Mike Oldfield - Amarok Lyrics

Hello everyone. I suppose you think that nothing much is happening at the moment. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha. Well, that's what I want to talk to you all about; endings. Now, endings normally happen at the end. But as we all know, endings are just beginnings. You know, once these things really get started, it's jolly hard to stop them again. However, as we have all come this far, I think, under the circumstances the best solution is that we all just keep going. Let's keep this going in sight, never an ending. Let's remember that this world wants fresh beginnings. I feel here, in this country, and throughout the world, we are crying out for beginnings, beginnings. We never want to hear this word "endings". I know we all want to sit down. I know you want to take it easy. Of course we're looking for the good. Of course we're looking for the fresh start.

Isn't that charming? Do you know, I really feel I could dance.
Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha... Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha... charming... ha-ha-ha...

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Mike Oldfield Amarok Comments
  1. Beamy Beams

    it keeps on starting it keeps on ending, mike showed us eternity trough music

  2. Ambienfinity Music

    I adore this album, like I adore everything Mike does. Like all his music, Amarok is a wonderfully inventive, beautifully musical, varied, surprising and amusing album. At a single, hour long, track and morse guitar lines telling your boss what you think of him, it's also probably the longest f** off note in musical history! I love this album and sitll listen to it a lot. It's soooo Mike. Everything is beautifully played, so while it's an angry protest album in one way, it's also one of his greatest achievement - so I think we should all thank Richard Branson. A work of mad genius, but genius, none the less.

  3. A Sammler

    Great stuff -- truly avant and oh so musical.

    Shame about the Angry Frodo picture.

  4. franky9fingers

    Amazinkkkk..but the last 15min are the pinnacle of genius. Thx M.O.

  5. Peter Charles

    I always though on the part titled Roses from 9.55, they were singing F#'kin hell lol - which would be cool if it was true. Does anyone know the 'true' words

  6. Marcos Iglesias Villar

    Entre los seres humanos no abundan los genios. Cuando los tenemos delante es vital el cogerlos y no soltarlos. Por supervivencia.

  7. Felipe C. Coelho

    Progressive Masterpice... It's a beautiful journey till the very end... I remember the first time I hear it. Pure ecxtasy! This album is like a pray for me...

  8. Miguel Baptista

    300 000 views, 2000 likes? Weird.
    Great work of art by the master. The beggining is a bit overwhelming though, wish he could record it will less intrusive dynamics.
    Thanks for sharing,. Godbless.

  9. Coneman3

    It lacked the emotional intensity of much of his earlier work, but there are some nice bits in there. There's a nostalgic, reflective side to it which is nice, lots of air. It's ironic that Mike's career has spanned massive changes in recording technology from hugely expensive early multitrack to full digital multitrack, now affordable by many amateurs, yet his creativity has diminished if anything. I also can't help but wonder what he would have done if the technology we have now had been available at the start of his career. He was always pushing the boundaries of what technology could allow him to do, but as technology gave more possibilities, his creativity diminished, although this is probably more due to the length of his career and ageing. This has also been reflected in modern music in general. Instead of unleashing creativity, technology has tended mainly to encourage laziness and diminish creativity/hard work. Like most things, I'm sure the answer is deep and even goes into cultural reasons etc.. I have felt sometimes that there are in some ways too many options which technology gives us, and this can lead to being overwhelmed rather than excited to explore. Hence Mike's return to mainly acoustic instruments on this album and RTO? With Mike, he has been in a fairly unique position, being the creative composer as well as the technical person making the recordings, partly because the 2 are often inextricably linked. It's hard for anyone to do both well, but this is part of Mike's genius.

  10. timothy wait

    that Trance music that starts at 44.50 is somthing Armin van burren and above and beyound could play with as its wonderful

  11. timothy wait

    when i was a boy i used to envite my mates around for this and laugh at them jumping

  12. timothy wait

    the most exciting Mike Oldfield album and when your not used to it i am very used to it but when your not a very Jumpy album

  13. Dario Durà Armadans

    5:44 is the best moment of my entire music experience!


    What about the bit at 12:45?

  14. Dario Durà Armadans

    Still my favorite piece of musical "disart"

  15. Nicholas Keough

    I think the few seconds after the 32-minute mark summarize the whole thing pretty well.

  16. stephane marais

    terrible album

    timothy wait

    its good wont's you get into it

  17. Chaowat Srichaba

    This is my first CD album I bought.

    Dario Durà Armadans

    Cd? Lucky you! I got ommadawn!

  18. 23101979T

    Fala brate!!

  19. CZ Period

    Possibly the most complicated song ever made. Truly amazing.....

