Miller, Rhett - I'll Try To Lyrics

Where'd you go again?
We were on the mend
Thought we wrote the end
With a heart carved in stone

Where'd you go again?
Slipped through my hands again
Now I can't pretend
I don't think I'll survive
Losin' you

Well I'll try to
Yes, I'll try to

What could I do
To make peace with you?
You're all I ever knew
And all I had that was good

Now the days are so long
The hurt is so strong
Words playin' tricks on my mind
Night's closin' in
We're so close to the end
Feel like I'm frozen in time
Don't have a choice
'Cause I'm losing my voice
Everything's comin' out wrong
And now all I can do
Is reach out to you
But you're gone

Where'd you go again?
I'm where I've always been
Lookin' back again
And I can't make myself
Look away

But I'll try to
But I'll try to
Yes, I'll try to
Yes, I'll try to

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