Mike Oldfield - Earth Moving Lyrics

I hear a voice from paradise,
Looks like a new day dawning.
So clear, I just open my eyes.
Can't you hear the voice calling?

I feel a rush in the air tonight,
I can feel the Earth moving.
Love is a beacon, a guiding light.
Can't you feel the Earth moving?

Feel the Earth move,
Now I'm wrapped in a sweet love's arms.
Reaching out for you.
There's something magic in the air tonight,
I can feel the Earth move.

And it moves me.
Can't you hear the voice calling?
Looks like a new day dawning.

Reach out - it's a leap in the dark,
But there's no danger of falling.
Give out, give it straight from the heart.
You feel like thunder rolling.

I feel a rush in the air tonight,
I can feel the Earth moving.
Love is a beacon, a guiding light.
Can't you feel the Earth moving?

[Repeat Chorus]

And it moves me.
Can't you hear the voice calling?
It feels like thunder rolling.

[Repeat Chorus]

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Mike Oldfield Earth Moving Comments
  1. Jan Židlický

    Dont eat meet! Haré Krišna!

  2. robcheerful

    What a voice!

  3. Laura Black

    Am I the only one laughing at the music video? Wth is going on? (Also look up the disco remix if you want to hear something hilarious and fun)

  4. Jorge Escolar

    Great song!!!! It makes me to dream :)

  5. Patrizia Pintus

    I love this Voice. I listen this song since 1990/1991... Nikki 💜

  6. Patrik Smith

    Such a powerful track! Love it!

  7. stvjful

    I have no idea why this song wasn’t more popular - it is really amazing. Not only has she got a FANTASTIC voice, but the song is really moving (If you’ll pardon the unintentional pun!) too!
    10/10 for me!

  8. John Katon

    dreadful !!!!

  9. Juanmi Ayala

    Me parece un muy buen disco ochentero. Y sí, no suena a mike oldfield, ¿y qué más da si es bueno? Peor me parece que saque veinte reinterpretaciones distintas de tubullar bells en veinte discos distintos en veinte años distintos. Y sí, ommadamn me parece magistral, pero infumable amarok; Como el beaubourg o invisible connections de vangelis, al lado de opera sauvage o antarctica. Las patatas fritas y huevos fritos son en muchas ocasiones deliciosas, no solo el falso suspiro de tiramissu de dentón a las finas hiervas provenzales con seleccion de setas de temporada al dente bañadas en curcuma souffle y trufa blanca

  10. Bartek Pelc

    Masterpiece...<129 k views is a symbol o human race downfall. Greetings from Poland!

  11. Billy Goat

    Pop music sucks! I guess he needed money.

    Nessun Dorma My Way

    You guess?,just with his first and most emblematic Tubular Bells album...he became multimillonaire making a shit ton without the need to tour,just with the benefits of sales

  12. The Lady Of Shalott

    Feel the earth mooooove!!!! <3<3<3

  13. Ruby IsRight

    "I can feel it"

  14. Bede Kelcher

    l luv ths song sooooooooooo mutch!!

  15. Boris Yello

    This is, hands down, one of the the most powerful vocal performances from a female singer EVER! Oldfield made a great choice to work with Nicki Bentley for this song.
    It works perfectly. The raw power in her voice on this recording is absolutely amazing.
    Nicky B passed away at the age of 48 of breast cancer.

    Nikki Lamborn

    Hi Tom, I didn't die, I promise!! My real name is Nikki Lamborn and my band is called Never the Bride. Check us out at www.neverthebride.com   
    Thank you for your wonderful comment about my voice. x Come to a gig some time if you're around. x

    Boris Yello

    Holy Crap! My CD liner on the "Earth Moving" CD credits "Nikki 'B' Bentley" of "B Force" as the singer . A fracking Wiki link gave me some jive about about a Nikki B Bentley person in London dying of breast cancer!!!
    Was there some contractual reasons for the different names?
    Anyway, 'm so sorry for the confusion.
    May you live long and prosper!
    Also, Ms Lamborn, I stand by every word about your vocal awesomeness on that song! That was epic!

    John Katon

    his worst album

    Tullietto Affernik

    I wonder who is this Nicky B who died in 2009... I was confused too and I'm really glad that this wonderful voice is still with us, hope for a long time still. There's an article in theguardian.com of a death of a Nicky B and it seems their job was similar. I was deceived too. I won't report the article to create not other confusion.

  16. David Herrera

    Hermosa cancion

  17. patcharisma

    I loved Mike since 1968 - but this is was just simply bad and heart-tearing "Schlager"... :(
    (Pat, Switzerland)

    Martin Ziggy

    This is not a schlager. This is in fact one of Oldfield's best songs.

  18. Pepe Hurricane

    What a fantastic song!!!!! Love the voice of Nikki Lamborn.

    Nikki Lamborn

    Thank you Pepe. x
    Please like our Facebook page Never the Bride x Its Nikki Lamborn btw. x

    David Ensor

    Nikki Lamborn what an amazing voice. She really should pay for my new woofers though.

    Peter Charles

    I always thought it was Nikki "B" Bentley singing

  19. JJ MOKS

    Trés bonne chanson... enfin! tout est BON de le  grand MIKE...

    Marie-Christine Oliver

    C'est ça!

    Timothee Hoarau

    ah oui Mike mon enfance

  20. taranisw

    That scream at 3:47 <3

    William Laliberté


    Andrzej B.

    Very funny

  21. Sandy Pfeifer

    Who is the female voice?


    Nikki 'B' Bentley

    Nikki Lamborn

    These days known as Nikki Lamborn x. Thanks for asking x 
    Band Never The Bride. x

    Greg Tell

    The best voice I've ever heard.

  22. Markus


  23. Alonso de Hojeda

    Excellent upload, thank you!

    Edit...is this a remix?

    Robert Steed

    You are mistaken.

    Gerhard Van der Westhuizen

    Sounds exactly like the album version, there's a remix on the "Platinum Collection" 3cd compilation.

    João Teles

    @Gerhard Van der Westhuizen, that's the disco version which was originally released as a b-side on Earth Moving Single Releases from 1989.

    Gerhard Van der Westhuizen

    Yes, the disco version was on The Platinum Collection.


    @ Alonson de Hojeda : This is the single version. And yes, this version is different (additional synth in the beginning, different guitar solo at the end...)