Miles, Chris - Never Change Lyrics

[Chris Miles:]
Yo, take a look at my brain, cause all you ever gonna see is that work ethic
Got music all in my veins, doin what I love and still earn cheddar
They told me “what are you thinking, you’re never gonna make it, you ain’t worth nada”
But now they see me blowing up, they wanna hang, when you doubted me, you should’ve learned better
Got real shit, got club bangers, got love tracks, man, I’m versatile
I remember back when they back stabbed us like every time that we turned around
Walk in the building, we burn it down, I’m going hard ‘cause my team deserve it
N.Y.C to Jersey, yeah the beast emerging from the bottom and got ‘em retreatin early
Oh God, promise to God, I do this shit
I don’t care about what a hater say, I’m too concerned about my music shit
No lie, I just want to make music and get stupid rich
Have a pool in my crib that’s the size of Pacific
We going to the top like the roof don’t exist

They never change
Y’all don’t think we notice
Yeah they still the same, but I ain’t fallin for it
They acting different from back then, that shit’s ridiculous
You actually think I actually believe you, know my eyes do not deceive me
Because they never change, never change, never change
Nah, they never change, never change, never change
Boy, they still the same, still the same, still the same
Nah, they never change, never change, never change

I never change like a bum’s clothes
Run the globe doing fun shows
Red Vans with the gum soles
Where’d your girl go? Uh oh
Pulling on her hair like Rapunzel, ouch
I've been committed to spitting since I was little
Chris a young star like Malcolm in the middle
My songs get played like a fiddle
Other rappers always make me laugh like a bitch getting tickled
Futuristic, I say it in third person
That’s what you gotta do when every verse perfect
I got work and you’re worthless, my words with a purpose
You jerkin’ with with Jerkins, one thing is for certain
My picture’s in your mom’s purse
And you look a little awkward like a nerd that's flirting
I’m fresh like detergent, I know that you heard me
I’m making these cuts like a surgeon, ah
Hit 'em off that drank, hit 'em off that dank, okay
I got chips that's Lays, I'm getting paid
You can talk about what you say
If her name is Pinky and she’s winky, I guess I get that brain
WTF, I rep my gang, man, that shit won’t never change, never change


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Miles, Chris Never Change Comments
  1. Lewis Temple

    I don't understand how you managed to keep a Windstar running so long. I remember my mother having one. Had a wheel blow off once into someone's backyard. Another time the transmission blew apart. The puddle of transmission fluid under the van looked like blood. Called the thing a Deathstar...

  2. John Dominguez

    What kind of sorcery have you been doing with car to reach that high miles


    Regular maintenance and fixing any issues that crop up (this car has been pretty reliable though!)

  3. Gorilla Mokeys

    10 more miles chris 10 moreeee

  4. David

    It looks like dirty oil, nothing special

  5. Chad Bell

    POS is positive....

  6. Tim Ford

    Any good car guy would never go 5k on conventional oil so this is now twice I’ve found fault in what you spew. (The first was recommending AC fix with stop leak). 3k max if your using conventional, 5k maybe on synthetic. The real factor is the filter, better filter means longer oil life.

  7. Benjamin Rodriguez

    Crust in 2090: I have 100000000k miles on my hummer

  8. H E

    This test would be most useful before buying a used car.



  9. frank jerseytomato


  10. Anthony's Fitness

    Here in Guyana folks would drive their cars whole year and then change the oil

  11. Peter McKee

    I have a 2005 escape V6 that my parents bought new. I change the oil every 3,000 miles with valvoline maxlife synthetic blend and a motorcraft FL-820s filter (with the anti drainback valve i've heard is important for these engines longevity. Mine has the CD4E automatic; you can't really replace the filter but it does have a drain plug. every few oil changes I drain and refill the trans to keep the fluid fresh. it gets an air filter every other oil change. Car runs great but unfortunately the rust is starting to win the war (Michigan)

    I'm at 290k miles with no major engine or trans work ever needed. Many would say my maintenance habits are overkill but I think its worth it. I don't mind some wrenching and parts are pretty cheap so why not? Once I hit 300k I plan to get the oil tested. Keep up the great work!

  12. le grand

    Hey chris i got a ford mustang lx 2000 v6 i think its the same as yours and when i try to start the engine it does a click. Would u know what would it be?

    le grand

    I really hope u see this i want to drive itt

  13. Lolz

    Its been 12 months, but only 3,000 miles on my car as I literally very rarely drive this vehicle and the intelligent oil life monitor barely came on a few days ago.. im assuming cause the oil didnt have a lot of miles the oiled stayed good longer? anyone know? i checked the dipstick and the oil level is perfect and actually the oil smelled fresh still to my surprise

  14. Luke J

    I got that same air freshener that you have inside the car, the only way I could describe the smell of it is: A bit like fruity cider that has already passed through a human being, it was horrid 😂

  15. Abd Aziz Abd Hamid

    no gold?

  16. TheBenjammin5150

    For anyone just watching this video for the first time...before you comment that POS means positive, check the comments it's already been mentioned 1000 times. Smh.

