Miller-Heidke, Kate - Share Your Air Lyrics

Same river from my window
Same moon on the same trees
I lie in the same bed where I held you
Through winter nights that were just like these

But nothing feels at all the same
The old piano or the sound of rain
Pick out a memory to keep me company
To hold beside me while I sleep

So goodnight, my favourite dream
To share your air, share your air ‘til dawn
So goodnight, my favourite dream
To share your air, share your air once more

Unbearable thought that my love could not hold you
Here comes the silence, here comes the quiet
Unbearable ache, to feel that I’ve lost you
How can my soul be satisfied?
Oh how can my soul be satisfied?

So goodnight, my favourite dream
To share your air, share your air ‘til dawn
So goodnight, my favourite dream
To share your air, share your air once more

I didn’t mean to upset you
I didn’t know it was a test
I was asleep before I met you
And now you’re gone and I can get no rest

So goodnight, my favourite dream
To share your air, share your air ‘til dawn
So goodnight, my favourite dream
To share your air, share your air once more

I dreamed you stayed
You stayed an extra day and we walked to the riverside
You said you’d never felt so awake
You’d said you’d never felt so alive
So alive, so alive

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Miller-Heidke, Kate Share Your Air Comments
  1. joel spencer

    I have loved this song since I bought “O Vertigo” several years ago. Had the privilege of seeing Kate and Keir live in a small room a couple of years ago. Her voice is like a clear bell. Check out the track “Drama” on the same album.

  2. Idriss Nouboudem

    C'est une très belle chanson passenger ft Kate Miller. Good. Je l'écoute chaque jour qui passe. Et ça m'apaise

  3. Sombas Michalakis

    65% Pretty Little Liars.
    7% Good things about Kate and Passenger and the song.

  4. Sombas Michalakis

    Learned her from Eurovision.
    Since I heard Zero Gravity it was my eternal winner of 2019 contest.
    Then I listen to this. It is even better than her Eurovision song!
    This year we found out why Australia got into Eurovision!!!!
    Love Kate
    Love Australia
    And love PASSENGER as well!!! What a unique voice! Among my top 10 favourite songs.

  5. Roger Stankovic

    Nice one Kate, keep it're the best

  6. EL10

    I love Kate!!! 💛

  7. AnnaOtraMovida Naranjista

    came here after Eurovision and I'm literally so blessed 😍😍💓

  8. Aniela Burczyk

    Brawo dla Australii że ma taką utalentowaną osobę...

  9. Michal Shapira

    I'm in love with you, Kate! I thank eurovision for discovering you <3

    Matthew Williams-Webb

    I hope you mean you discovered her. Because she's been famous for a while !

  10. EL maalam

    Wow i was listening to this song before i see it on YouTube I'm surprised when i see it's just had 170k of views !!!

  11. Gria Par8ena

    Although I came here for Kate and Eurovision, Passenger has become officialy my favourite man singer in entire history...

    Mohd Hafiz

    welcome to the family. enjoy the many of Mike's song (seriously, he had so many). also, he is one of the singers that i start to listen to and never got to tire of

  12. Gria Par8ena

    Came here from Eurovision... Am I the only one??
    I heard Kate Miller-Heidke had amazing songs besides Zero Gravity.
    And This is an Awesome Song!!!!

    Lev Whitelaw

    hell yeah... like every song on nightflight is either a banger or makes me actually cry!

    Diane Kerrison

    she is an amazing singer and has 4 albums of great songs, many different genres

    Taresk Isloki

    I've been following Kate for more than a decade, I'm glad she's finally getting the recognition she deserves thanks to Eurovision.

  13. Catriona Nicol

    I love this song and I love passenger but I love the Andy Burrows version better. His voice compliments Kate’s perfectly. Can’t find it anywhere apart from on Spotify though

  14. Stephen Richards

    Brilliant ❤

  15. Devon

    Its a big call but I think this is my favourite song from Kate Miller-Heidke narrowly beating out "lose my shit".

