Mike Jones - City Is Mine Lyrics

[Intro w/ Mike Jones ad libs]
Mike Jones...who, it's offical baby
(You belong to the city)... the city is mine
(You belong to the night)...swishahouse
(In the river of darkness)...I'm runnin the game
(He's the man of the nite)...yeahhhh

I left the crack game and got into the rap game
Nuttin changed so I can't even complain
I got it locked from L.A to ATL
My name hot and don't forget the midwest spots
I'm on top, gettin dough for doing paid shows
While ya'll walkin round', talkin down doing promos
My flow is loco, I floss the fo' door
The same day I meet a hoe I make her go low
I'm Mike Jones (Who)
Mike Jones and I ain't stopping till I'm sittin on my throne
I roam on chrome on my cell phone moving zones after this
What's a mic without Mike Jones...The City is mine

[Chorus w/ Mike Jones ad libs]
Be on the look out major without a major deal
Jan 20th baby, yeahhhhh Mike Jones
Wasssup watts, love ya baby, t-fass, ju-dass magno
All my fans I'm running this shit

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