

    Or replaced it with Wamables. Those two songs were underrated bops.

  37. Kadeja Wilson

    #TeamBarbie😜😘💁 love nick minaj my favorite female rapper.

  38. Feo Diente

    I love this song for some reason,...

  39. socrown

    This and Mona Lisa should be on iTunes 😭 both so underrated


    blackchains yasssss

    chelsey woods

    blackchains rnzv

    Lunie Royale

    socrown my favorites!

    Shaquan Abram

    socrown she added them today

  40. Holliwud Josh

    i Loooveee this songggg 😩😩😩

  41. Kagami Uchiha

    was this on the pink print?

    Thunder Sponge

    On an addition version on it. She released The Prinkprint, then the dexual version, and a few more, look it up on Wikipedia.

  42. samaya golden


  43. Caleb Joseph

    I just cried.

  44. Marcus Medellin

    2:00 oooweee! :D

  45. Diamond Deor

    Nicki you so damn sexy


    Are you for real? Puting sexual comments on a emotional song??? Bitch get yo ass out!

  46. DeAndre' Flyboi

    You can hear her emotions in this because its about Safari

    Gisele Newman

    Tyson_Killa she left him for meek cause they both cheated


    Mathilda Pierre-Louis not the whole album its about meek and safaree...

    Lyons Water

    Mathilda Pierre-Louis pink print is not about him tf


    Lyons Water pink print is about safaree

    onika maraj

    Gisele Newman safaree left Nicki

  47. Mykea Leggs

    can't even lie sounds like one of her old wayyy back songs her voice n everything 😊😊😘😍😍Lovee it Soo Muchh

  48. Katau Layu

    can't even lie sounds like one of her old wayyy back songs her voice n everything 😊😊😘😍😍Lovee it Soo Muchh


    Katau Layu u must not be a nicki fan

  49. Katau Layu

    can't even lie sounds like one of her old wayyy back songs her voice n everything 😊😊😘😍😍Lovee it Soo Muchh

  50. kenesha sellers

    Shout out to my imaginary boyfriend ^_^


    kenesha sellers Bish whut? lol, you wildin'

    Bobby Brown

    I swear I stay singing love songs like someone loves me 😭💔

  51. Jakayla Dennis

    i love nicki minaj more then aller yall

  52. Jakayla Dennis

    i love nicki minaj more then aller yall

  53. Andrea Johnson

    Queen Nicki

  54. Alexander H

    Please release this as a single

    Iamthedream Uwishuhad

    Yes indeed

    Keylon Steen

    Ikr my fav song but sadly she doesn't promote this song

  55. zooka0619

    Queen Nicki! ❤️👑🙌