Miles, Chris - 80 Bars Pt. IV Lyrics

Every sentence I flow got them questioning
Who is this youngin’ that going better than half of these dudes
Get my bags and come through, just tell all of these idiots to kill it like Krugger
Go silly and stupid, got shit on my mind, need to release it I think that it’s time,
that I show them my story and all of shine I keep going ‘til all I see is the sun

Sicker than your average cause damage
Offspring of Mister Mathers when I rap shit yes
The most rejected [?] collected, getting emcees stressed
Best ‘til death, not cocky, I just must confess, yes
Got some shit on my plate like the chef was taking laxatives
Relaxing in the lab, spitting raps ‘til I get asthma quick
These fake dudes be acting like they know me, but they don’t
These phony homies get annoying so I gotta let them know

That I’m ill, all the way from the snapback down to the heels
I got skill and it’s real, I’m for real
Look, never took a day off ‘cause I spit that heat
Ripping these different instrumentals ‘til they sick of me
Just tryna get that cheese, but I hope that shit is not no mousetrap
I’m never gonna flop, but if I flop you know I bounce back
How’s that? The youngest one to kill it getting bigger
Why these lames who said I’ve never get to do it looking silly

I was bullied and beat up, but now I’m kicking my feet up
They said I ain’t gonna be nothing but now they pay for a feature
I tell ‘em hop off, I dropped off like the [?] was too heavy
And that flow hot sauce, you, your fam, and your posse ain’t ready
I’m tryna cop a Mercedes, even though I can’t drive
But I get shaking like Katy, baby you know I’m the flyest
Most dopest with the rhyming, boy I’m really ‘bout to get it
I ain’t ever gonna let up, let me tell you who I am

Yo, pardon me while I beat the beat with the beat
I don't even know if the shit I say is legal
Got my [?] besides me
But, they don t know that I rap
So I told them that I rap
And now that shit is a wrap
The way I flow leave ‘em spun head
But, I head butt, butt head
The best youngin’ yet
So get to the success
You would think that I’m possessed
Never call me second place
Let me say what s on my brain
I gotta confess, look

I body rappers for hobbies
I might be faster than half these of these other lames
Who be claiming that they causing ruptures
I don’t think so, I spit flows like drips from the sink though
Too cold for these fools, they already on their sixth coat
Get zero dinero at the moment but I’m killing it
They in denial like pharaoh's that this kid is really spitting
Trying to get rich while they get broke
Hello I’m the [?] I got one thing to say yeah give me the loot

I’m living my dreams
I ain't even got my eyes closed
Went from kids hating
To saying, wow, bro
Used to get rejected like my checking account low
Now I’m getting love from heads that I never met though
Make room for the kid I’m coming to kick these sick flows
They gon' see my shine when I ball like disco
For real though
These weak foes is no one compared to your boy
It’s that youngin’ from the east coast who making some noise

Weed can't put my mind strong
Heat flow, but my rhymes raw
Beasting in every time zone
Please be gone I’m a tyrant
Three emcees couldn't conquer
Mean ‘cause I’m spitting shit that you couldn't see out a llama
See a demon [?] me and the raps I’m kicking
Have these rappers dissing Kendrick
Man y'all ain't even get mentioned
Nobody see y’all as threats
That’s the reason why you stressing
I’m only 14 and I know you just trying to get attention

Yo, [?] say wassup to your girl
Trying to get a couple dollars
And [?]
If you need me then just holler
Cause I' m everywhere for real
This is me, myself, and I
So I don't care about how you feel
I'm real, no lie
Keep it trill, that’s right
And in order to take victory
You gotta cut most of your ties
Get it?
I spit that violent shit
That flow be getting more [?]
Not stopping then
And I can't lose
Yeah, there’s nothing I can’t do
I rap through these dumb dudes
Who tongue tied and don’t compare
My tracks get ‘em stuck
Why do you fools think you could come near

Call Mister Carter, tell him I’m here waiting
Just making these creations daily ‘til my teeth breaking
And yo, these days for Pete sakes it’s hard to say you made a song
Working in the lab until I’m top of entertainment
Ain’t gonna stop until I’m chilling with some veterans, like yes
Instead of writing at a desk in school, I’m focused on success
I was listening to Hova, getting further with the raps
And now I might be in my zone, doing stuff you can’t imagine

Man I had to do this justice, I ain’t got no other choice
I be doing what I do but you still focused on my voice
Flowing oceans call me Moses when I post these videos
A trick you know, on a pony, pronounce every syllable
If an emcee bragging get hammered, think he can touch me
I spit 80 bars four times, that’s like 320 over 30
Different beats and every single one was money
I used to live in cloudy days, now every single one is sunny
(So how does it feel, like I’m dying)

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Miles, Chris 80 Bars Pt. IV Comments
  1. Young Savage

    Lil Shady


    not anymore lmao mans fell off huge

    delante thomas

    First off m is m fuck dick heads talking but this lil nigga follow da master an he got da torch now

  2. Fischstix95

    this kid goes hard

    jason waters

    Hes different now you think this was fire look him up now

  3. Lacey Berry

    Hey Chris miles I’m a rapper to Mom do you wanna know my YouTube channel and read real Freestyle rap bro I need to be in the studio sound quality in that good or are you keep doing what you doing you killing another tractor gone remember we ride to die


    You know he's like 19-20 years old now?

  4. Tony Long

    No diss to this,
    I liked 80 bars. And thought he was gonna be big. But that line about the illuminati killed his career.... OR DID IT BUILD IT? Stay tuned!!!!

  5. Pxnda BeaT You

    this was my favorite one he dropped

  6. Steve Dubb

    What rapper wears another rappers brand ? Fucking corny little beaver looking fuck

  7. Cyberish Ghost

    Ur awesome chris

  8. Non Ya

    What's the name of the second beat


    Non Ya meek mill - lean with it

  9. Todd Fairl

    Lil dude is a Savage..

  10. David Wheeler

    I've heard this song dozens of times and I still cannot believe this 13 year old wrote and rapped this. Insane! Someone HAd to of helped, I mean I thought all 13 y olds were like me then stuff like gonna get in a fight it's gonna be tight lol. Funny as he sounds worse the older he gets but this is better than most of the famous gay rappers these days.

    Zach Barr

    David Wheeler that’s what I was thinking too. Like looking back at when I was 13 I wouldn’t of thought of none of this shit. Let alone the cleverness behind his words. But then again you never know. Everyone has their talents. Regardless who wrote it, he still put a phenomenal style and flow to it. Can’t do nothing but respect it

  11. TheRealDugga

    How do I find these many songs in 1 beat instrumental for 80

  12. Whitehammer817

    He's so big now

  13. Jimmy GoldChain

    Why did he take these off of his channel

    Gracyn Frank

    +Jimmy GoldChain ikr


    he did what token did, they were ashamed of what they wrote when they were a kid even tho it was pree sick.