  16. simanga chiloane

    All the way from South Africa,much lurve

  17. Quintus Izecson bendos bendoly

    Damn this video deserves way more views. ❤

  18. Inda Risinda

    I don't know why my heart's so aching listening to this song..

  19. Linda Glass

    Beautiful song, thanks love you guys, Passenger yey +

  20. Aurea Alves Campos Aurinha

    Aguenta coração 😥

  21. Kev Mac

    reminds of judy tzuke lovely voice and great duet with passenger👍

  22. bonolo theodore maruta

    its 00:49 21 april 2017 n m searching for this song

  23. Lorne Geddes

    such a good song, sad its not viewed enough

  24. Katerina Panduro

    Passenger 😘🇵🇪🇵🇵🇪gretings from Perú

  25. Miranda Camp

    Thought this song was a new release! Why in the world I’m I just hearing it. This should be a world hit!

  26. Katerina Panduro

    Passenger I love you ❤😘

  27. Ana Teresa Pin Viana

    ❤❤❤ Wow!!! This song is fantastic !!! I loved!!! Wonderful! Congratulatios!!

  28. Queen Mummy


  29. Loyiso Cabe

    if i wont listen to this song, which one else I would listen to?

    I love this song

  30. Maurilio André

    linda musica

  31. Karen Logston

    oh my goodness love both voice harmonies. passenger has always been one of my favorites and the two of you are awesome

  32. Fox Machine

    This video keeps disappear and appear again...

  33. myempathy

    Love the subtle movement of this duet.

  34. Victor Hugo


  35. RoseEllaMusic

    Cant stop listening to this. So beautiful.

  36. So true

    Such a beautiful song. Why doesn't this have a billion views?

  37. Ange blanc

    Wonderful song.......Kiss

  38. Anayaa

    omg why does she remind me of sia


    +COLORFULLNESS ME! I Have no idea!! Maybe because they're both Aussies? Hello from Brisbane. Home of Kate Miller Heidke.

  39. Adam David Bowden

    This song is deeply beloved to me now, and I have dedicated it to my most adored men, one of whom tragically died on January 3rd 2015 at the age of 35 and was the love of my life, and the other who loved him as much as he loves me, whom I have pledged myself to. We will eternally be custodians of my original Bubba's memory, and hold him safe in our hearts forever. Kate Miller-Heidke, as a fellow musician, I absolutely love you and have enduring respect and admiration for your stunning talent, and Passenger is brilliant too! xXx

  40. Doumi Doudouia

    top 😍

  41. Clarebxxx1

    Glad Passenger is back! Thank you! It was very odd before. Wrong voice with the video!

  42. Maki Uta

    Am I the only person who isn't here because of pretty little liars?

    Drew Foster

    Wait, I liked this comment but who the hell is passenger? I'm here because of Kate Miller-Heidke.

    Marie Herzog

    a shame that pll used this song.. she was my secret love. I don' like it when "my" musicians get mainstream :D

    Loz Hawkins

    Marie Herzog Oml i actually totally feel the same way. It pisses me off so much. I mean it's good for the musicians but just so annoying.

    Null Null

    Maki Uta no

  43. Eumo567

    Why is this video now unlisted?

  44. Patricia Heuvelsland

    Amazing good!!!

  45. Jon Breen

    Sending love from Albania. Great song! :-D

  46. Carolina Ampuero

    PLL army! <3

  47. JWCollection

    Great Song

  48. IrieRyuen18

    I miss #paily !!!

  49. FawkesRSPS

    pretty little liars xx

  50. WesternFrontMusic

    Hear "Share Your Air" on PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - in the season premiere the week of January 5th 2015!

  51. jhaslyn19

    I search and came here because of PLL and #Paily...I love the message of the song tho. :) ♥♥♥

  52. dag doug

    avec cette chanson je sens vraiment d'un autre monde

  53. WesternFrontMusic


  54. youtubeAddict

    Love this song. Thanks @Songza for discovering the song!

