Mikky Ekko - Not The One Lyrics

Lay you down, feel you up
On my lord, oh
Built to spill, like your breath
Underneath my coast
I believe, I believe
I repent, oh
Take me back, take me in
Come for me, yours

Cause I could be the one you want
The one you never have to lie
If only for the night

Oh but, I'm not the one
I'm not the one
I'm just the one you want for now
After all the one you want
Never seems to come around
Cross your heart and let it slide
Straight into another life

Like a friend, once again
Just a hand you hold
I confess, I pretend
Never been quit sure

Cause I could be the one you want
The one you never have to lie
If only for the night

Oh but, I'm not the one
I'm not the one
I'm just the one you want for now
After all the one you want
Never seems to come around
Cross your heart and let it slide
Straight into another life
Straight into another life
Straight into another life

Yeah love can be deceiving
Waiting for a feeling
When there's no time
Can't stop you for leaving
What I still believe in
Believe in

I'm not the one
I'm not the one
I'm just the one you want for now
After all the one you want
Never seems to come around
Cross your heart and let it slide
Straight into another life
Oh oh, straight into another life
Oh oh, straight into another life

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Mikky Ekko Not The One Comments
  1. Sofia Paint


  2. Jan Derlukiewicz

    I dig it and think most of us try to understand teens cuz that's where future is ;p

  3. José Ludeña


  4. Max West

    damn clay have a good taste of music...

  5. Yaman Mayassi


  6. True Blue

    omg, this reminds me of something

  7. Aly Mcatear

    Here we are face to face a couple of silver spoons. No one else hearing it?

  8. james cruz

    Saw him live last night, and I have to say recordings do not do his amazing voice justice

  9. ya caiste perro el FBI

    Comoartan este video en sus redes sociales esta muy buena

  10. Samantha Curry

    Saw him do this live last night and it was amazing! He also preformed like 4 unreleased songs and said that he was going to be very active for the next month...guys an album is definitely coming soon.

  11. yosra nasri


  12. Willy P


  13. Justin M

    Who is the producer on this track??

  14. Mrl

    Red likes dude, dude likes blonde, blonde likes red

  15. Vincent M.

    He looks amazing with the beard

  16. Taylor Jackson

    My question is what did she say to her at the end because it was lip reading but she smiled afterwards any guesses?

  17. Dexius tornado

    love this song, it gives me thrills!!

  18. Libby Berry

    I'll be seeing him at the end of May with Fitz & the Tantrums. I know I'll cry when I hear this song live but I can't wait for it.

  19. Yaman Mayassi

    love this so much 💖💖

  20. Dennis C.

    Saw him perform on Thursday and I honestly feel like his music doesn’t do him justice compared to his live performance, one of the most powerful voices I’ve heard ever, insanely good!

    martin baranowski

    Dennis C. brooklyn steel baby, My thoughts exactly

    Jan Derlukiewicz

    Jelly of live

  21. martin baranowski

    Got a handshake from you during your show in brooklyn steel when you walked through the crowd singing "stay". Not sure if you read these but I just wanted to let you know that me and my lady enjoyed you more then the headliner. You gained two new fans last night. Keep killing it.

  22. mia ?????

    just saw you last night- you rested your head on my head during "stay" n now you got a new fan. xx

  23. Pete &Pete


  24. Luigi Arantes

    Você é maravilhoso, eu amo você, abraço do Brasil 🇧🇷 Nós te amamos ♥

  25. Boozie Bear

    classic love triangle. Loved hearing him for the first time sunday with Borns

  26. Bus Haisl

    Awesome 😉

  27. CAM! PI

    Cuánto amo esta canción 😍😍😍

  28. Hope Renee Sullins


  29. linden carlos

    It's a three way love. The Pixie Blond likes the Run Lola Run Orange hair girl. But the Run Lola Run Orange Hair girl likes the Russian dude. But he likes the Pixie Blonde

    Brian Stone

    ok I needed that...I couldn't figure it out!

    Taylor Jackson

    Haha same i couldnt figure it out


    linden carlos otherwise known as a love triangle lol

    Steven Stebbins

    Carlos tell ramone nice

  30. mark g

    underrated artists are so mch better than the mainstream one,so true

    Arun Levjat

    You consider this guy not mainstream? Don’t get me wrong I love his music, but he’s by no means not mainstream.

