Miles, Chris - Shade 45 (Freestyle) Lyrics

Now let me start it off by talkin’ ‘bout who didn’t believe
I know it’s corny as shit but I’m really living my dreams
Getting these beans and pesos and tell the people “gracias”
If I go down you coming with, homie, that’s a Kamikaz
And blogs talk a lot but all they post is frat rap
Only artists that they promotes people bragging with backpacks
College hipsters probably wrote it in they momma’s kitchen
Good music all day but you know that shit is a contradiction
I don’t need you, I’m fifteen with a 7-figure deal
Be flexing on everybody then body them with the skills
Throwback thursday to the days when they said it wasn’t real
Now I’m out here with my team and we hungry, stealing their meals
Look, here with Statik Selektah on the one’s and two’s
It’s funny how these dummy dudes be hating, tryna get to me
Now they see me popping off and probably want to come right through
Like “yo we used to talk” sorry, I got a bad memory
You walk in a room and all I feel is bad energy
Let the cat out the bag, know I’m back to attack enemies
I’m a sophmore in high school, and I did what you been working for your whole life
Now tell me, is that why you mad at me?
Simple and plain that’s the reason why you lame boy
You would think Nintendo hates me with the way I be killing this game,boy
Catch me riding shotty and kid cuisine in the range rover
On Shade 45, show off radio, they better know me now
Yeah, yeah

I said chilling up in Manhattan such a beautiful climate
If you ever did kill my time, I’d have a crew full of zombies
We’d be right back, now, I ain’t in that cubicle genre
Just look into my cuticle for proof I’m used to the rhyming
So broke up was used to the rhyming, super noodles, man, who could stop me?
T3 that’s my squad, we ain’t do this shit as a hobby
Yeah, you know I’m nice, I been through lonely nights
While olding the mic so it’s only right
I spit this shit like I had a group of troops around me
I’m a soldier, finna have told ya, I’mma be the man eventually
Repping it [?] and a failure’s what I’ll never be
Told myself that shit when I was struggling, losing energy
Hoping I can gain attention, something like a centerpiece
Leave ‘em crawling like centipedes, word to all of my enemies
Every time you die me down, I never let it get to me
Everyone who ever brushed me off you gonna wish you were…
Uh uh, uh uh, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay
I’m flowing off the dome, and yo, N.Y is my home
I’m spitting this shit is crazy, it’s ridiculous, I’m ‘bout to…
I don’t know, I don’t know, I’m done, oh my god...

I’m not a hipster, I’m willing to make a single
I’m just an average human who usually wants some pringles
But man I ain’t just some sell out who do shit for some money
You front, I wanna maintain this longevity, with my name on they tongue
They throwing deals at the younging, I see them snakes in the lawn
Rather make one dope songs than a hundred shitty ones
And this is what I always wanted, well, hold up, at least I think so
Tryna make this music but mula is all they into
This white boy so dirty, mess around they get some pink clothes
Flow so cold make your favorite rapper dip toes
Used to try to shit on me but now you want my info?
You faking, I knows this, but I ain’t talking hip though
There’s no one messing with you in this business
Cause everybody wants some millions
If you in my situations with people constantly
Waiting for failure from you, what would you do?
Just tell me that, cause I’m confused, man, that’s just whack
When you different, they all wanna see you lose, step into a trap
Step into it and the shit’ll snap
You know I’d rather be broke and happy than depressed with stacks
But I ain’t gonna stop, cause the problems that I see in the media
I’mma gonna prove to these losers that I don’t need they criteria
I’mma find my own limits they ain’t building no ceilings here
Tryna go to stadiums to cyphers in cafeterias ‘cause I am really here
But what the hell you expected it only motivated me
When people, people neglected and rejected
They said I lost my mind so I let this head this is birth to [?]
Little homie get the taste of the next up, like “what’s good”
Chris Miles, T3, Statik Selektah, we on

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Miles, Chris Shade 45 (Freestyle) Comments
  1. itsnon ofurbusiness

    This lil cat can spit im impressed..!

  2. Stevie Lovesdrugs

    That annoying ass squeaky voice talking fast is so bad just stfu

  3. Illuminati genius

    Damn son dope.

