Mike Jones - Drop & Gimme 50 Lyrics

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh colli park
Who... Mike Jones
Who... Mike Jones
You did the fool with this one baby
Aaaaa I got hurricane chris (say girl, say girl)
And right now (say girl, say girl) we want all the
Sexy ladies (say girl, say girl) 10th Ward Buck wat up... drop and gimmie 50
Hurricane holla at em

She busting it wide open, and shaking it on the floor
I'm finna go to the bar and get some drank and hit the floor
I'm finna get on the flo, I'm finna get on the flo,
I'm finna get on the flo, I'm finna get on the flo,
She wanna drop n gimme 50
Drop n gimme 50, drop n gimme 50
Girl drop n gimme 50
Drop n gimme 50, drop n gimme 50
Drop n gimme 50, girl drop n gimme 50

[Verse 1: Mike Jones]
Lil mama right there bad
She droppn n shakin fast
Come holla I got the dollars
Got more if ya ass will swallow
She shakn it by the roba hopin it by the bently
She know that I'm high and tipsy now drop it n gimme 50
She see me with hurricane so droppn it and do her thang
She know when I get inside I'm a fuck up her walls man
She see me with colli park she see me with 3-feet
She know when it come to mind she know it ain't 3 feet
She busting it wide open and shaking it on the flo
She said if I get ha tipsy we gone leave n hit the mo
I told ha girl here you go I teased her on the low
Now she freakn me on the flo she beggin me for some mo
I hit it and hit the do' I hit it just like a pro
Ice age n 50 150 we in the do'


[Verse 2: Mike Jones]
Now put yo right hand in the air
Put the left one in yo underwear
Now tickle dat cat, tickle dat cat
Now tickle dat cat, tickle dat cat
Ooooh she act a fool on the dick
Fool on the dick she act a fool on the dick
Fool on the dick now get sick with it
N do the split with it now get sick with it
N do the split with it
Say girl drop n gimme 50, drop n gimme 50
Girl drop n gimme 50, girl drop n gimme 50
Now I don't mean to start no riot
All the ugly women in the house be quiet


[Verse 3: Hurricane Chris]
Now by the 3rd verse it's way hotter
We wide open she dropped it down low
With her hips and her thighs rolling I noticed
That can't nobody do it like I do it
I'm posted in v.I.p with 2 chick on the side of me
We got money so tell the other niggas to stop pulling
Out they cash and let me see how you act for a stack
Drop it low and brang it up like you a fool
Now put a dip in yo back and let me see what you can do
She say if she bend it over it'll be a full moon
I told her bend it over let me see that full moon
Like the boom boom room whole club on tune
Shake it like you tryna break it ain't no sense in even faking
You know me I do it big by the bar and tell em jig
As soon as we walk in the do' we go straight to the dance flo


This what you get when colli park hook up with the package sto' nigga
Ya'll ain't know we was coming back like this did ya?

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    Who... Mike Jones
    Who... Mike Jones
    You did the fool with this one baby
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