  17. AgentMrX7

    do you still have the car?

  18. flogger

    POS is piece of shit engine lol

  19. azoreanblade2

    How many miles does it have now? Thats if you still have the van.

  20. Billy Bob

    You ran the test with STP in it???? Thats not a test. You need to do the whole thing over again. Are you a FIAT engineer perhaps????

  21. Saima Khanam from

    From Zahid

  22. Saima Khanam from

    From zahid

  23. Saima Khanam from

    My cars have 12 miles
    From zahid

  24. onlinelar

    Hey quick question, does normal fully synthetic engine oil contain anti wear additive? If not, at what mileage should we use them. Thanks!

  25. accentplaya18

    An engine "piss test". I love it!

  26. bar fly

    Blood test for your car

  27. Cloud

    The POS means positive, which means you do infact have antifreeze on the oil.

  28. cristian leyva

    we need a video on heat gaskets!

  29. Snacky1

    Conventional oil is only good for 3,000 miles bud been in the oil industry for 10 years


    Thanks for sharing!

  30. Alpha 1

    Just changed the oil on a 6 cylinder 1997 Acura that hasn’t had one in over a year. It takes 4.7L and only emptied 2.4L lmao

    Robert Maybeth

    I'm gonna wanna tell you about something called a "dipstick"


    I've emptied oil on my corolla and half a quart came out

    Crz Xm

    Might as well change the PCV valve

  31. Mary-Kate Henning

    This oil analysis is very useful. You can check to see how someone treated their engine after you do a couple of oil changes (just in case the wrong oil was put in before you brought it home) if you purchase a used car. Wish i had known about this when i got my used car, but she is about to hit 200,000 miles so this is now perfect


    Awesome! It's a super useful tool!

    Mary-Kate Henning

    @ChrisFix keep up the good work and amazing videos

  32. Myles Hejmanowski

    4 years later, how’s the ol’ Windstar running?

  33. H Cartier

    POS probably means positive lmfao!

  34. Dylan Fox

    POS is positive

  35. David Helms

    Chris, I would like to see you do an analysis on the automatic transmission fluid as well. I presume this transmission is original.


    Thanks for the video idea!

  36. arb

    Rusty chassis huh
    Your fords coming to an end

  37. dalton lucas

    Why did he let his van oil change go 3k miles passed when he normally changes it???


    Since there was an oil additive added that he wasn't aware of I think this might be a family member's car

  38. Terry Johnson

    I wonder how many miles it has now if you still have it

  39. shams kamalkhel

    20090000 miles I used VW 1.9 TDI still on the road 😂

  40. Alan Gutierrez

    If you think that's a lot my truck has over 2,000,000

  41. Leo Ramirez

    When and if you reach 1M miles, would it just cap at 999,999 or reset to 0

  42. Ford F-150guy01

    Cars have calcium
    Drink milk kids


    What happens when you send them a brand new oil?😂

    gabriel dauz

    U waste ur money on nonsense. And get results that is already in the back of the brandnew oil u just sent.

  44. Simeon Steidl

    Isn't it pronunced like "Molly bu denim"?

  45. Lawrence Lamb

    i like to see chrisfix work on a chevy cobait

  46. T Hare

    So you bought a brand new Mini-Van before you even old enough to drive?


    Family van. I thought that was pretty clear.

    T Hare

    @ChrisFix clear as that 8,000 mile oil in this video. The words "I've been driving since new" at 2:50, and "my" a couple of times in the first minute.... Anyways, I love the videos, learning a lot. Peace

  47. Independent_Mind

    Crucifix? Oh, ChrisFix, my bad.

  48. Marv

    I guess your anti freeze is a piece of shit

  49. Brian Hamilton

    You said you changed the oil every 5,000mi but you said the test oil had 8,000!?!?

  50. J Garc

    Runs a car for 8k without a oil change and claims to take very care of his car😂😂 remember to check your blinker fluid while your at it😉

  51. Plague Doctor • 5 years ago

    I am planning to try a test on my 2010 Chevy Silverado 1500 with 110,00p miles.

  52. DominickS8

    POS = Piece of shit

  53. Elite Warrior007

    How old is Chris? I thought he was in his early 20s but he’s gotta be way older than that if he said he’s driven this ‘95 Windstar since it was new

    April Foye

    He said his *family* has driven it since new, not him personally

    Elite Warrior007

    @April Foye Oh gotcha, I kinda figured that but wasnt sure

  54. TJ Golden

    I noticed at the bottom of the test result sheet the location of the company is named, it’s Fort Wayne, Indiana, that’s really close to me!

  55. Kinang Eagle

    The logo looks oddly like Coldstone’s logo 🤔


    Looks like your car has been doing some shady stuff.. i mean the pee test dont look good

  57. Magnus Sirius


  58. Dewayne Howse

    Using the same font as cold stone. Shame on them. 🤣🤣🤣

  59. Cs. PETI

    Why is his car smoking as hell

  60. Barack Hussein Obama II

    Do people sell high mileage pristine cars? That sounds kind of interesting to me

  61. Nose_Art_Guy_dotcom

    Well crap I thought it was gonna be a car that's never had the oil changed in 300K

  62. huseyin Kaya

    I got a 2002 Toyota Sequoia with 341,000 miles and it still runs strong.

