Mike Jones - Intro Lyrics

GEAH! Tha wait is ova!
Who is Mike Jones- is finally here baby!
Be on tha look out- fa my next album
The American Dream
Hit me up - 281 330 8004 baby
Who MikeJones.com

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Mike Jones Intro Comments
  1. Cody Evenson

    He's amazing

  2. Mike Jones

    He is me!

    Goodluck Buddha


  3. cheapskatedamack/ cheapskate da mack

    2017 I'm still South side

  4. tthomaselli2

    Is that really Mike Jones' phone number he mentioned, here?


    281 330 8004 hit mike jones on the low


    tthomaselli2 yes that was his real number and you could call him. Shit I did I got his voice mail.

    Christopher Miller

    tthomaselli2 ...it was his real number. Back in the day he used to answer it!!

  5. adsfadsadsfafaewg

    hahahahaha wtf worst intro ever

    he was probably in the studio like "fuck i forgot the intro" then just recorded this in a minute