  20. Craigevansagain

    Some trivia which I gathered with help from my friends at Tubular.net. The "Scot" pieces were reworkings of an unused Pink Floyd-esque jam tune which appears on the Tubular Bells demos at the end of the demos, "Peace Demo A" and "Peace Demo B". A lost Tubular Bells demo also featured an early version of the "Hoover" piece were Mike originally used his mother's hoover to create a grumbling bagpipe drone.

  21. Rudy Toot

    From around 6:00 to 6:18 this almost sounds like an old Queen song! That's a sound not achieved very often.

  22. Christian Black

    This is (in my humble opinion) the greatest album ever made, and the single most important musical work in modern times.

    Dario Durà Armadans

    And future! So influential in many ways, and so atemporal at the same time!

  23. Caddl1970

    From 44:50..what is this song???

    I know it since long times but no name.. can anyboy say it??

    timothy wait

    its zulo dancing to trance music and very beautiful

  24. Sean Graham Hudspeth

    Chuckling to myself how much of a trolling this album was to Richard Branson when they fell out. :D I love it's utter discordance. :)

  25. Paul Smith

    The best Mike Oldfield album, period, even if it's maybe not the best introduction to his music.

    Joseph Bennett

    Ironically, your 'period' was followed by a comma.

  26. moncho Aguilera

    Muchos pasajes tienen un aire a tubular bells 2, yo lo veo como demos a ése álbum. Mike es un músico extraordinario.

  27. Miklos Szalai

    Mike Oldfield the best forever. Wonderful musicians

  28. daniel lee

    why does this alum scream folk tales at me ! its amazing

  29. Zoom Zoom

    that ending is soooo powerful>!!! africa mother of earth <3

  30. Dyonis Cheseaux

    La source d'inspiration ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE70gBDxuYA

  31. Erik Pørtner Jensen

    Be very carefull with your speakers and ears. Very high dynamic!! The best album from Mike Oldfield - i think...

  32. Chrisbajs

    1. Ommadawn
    2. Hergest Ridge
    3. Tubular Bells.

    4. This.


    Incantations nicht vergessen. Ich meine is von 78. War ich 16. Aber sonst : Gute Wahl...!


    Brüder im Geiste! Weisste. Und nicht zu vergessen "Watch" von Manfred Mann. Damals auf nem Universum Plattenspieler von Neckermann oder Quelle. Schrecklicher Sound aber wir waren hip. Frag nicht nach den Klamotten...kein Kommentar...

  33. Chelfyn

    Virgin didn't give this any marketing, so when I walked into the record store, and found a new Oldfield album I was stunned. I only just had enough money on me to buy it on cassette, so I popped it into the walkman for my 45 minute bus ride home. I missed my stop by 15 minutes, and had to walk back several miles, because I was so entranced, and didn't come out of my reverie until the music had ended.

  34. Jim Wright

    What an amazing mix of brilliant music and absolute nonsense! Shades of Brian May in the guitar playing. And I was happy to hear that I'm not the only person who brushes his teeth musically.

    Rudy Toot

    Yes, definite shades of Brian May! I've never thought that about anybody else's playing. Maybe there's science-y reasons for the similarity. I'm just glad to hear it. Great tones!

  35. David Fournel

    WHAT A FANTASTIC ALBUM !!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU MIKE !!!!!!!!!

  36. Tarkus James

    I have listened to this album so much throughout my life, I know every note like the back of my hand. Inarguably top 3 albums ever made

  37. Valen Gu

    The greatest album un music history

  38. Shawn O'Bray

    Still not sure? Try headphones and a darkened room. You'll get it.

    Maynard G. Krebs

    I agree....nice headphones is the only way.

  39. Parkdale

    Lighthouses are neat.

  40. Mateo Giménez

    Todos los fans de este álbum deberíamos crear una civilización desde cero.

  41. lotakimu

    Mike Oldfield=Leonardo Da Vinci

  42. Tage Poulsen

    MASTERPIECE. 'Nuff said.

  43. Christine Robinson

    Tubular Bells will always be my favorite, but I'm enjoying this immensely, especially the 2nd half.

  44. Philip Beattie

    all time classic.

  45. Elio Venegoni

    Mike Oldfield=genius, genius, genius!

  46. אופיר ט.

    well... so lovely, to me its was always reflecting the stress in our life.. the mouse chasing we are all in... and the ambitious for relaxing, for silence... for nirvana... for happiness.... thanks you mike for everything.

  47. Lee Thomas

    Fast Riff 18:00
    Lion 19:57 and Lion Reprise 36:04 my absolute favourite parts on the album.

  48. Nick Allen-Friel

    This is the LONGEST song ever. I’ve never heard of any song other than this one that is an hour long

  49. Irina Mihajlovic

    Bravo. Hvala.

  50. MiGuSwede -


  51. Craigevansagain

    Janet Brown, the Margaret Thatcher impersonator at the end of this great album, also played Maggie at the end of the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only when she congratulates Bond on a very successful mission.