    Brandon Elias

    huseyin Kaya that’s not that surprising those things run for ever 👌

  63. Zachsgreatchannel

    Ford shitstar

  64. SocksOnFeet

    I have a 93 ford f150 with 350,000 and a 97 ford e150 with 392,000, do I want to analyze them? no I dont want to know whats wrong with them as long as they keep moving I'm content haha

  65. Adam Hansen

    So does this van still live, or has it finally gone to car heaven?

  66. Anjan Ram

    The car's engine needs to be replaced before it breaks down

  67. Ricardo

    POS means positive for antifreeze present into the oil

    TheBsmith Images

    Ricardo or piece of shit

  68. John Day

    These are not send in sample tests, but some interesting tests are: fuel-air mix ratio before and after combustion chamber (you'll be very surprised of the fuel content in the exhaust!), send in a sample of your antifreeze, see if there is actually oil in your antifreeze (spoiler alert! Oil pressure is higher than coolant pressure), (this is a test of how the type of driving you do affects your fuel economy) there is an aftermarket fuel gauge that is super accurate, an option of the kit is to give you a minute by minute MPG as your car is driven. (People with heavy feet are paying for the fast-lane lifestyle!) Give me a yell if your interested in more suggestions. Great how-to videos! Thanks Chris!

  69. 000 000

    So basically ur engine is fucked

  70. Enough with the PC

    How much does this service cost?

  71. Austin Quinney

    At 8:37 , I instantly thought of "Piece of Sh**" as the meaning of POS, that's what my friends have always said 😂

  72. Dark Shadow

    How did you do 300k miles? Did you do a world tour or something on the car. 300k is a huge number. How old are you ?

    Pieter van Ham -FACP4001-

    Dark Shadow he bought it new from 95’

  73. doh loh


  74. doh loh


  75. Johnny Fernandez

    Chris's voice tone keeps getting more bummed as he goes down the list.

  76. Gabriel Jean

    POS in this situation mean positive like it tested positive for having coolant in the oil

    Dtg Shy

    Gabriel Jean I tought it could be possible but positive seems more logical

    The Ren

    False. It means Piece of Shit.

  77. sankymoves2000

    Is he from Fort Wayne

  78. GenFalcon

    POS= positive

  79. Jkh Zammit

    Chris can you help me ?

  80. Gary Wood

    pos means positive

  81. Baby-Batter1110

    I live In fortwayne indiana wtf I’m scared

  82. Jon Wisham

    You would think he would change his oil but the sticker logo was citgo oil

  83. TheTechCguy

    And that's how, over time and eventually, a brand new car slowly starts to die. Like a human life.

  84. MrKeef

    who the hell dislikes these videos

  85. Mob Parkour

    Fam how have u been driving this since new if your like 25 years old 30 max


    Mob Parkour he’s 40

    Mob Parkour

    @KG8445 no hes not

  86. Ryder Plays

    0:01 white smoke out of the exhaust

  87. Layarion

    can you make a video showing how you solve the antifreeze in your engine problem? or can you not do anything about that?

  88. Dante Bennet

    Trash car

  89. عمر الشريف

    Nice video

  90. Michael Placzek

    Old Chris...

  91. TheTennesseeTittyTickler

    First off Oil Analysis test are total BULLSHIT. If they truly are testing the oil they don't need to know shit about how many miles it has on it and what vehicle it came out of. It all an ( algorithm ), they aren't testing shit.
    To prove my point, change your oil, run the new oil for 500 miles, drain it and send in one sample and put it has 11,000 miles with no vehicle description, send in another sample from the same batch of 500 mile oil 3 weeks later and put it has 4,000 miles with no vehicle description. Sit back and wait for the sample results and you'll realize how much of a scam and bullshit it is. And people are paying money for that crap! It's a scam!

  92. Turborider

    POS = piece of shit

  93. Omar Zowila

    My dads 2004 Chevrolet Suburban has 300,000+ miles and it only had about 2 oil changes and my dad used synthetic oil and he barely changed the oil in his car because of the oil he put in the engine

  94. FaZeGAMER 1080

    Antifreeze: PIECE OF SH!T


    U should try and fix like the head gasket and see if u get better results or something maybe do it on ur mustang and see if u can improve the quality of life on it

  96. jenexo

    My father bought an 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser since new (2008) and its his daily drive car he got 500,000+ km on it (more than 300,000 miles) it’s don’t have any problems only the ac stop working sometimes because Dubai is an hot country 🤷🏻‍♂️

    100,000 Subscribers With Daily Videos Challenge ❶

    Wow nice bro i lived in dubai when i was young

  97. Lĩnh Trần

    Your dropbox link of Oil Analysis Data Sheet is not found. Can you upload a new one?