  31. Ana Carolina Maciel

    Wow... Beautiful ❤️

  32. Tiffany

    saw you open for borns tonight and i have to say you are so incredibly talented i am blown away. beautiful video as well

  33. Steven Milstead

    Nice yellow. If u want to see some of my pics of M. Go to google +. Thanks.

  34. Taller Tales


  35. spooky stylinson

    i love this soooo much

  36. Emmia B

    Im not really getting the video!!!

    Abbey Tinkler

    Emmia B the blonde is in love with the redhead but the redhead is in love with the guy, and the guy is in love with the blonde so the redhead gets his attention by kissing the blonde who he likes (and who likes her)

  37. grace

    I’m speechless yet again... I saw him perform this live February 6th and I’m still blown away.

  38. Zebasz HD


  39. dranilo

    Love this 💓

  40. João Thonny

    HINOOOOOOOOOO SIMMMMMMMMMMM. E esse clipe bicho ♡♡♡ mdssss AMEI 😍💜

  41. Luis Rocha

    awesome performer

  42. Jenny Aline

    Why is Mikky so underrated?


    @I'm looking for the tower of learning And Arianna Grande is super unique and interesting right?

    I'm looking for the tower of learning

    @Losorian not to me. she has a great voice, some bangers, and some Mariah Carey vibes, but I find her ultimately very boring and milquetoast.

    Psalm Pollock

    @I'm looking for the tower of learning what? real, genuine emotions aren't exciting?

    I'm looking for the tower of learning

    real genuine emotions aren't exciting in themselves. moving presentations of those emotions are exciting ... and all his work I've listened to is milquetoast.

    Ranne123 456

    It’s the beard!

  43. private account

    an ICONIC artist <3

  44. Edson Melendez

    Dude I've been following your music for more than 5 years and I love it! Keep going

    hps hps

    Edson Melendez I don't wanna sound creepy but seriously most of our list is same 😂😂😂

    Edson Melendez

    hps hps Im from Costa Rica! LoL! I just love music

    hps hps

    Edson Melendez I'm from Haryana . I was surprised jus that 😂😂


    Saw him perform this live and it was just as amazing

  46. Clarabelle Prado


    Hantz Hessouh

    hahah same

  47. Little Rioter

    The song is freaking awesome!!
    And Mikky looks a little bit like Jesus 😂

  48. Cesar Gabriel

    Perfeito ameiii 😍😍😍😍

  49. dmonsar

    Love it!!!

  50. Rodrigo Colina.

    This is good. Good. #Venezuela

  51. Michaela

    my ears are B L E S S E D

  52. Michael J

    Amazing !!!!!

  53. Андрей Зоткин

    Great song! Loooove it!

  54. Rozilda Maria da Conceição Silva

    Meu deus o canta mt

  55. Richard Readey

    This is such a tune, absolutely love it. I hope the marketing is on point for ya boi cause the talent is already there!

  56. Bryan Michael

    Made for playing LOUD!!!

  57. Iran Santos

    brazil here

  58. Francisco Flores


    Amazing song!

  59. 이지현

    I love this.....

  60. emdots

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!


    Homeboy needs to find a new girl to stare at they are lesbians!

  61. Valoche

    I love to see how they're different and how love can appear unexpectedly in an uncommon way. And I like Light the way too, these are two songs that reached my heart!

  62. Debora Tamara

    Tao maravilhoso deveria ter mais reconhecimento 😍

  63. sweet cherry


  64. Aneta Řezníčková

    New song. Yeahhhh 😆

  65. Rosa Falcon

    💚💚💚💚 yeaaaa! Me encanta ,

  66. Megghy Leo

    Amazing mikky! Waiting for You in italy! Love u 🌈💙

  67. Karen Gonzalez


    Elvis Thompson

    yes I would

  68. Sabine García Flores

    Yasssss ✨

  69. Laura Kinney

    Love it!

  70. Mateusolivieira

    Mikky Ekko - Time 😍

  71. thi b

    can't wait for the new album

  72. asava17

    Yasss. This song is really emotional.

  73. Emma

    Perfect song

  74. WeBurnDaBox !!