  52. Jon Hlasney

    God gives a little more to those who understand.

  53. fabrice buthey

    great album it follow me everywhere since a long time. Mike you awake me to the music. tubular bells ommadown découvert and the GREAT amarock big thanks

  54. Kate Carlisle

    Turd shame we have to be offered shit for chocolate. What's wrong with the original,?!!!

  55. Paul Barry

    I can't believe that this album is nearly 30 years old. I remember buying this on vinyl when it came out and it just gets better with age.

  56. RockaRoller Man

    Genial álbum/canción. Muy bueno. Durará una hora pero se hace corto de lo envolvente y mágico que es. Obra maestra absoluta

  57. pata lata

    very well

  58. Darek Misiek

    Keyboard Morse : FUCK OFF RB

  59. jobris

    à écouter sans modération!!!! Quel plaisir!!!

  60. salrova69

    Obra maestra del siglo XX

  61. Trussemaze

    When your favourite album is also your favourite song.

    rémy Delva

    Ha ha ha (total)!!!

  62. Erik W Nielsen

    Trivial bonus info: Amarok (amaroq) means Wolf in Greenlandic / Inuktitut. Great album but a bit too intrusive to be used as background music, while I Work.

  63. Peter Green

    Will stick this on today after I've done Ommadawn and Music of the Spheres. Happy birthday Mike. Many happy returns on your 66th

    Dario Durà Armadans

    Happy diwali to you :P

  64. Irina Richards

    58:44 still gives me all the goosebumps, even after 20+ years of listening to this album. Happy Birthday Maestro!

  65. siamese[s] official channel

    The best track of the time. Thanks Mister Oldfield.

  66. Zachary Smith

    O paraíso certamente terá a discografia de Oldfield a nossa disposição

  67. Andrew Kostelnyk

    Amarok was intended to be Ommadawn 2- Mike even hinted as much- this album is so superior to Return to Ommadawn- Mike s guitar playing amazing

  68. SUMO Fans Germany

    fuck off r b

  69. poddypoldi

    Love that section: 5:46 - 6:20. True Oldfield.

  70. José Hurtado

    Extraordinaria obra...uno de mis albums favoritos...

  71. José Hurtado

    La pieza que más me gustó fue la de: "soltera"... "Soltera"... xD...

  72. Zach Scott

    For a hour long fuck you to executive mismanagement this is quite good.

  73. 72marshflower15

    To all those voted down... I was once you... once without nature or taste...

  74. Jason Alvarez

    Facinante todos sus álbumes grandioso !!!! 😀😀

  75. jesus bonsom

    Fast Riff Intro - 0:00
    Intro - 2:32
    Climax I (12 Strings) - 5:46
    Soft Bodhran - 6:18
    Rachmaninov I - 7:20
    Soft Bodhran 2 - 8:35
    Rachmaninov II - 9:29
    Roses - 9:56
    Reprise I (Intro) - 10:42
    Scot - 12:45
    Didlybom - 13:16
    Mad Bit - 15:00
    Run In - 15:56
    Hoover - 16:11
    Fast Riff - 18:00
    Lion - 19:57
    Fast Waltz - 21:57
    Stop - 23:42
    Mad Bit 2 - 24:33
    Fast Waltz 2 - 24:46
    Mandolin - 25:06
    Intermission - 26:07
    Boat - 26:23
    Intro Reprise 2 - 29:27
    Big Roses - 32:07
    Green Green - 33:13
    Slow Waltz - 34:24
    Lion Reprise - 36:04
    Mandolin Reprise - 37:05
    TV am / Hoover / Scot - 37:47
    Fast Riff Reprise - 39:50
    Boat Reprise - 42:22
    12 Rep / Intro Waltz - 43:32
    Green Reprise - 44:12
    Africa I: Far Build - 44:46
    Africa I: Far Dip - 48:00
    Africa I: Pre Climax - 48:46
    Africa I: 12 Climax - 49:32
    Africa I: Climax I - 50:24
    Africa II: Bridge - 51:00
    Africa II: Riff - 51:17
    Africa II: Boats - 51:34
    Africa II: Bridge II - 51:52
    Africa II: Climax II - 52:10
    Africa III: Baker - 54:22

  76. Francisco Delgado Barredo

    Amo Amarok

  77. Henry Widdas

    This is great, weird, funky, serene, magical, it's Oldfield goodness

  78. Coneman3

    I really wish he'd used more synth! ;-)

  79. Dirk Schrauwen

    Virgin Records wanted him to release it as Tubular Bells II. He refused, so it was boycotted and became his worst selling album. If everyone who adores it bought one copy, it'd be a commercial hit instantly :-) A masterpiece!!!

    Rudy Toot

    And right now it's just before Christmas... time to get a copy for everyone you know!