  55. rina

    Love this song xx

  56. doctordryan

    Really addicted to this song

  57. Magdalena Aleksandrova

    why is that soooo good song not famous??? :O

    Stephen Richards


  58. Eleanor Hammond

    love herrr

  59. jimmy wrangles

    Saw her and Kier play at Sawtell last week, best concert I've seen in years.

  60. linda coogan byrne

    amazing just doesn't come close. LOVE this song

    stewart wann

    could not agree more!!

  61. Cathryn Rosalie

    Ok, since this has come out I literally heard it about 10, 000x . I am probably crazy by now and it will be forever stuck in my mind. My last words will be "Goodnight my favourite dream". I see it coming.

  62. Kakoy Tenoria

    I hate that this music is underrated... It deserves more views.... 

  63. tjandra hendrickho

    Love this song

  64. cleversongokuh

    How come this song was deleted from her vevo account?

  65. Christian Zamora

    I need this song in Spotify now!  :o

  66. Melissa Samide

    Ahhh kate you are amazing! I love this song! :)

  67. Leon Gammon

    Beautiful song!

  68. K-Ville Entertainment

    What a gorgeous song :)

  69. hereshestands

    What an amazing duo to put together :)

  70. Adrian

    This is most definitely the stand-out from here entire album, which is perfect in every way! Kate is a perfect vocalist and she is everything a singer should aspire to be. "O Vertigo" is one of my favourite albums and it has been one of the few physical albums I have purchased.  

  71. Frances Quinn

    This is my jam! Loved KMH for so long now, and she just keeps getting better. 

  72. Karen Chilton Wilder


  73. Midgetducky !

    Two of my favourite artists performing together. 
    so proud of Kate <3

  74. SuperCrazybumblebee

    Two of my fav's together, I love this.

  75. zizco

    simplemente <3

  76. King Borough

    Damn didn't see you were coming to St David's :( So sad your only doing one Tasmania show.

  77. Leonardo Gerônimo

    Linda linda linda sz 
    Maior presente ter em mãos este novo album  

  78. dragonsally

    So good.

  79. Teona

    Wonderful all album.

  80. MrHumanracin


  81. Maddles29

    Beautiful song kate!! Very addictive :D

  82. Kenny Daniell

    Great colab from two of my favs :D

  83. mattiemoo12345

    I noticed that we didn't get to see Passenger's face in the vid. I'm guessing he was unavailable? Anyways, beautiful song/video

  84. James Welch

    Beautiful as always, Kate. x

  85. My Name Is Erin

    Absolutely timeless and gorgeous, Passenger and Kate. Superb job!

  86. Clarebxxx1

    What a beautiful song, what a beautiful pairing, just beautiful!

  87. Wyatt Secombe


  88. Hannah Hobson

    Passenger and Kate Miller Heidke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Aaron Newport

    This is absolutely beautiful!

  90. Alys Claire

    I just screamed in the middle of my English class, my 2 favourite artists in one song oh dear lord!!!

    John Kettles

    Watch videos AFTER school, dear. But you have good taste in music that's for sure!

  91. philip mortlock

    such a great song & a fabulous video to go with it

  92. Tomás Santa María

    Beatiful !! always better this artist , regards from Chile ! 

  93. awkwardfilm

    this is brilliant - great song accompanied by great music video

  94. Meri Amber

    Sweet and catchy! I like it:)

  95. Meri Amber

    Sweet and catchy! I like it:)

  96. Nicola Claire

    The lamps feel like a hat tip to Make it Last .. maybe?

  97. Michael Ross

    A beautiful video for a gorgeous song... Heaven.

  98. Real

    Amazing voices <3 <3 <3 <3 

  99. Ben Thwaite

    It sounds absolutely perfect, all of the artists featured on your album have fit so well in the songs, it sounds beautiful