  4. Duc Luc

    Hes not bad! Better than clown ass slim jesus

  5. Kolos

    Holy fucking shit. He isn't the "next" or "young" Mac Miller. You're only saying it cause he's white so why don't you compare him to every single other white rapper out there. Fucking people.

  6. Elwynn Wheeler

    Young mac miller

  7. Ryan Mallard

    Old folks are haten !!!word

  8. Ryan Mallard

    He's better than half of these grown men c'mon dude ! I respect the younger generation make some space !!! Retire

  9. ATM Bully

    Not a freestyle but nice


    @NinjaChicken988 freestyles can also be verses that are written but have not got to do with anything with no Chorus or Hook...


    nope. a freestyle isn't anything written. at all


    @NinjaChicken988 alright... here is a perfect example: Kendrick Lamar - Backseat Freestyle...

    ATM Bully

    That is just the name of the song ... @MeKenneh

    ty rick

    @shakeem norman when will people learn a freestyle is a verse "free of style" you can say w.e you want with no particular storyline.

  10. Gryan Tavarez

    Lmmmffaaaooooo the thumbnail tho

  11. 6Madsin6

    Mac Miller's retarded twin :-/

  12. David Woodham

    i dont know why but i refuse to like this kid, i guess is because of his voice.

  13. TigerEyesBrian

    Wow :| fail

  14. DE.ES

    this dude fucking sucks, he can rap but what is he actually saying? i could back hand this fool

  15. n0n33d4aname

    True talent emerges from the youth.

  16. nikki1126

    shut the fuck up white has nothing to do with it. thats all peoples excuses are nowadays "oh its cause he's white" find a better excuse

  17. Tyler Simmons

    He went on his drake tip.... rapping off his phone

  18. Matthew Gomes

    fuck no that wasn't a freestyle lmao..


    Matthew Gomes Learn what freestyle means my guy lmao

  19. Rene Calero

    That freestyle though!!!! Go hard Miles!

  20. Draapeba-Norsk Minecraft

    This can't be a freestyle !

  21. samarasilas

    Put that fucking phone down!!!!!

  22. The Real King T.G.P

    I'm pretty sure calling him another Mac Miller or Macklemore is honestly a huge compliment.. I don't really listen to Mac Millers stuff but Macklemore is a really talented artist if you listen to his best work not his hits like "Thrift Shop". Not trying to upset you or anything though but if you actually believe you're better then less thirsty for attention and more proving, ya dig?


    flow is dope and good wordplay, subject matter is what you would expect from someone his age.... Let him do his thing

  24. Brandon Wallace

    he's not average he's dope.

  25. youngest thug

    finally people be acting like this kid is fucking god.. smh hes just a white kid who raps imagine all the kids in the ghetto with more everything than him but he gets popular cuz hes whitw

  26. Samuel Ring

    Chris you definitely do sound like an mc from New York I can tell you that much

  27. Austin Kubiak

    Are you kidding me? You only bring up those names cause he's white. Get your fake trigga poppin ass off this video, kid is 14 and flows harder then your wannabe be hood ass. Take a seat and stay making music in your basement.

  28. Lemon Devil

    going ham!

  29. youngest thug

    hes just another mac miller macklemore. nothing special except hes white so he gets all his radio exposure he obviously wrote all those rhymes down when im faded i guerentee i could beat this fool in a freestyle battle. no competition

  30. deathoffeb

    Dopeeee coming up quick thoe !

  31. Claudia Armendariz

    That freestyle though

  32. Bryon Bristow

    Dat acapella doh!

  33. Fad3dhaze

    Killed it

  34. calvinhuynh2016

    Raw as hell kid by 18 is going to be one of the biggest in the game

  35. Muffkin Suasive

    He's got some learning to do. Give him 3 years he'll be mainstream

  36. SoonToBe AhStreamGxD

    he gon be a hip hop problem .

  37. The Real King T.G.P

    Damn that was dope.

  38. Ryan Wilson

    Killed it! Nothing else to say!

  39. Puchi Saru

    Why isn't he signed yet?!?

  40. S Patterson

    Kid is ill yo

  41. KRx worldWIDE

    Nice lil bro @KRXworldWIDE #Connect

  42. AshleyDigital


  43. Jay Ville

    Wasn't a freestlye, but still dope as hell !

  44. Kyle Saunders

    That acapella tho. Talented.