Miller, Rhett - Broken Lyrics

Plates break windows
Plates make mountains
Planes crash into
Problems mount until they
Might as well be
Mountains too

Empty cafes
Empty hours
Lightnin' warns of
Snap the poles, yet
I will power through

I'm better but I'm broken
I'm stitched up but I'm scarred
I will love you, 'least I'll try to
But I'm broken, so it's hard

Pine cones pine
Roses rise up
The sun will shine
While the ocean dries up
Stairs I'll climb to
Find your eyes shut too

I'm better but I'm broken
I'm stitched up but I'm scarred
I will love you, 'least I'll try to
But I'm broken, so it's hard

Nobody knows the first thing about
The person who shares their bed
Skin is soft and eyes are windows
But nobody knows what goes on inside their head

I'm broken
I'm broken
I'm broken
I'm broken

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Miller, Rhett Broken Comments
  1. Jasmine Nicole

    ~Sasalubungin natin ang kinabukasan na walang takot at walang pangambaaa

  2. Rob Banks

    Yep for the rest of my life

  3. Nino Torres

    One of my favorite song.. from Philippines..

  4. mimic1912

    Scrubs and this music ❤❤❤

  5. Jorlene Lyle Dulogildo

    i want it to end :/

  6. Conor de Smith

    Scrubs 🚑

  7. SLowMercy

    Zach Braff's choice of music is present both in Scrubs and Garden State

    Scrubs best Crubs


    Zach more than likely didn’t choose the music. He was just an actor and sometimes director on the show.


    What about Garden State's music?

  8. Emir Selimovic

    "Because nothing sucks more than feeling all matter how many people are around."

  9. John Smith

    this song digs DEEP !

  10. Justin V

    The one thing I always wanted was to have someone to spend my life with. I'm almost 40 years old and still alone. This song really resonates with me now that it seems that I really am going to be lonely for the rest of my life. I'd give anything to have a girl in my life who truly loves me. I'd give anything.

    David Niel

    EarthWatch2014 im48 just lost girl of 14 yrs. I hear ya bro

    lil big sis

    Don't give up...the girl for you is out there. I know it sounds cliché, but think positive and you will eventually attract the person you envision yourself with.

  11. John Carter

    it's just poring salt on an old scar at this point oh how I wish it would still burn

  12. Ebony Parrott

    I hear this everyday at school because my teacher is in love with song I love it to

  13. Mike Hraje a Recenzuje

    scrubs is best, deepest, drama/comedy ever. shitloads of greatly written characters and you can clearly see, every actor/acctress playing lifetime role..everybody enjoying, everybody make great effort..  about this song. its very good, very depressive but true... im standing here, after my breakup.. hey everyone ! if you were left broken, fuck your ex. if its boy or girl. dont give a crap about them anymore. if he/she left you, tell yourself - he/she will regret this after some time when he/she spends some time with next partner...then they will be burned and they will remember YOU were better , but in that time, you WILL be in new and BETTER relationship. its such a cliché but still its true - if you behave like an adult, if you are good person, its not that somewhere somebody waits on you.. no, that doesnt work.. you must look everywhere, must be active... and if you are adult, nice, kind.. man or woman, somebody adult, kind, nice will recognize this and will make eye contact with you.. fuck our ex(s) , we WONt be lonely for the rest of our lives..


    +GodfatherxD totally agree, I was a huge fan of Psych too.

  14. Hadrien Tequils

    and great reflexions

  15. A Unicorn

    You spelled awesome wrong....

  16. Aaron Ilten

    you are very wrong

  17. jacob milbury

    scrubs sucks


    Shut up troll. You were pathetic when you posted this and you still are.

    Abed Qiblawi

    you suck, I hope you're dead by now

    Brandon Wallace

    @Abed Qiblawi dont hope that on someone just because they dislike a show. besides, this was 7 years ago...

  18. Black Bird

    i know right

  19. Torrident

    this is an amezing song!

  20. Conor Townsend

    Scrubs is just amazing!!!!
    shows us great comedy and amazing music like this

    Regina Reddy

    Conor Townsend
    True that