Miles, Chris - All In Your Mind Lyrics

She said it's all in your mind...

So it's all in my mind
Walk in a room and I could feel like all of the eyes
And all of the odds are in favor of me I guess
So baby tell me why I seem so stressed, I got to vent to darling
You're the only one I that I admire (oh)
Girl you know I ain't no liar
And if I'm ever wildin' out you're my Mariah
Well not anymore
But I'm just trying to get beside ya
Whether it's the week or the weekend
We can be B.F.F's
My mamacita, she always tell me
Don't worry, I got you, I'm just like okay
Then she leaned over and told me

That it's all in your mind
She said it's all in your mind [x3]

Baby take me to a paradise where the airs nice and it's cool
Infatuated by the camera lights but I need a night by the pool
I can slice you up some citrus like I'm a samurai with the fruit
I ain't never been a romantic type but I guess I try with you-uuuu aye
And I hope she know my name
Cause emotional different the physic of when it be coming right down to the pain
Live in the rain
But I need sunshine sometimes at least aye
Wonder why you make my heart just jump a beat girl come with me right now
And we can go
To a place, where you don't need to know
About a thing, except ourselves
My brain is crazy baby tell me can you help


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    Hey man check out my music tell me what you think?

  2. That white kid

    mannn I like it keep doing what your doing if only I could show u how I can rap and help me with my music I've been using my tablet and they sound weird but yeah hmu mayne


    Thats cool man! Everyone has to start somewhere, if you ever would share your talent just send me an email on: [email protected]

  3. ChillySounds.

    Enjoy this new great song from Chris Miles! Make sure to show him some love <3