Miles, Chris - Wake Up Lyrics

So sick of playing these games
Impossible for me to ever ever be happy, yeah
And I'm so sick of doing the same shit
I just wanna sleep a tad bit, no
No, no, no...
I don't want to die
I'm in a elevator with Snoop Dogg and I just got the contact uh
So everything about this except the cheddar exception
I start to close my eyes, I did already close my eyes
I don't even know if I'm dreaming, I ain't no genius
Got anxiety from my brain to my penis
Man I know that I'm sleeping
So why the hell of that stress?
Is it usually the way that I'm escaping the best?
It's kinda like, kinda like...
I get coping meth
No prevention, I just want the pain to be less
Like, like

Oh, you sleeping?
Wake up, wake up
You know that you're officially dirt about that base so please don't do shit and wake up
This is not the right result of your problems, you coward, just stop it and wake up
Either way you gon' be hating your base so you might aswell stop and wake up

I'm a stay asleep till I'm senior
Hop on all these fences where the grass is never greener
Got a girl on my mind like Christina
We netflix and chill when like no one can see us
So why would I wake up?
Got no reason
No five old, on my mind I'm cheesing
I do what I want till I'm not even breathing
I wake up on weekends like strictly for tweaking
I take off my week, this is made of my bitch
People would stalking, they oftenly switch
So I close off my mind, pay no mind to that shit, yeah, yeah
It is what it is
Either hit or you miss
See them flickin their wrists
I'm too busy with this
So be worried about that
Suck in my mind, I'm checked
Let it ride, yeah, yeah
Let it ride (skrt, skrt)
Let it ride
Let it ride (aye)

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