  80. q̵͑͜w̴̢̅e̵͖͐ŕ̵͙t̴̪̎y̶̻̋u̷͍͠ï̷̤o̷̲͐p̴͈̀a̴̘͛s̸̨͑d̷͠ͅm̷͍̅ k̴͖̔l̶̰̆z̶̘̀ẍ̵͓c̸̩̿v̵͙͝ḇ̵̀ṇ̵̕m̷͍̅

    AMAЯROЖ is weird

  81. JJ MOKS

    YO 2019 .

  82. Martijn van der Hoeven


  83. maria fe

    . . ... . . . ... ... . ... . ... . ... ... ... ... . . ... . . . ... . . ... . ... . . .

  84. Jeremy Feit

    i've listened to tubular bells, the original (before it was messed with) hergest ridge, ommadawn, incantations countless times, as well as five miles out, qe2, and platinum... and other than some other bits and pieces not on those albums, that's it, as far as listening to his master works that i've listened to many times.... i'm sorry to say this album does virtually nothing for me.

    Serendipitous Illicit

    Interesting, that is the opposite reaction to most people.

    Jeremy Feit

    @Serendipitous Illicit it starts off with this crunchy sounding noise, then when it levels out around the first one minute mark, it sounds like an accidental extension of a looping rhythm.. the audio version of a wave that's crashing to the shore, yet somehow, a digital loop backs it up in mid fall so it's not rounded and timed right. .. to me this is a disjointed, distracting, and often times annoying muzak version of his former self, attempting to compensate with hurried loudness and creative weirdness the kind of magic he already created previously but for whatever reasons, lost.. i can't explain it all but I can't see how fans of his earliest works hold this in the same high regard. His earlier works transport me beyond time... this to me is just a bunch of noise... 'copy'?

    Rudy Toot

    @Jeremy Feit so....................................... not happy?

  85. mike lewinsky

    Alter so many years and so many times of hearing still getting goose bumbs and tears in my eyes. MO is the best.

  86. nuvaboy

    A friend of mine showed me this, and I have the following to say about it:
    It's relaxing, it's trippy, it's DERPY AF and I love it!

  87. Brandon Blume

    Amazing feat of (sound) engineering.

  88. Joey Godin

    This is an amazing masterpiece!!

  89. Fabio Trevisi

    A real masterpiece

  90. T S

    I'm not familiar with Mike's work, except the greatest hits.
    After listening this strange album for 5 minutes, I'm ordering CD online right away.

  91. constantin kostenczyk

    Mutlti stiu putini cunosc ....Maestrul creaza si gandeste , altfel ....Bravo Dlui Mike Oldfield , un Meserias QE2...O parere doar ....servus/tschuß👍❤️🤗☘🏊🍀👌✌️🌈🌅😇❤️😘

  92. G-J Koppenaal

    impossible to match

  93. Peter Green

    Yes it's a hour long and no break,but trust me,the journey will be worthwhile. I bought this the week it came out and took a few plays to get my head round it. One of my favourite works by this genius musician.

  94. JJ MOKS


  95. aby normal

    Stojanoviću sjedni 5

  96. Dávid Kertész

    Ha harderst question of all time: what do you listen to after this?

    Soren Lemche

    Tangerine Dream


    It s the last song of the day. Always.

  97. Dávid Kertész

    I love how spotify lists this as a single.

    Serendipitous Illicit

    He does play almost all the instruments, apart from vocals, tin whistle and some percussion.

    Other than that, Mike Oldfield plays acoustic bass guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, bass guitar, bass whistles, bouzouki (misspelled in the liner notes as "bazouki"), bell tree, bodhran, bowed guitar, cabasa, classical guitar, electric guitars, Farfisa, Lowrey and Vox organs, Flamenco guitar, glockenspiel (misspelled in the liner notes as "glockenspeil"), high-string guitar, jaw harp, kalimba, mandolin, marimba, melodica, Northumbrian bagpipes, penny whistles, percussion, piano, psaltery, rototom, sitar guitar (a Coral electric sitar), spinet, timpani, tubular bells (listed as "long thin metallic hanging tubes"), twelve-string guitar, ukulele, violin, vocals, and wonga box.

    Rudy Toot

    @Serendipitous Illicit what a slacker

  98. Gus Venables

    48:00 in Morse Code:
    ..-. = F
    ..- = U
    -.-. = C
    -.- = K
    --- = O
    ..-. = F
    ..-. = F
    .-. = R
    -... = B

  99. alain guiraud

    Ge disque m'a été offert par mon ex à sa sortie en 1990 - nous étions déjà fans de Mike. A la première écoute, j'ai été scotché ; à la deuxième, j'ai adoré ; à la troisième, je l'ai trouvé génial...j'écoute Amarok encore très souvent. Génialissime ! j'adore aussi the songs of distant Earth : le bouquin de A.C Clarke et l'album de M. Oldfield.

  100. Bodroghy