Mike Jones - Boi! Lyrics

Boi I got so many
Boi I got so many
Wait hold up hold up hold up hold up
We gonna put it down for texas one time
Boi I got so many
Boi I got so many
Boi I got so many
Boi I got so many

Boi I got so many ways, ways to get paid
Wake up every day
Money to be made
Poppas know my name
Boys know my face
When I pass by betcha girl'll wave "Hey!"
They feelin my dougies
Fresh like dougie
But not dougie fresh
Dougie Z
I'm thuggin
And you boys are ??
gotta stay on me

It's the chico!
your problem's gang homie

Catch me at the club
Girls show me love
Boys dap me hugs
Haters need mugs

But I ain't even trippin
I play a steady pimpin
I don't need your girl boy
I got so many

Boi I got so many
Boi I got so many
Boi I got so many
Boi I got so many

Hey DJ play that girls song
Put that song on
If your money ain't long
Boi you better go on

Boi I got so many
Boi I got so many
Boi I got so many
Boi I got so many
Hey DJ play that girls song
Put that song on
If your money ain't long
Boi you better go on

Hey boy I got so many ways
Ways to get paid
Twenty four hours
Money to be made
I started off with nothing
Now I'm platinum black mase
Back then ?? women
Now they all up in my thang
I fall up in the club
Twenty fours a nub
Yeah my belly big but girls still rub
They tryin to take me home
Wanna to be my cuddy buddy
So I gotta "day and night" like Kid Cudi
Especially wanna love me
She wanna thug me
I can take your girl away from you
Boi trust me
But I ain't even trippin
I said I ain't trippin
too much money on my mind to worry about women
But you can catch me flossin,
Crawlin on them inches
Fall up in the club
?? all the women
who are you?
Mike jones! who?
Mike Jones! Who?
Mike Jones! Who?
Mike Jones!

[CHORUS Repeats]

This the ??
I got so many
Y'all got dimes but I got twenties
When I hit the club all the girls say yeah uh
Do it one time for the mo eh eh he he
Just a fool
Look how I'm stuntin
Hit the club with a fine sugar brown honey
I got so many honeys
I got so many guns
I got so many hundreds
You got so many ones
I walk up in the club
Tell a hoe give me some
And just because I'm ??
Give me numbers
Jump up in the whip
The wheels got so many inches
I got so many hoes
cuz they know that I'm the business
cuz motherfucker motherfucker I'm real

hey DJ play that girl's song
if your money ain't long
then boy you better go on

I say I got so many problems- a bitch ain't one
So many revolvers so don't play dup
I got so many (pairs mamma you could pull one)?
Its JM if you think I'm broke - You're DUMB
That means that you're a dummie so don't say a thing
I got so many hommies
Young problems ??
Boi I got so many hate
Cuz I'm doin great
Pocket full of cake
Cop a dos plate?
Man hold up wait
It's the boy Jay
Diamonds in my face
You're boy's diamonds fake
Whats the damn dealie
You boys are silly
Weezy won a milli
Your problems won a billi

Boi I got so many
Boi I got so many
Boi I got so many
Boi I got so many
Hey DJ play that girls song
Put that song on
If your money ain't long
Boi you better go on

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Mike Jones Boi! Comments
  1. Darius Green

    2020 I’m here

  2. Steve Brown


  3. WSbreezy23

    I aint finna lie y'all Texas niggas was lit what happened to y'all yall needa come back with the crunk music tho

  4. DK Homie ThaReal

    "Day n Night like Kid Cudi" 1:38

  5. G-Dub 85

    I’m not even from the South but I respect the hell out of them.....so many classic artists with classic tracks, Luda would absolutely murder this. This shit is 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Derrick Gradenigo

    R.I.P. Money Marc

  7. Toyota Corolla

    BET Yo MTV raps Classic

  8. cello Lewis

    Texas in the house!🔥🔥🔥💯

  9. Free Gucci 2014


  10. Kavon McKinnon

    I been looking for this song for like 5 years

  11. Alfredo Martinez

    dat summer wuz lit, '09

  12. Lindorchocolatier

    Dollar signs on my mind, got yo dime moving B's
    *5 for 5* extra g's taking 9's off the ki's
    Everytime, Jewelry game, Busta Rhymes
    I aint lying, imma shine, imma grind, til its time, to resign
    *Extra lamb like a gyro*, wrap him like a egg roll
    Meat up out the taco, Feed him to the octo's
    Fully fully auto, Shawty bout his gunplay
    Come round next day be sleepin with a sting ray
    Jump ribbet ribbet finger feed you to the lizard n****
    Chop you up like chicken liver chop yo dick off send it to ya
    Gucci man So icey n**** dont that sound familiar to ya
    Frenchie wooh and flocka n**** riding around with choppas n****

    *is questionable what he said

  13. WamSamDaMan


  14. Ace slutty

    baddies follow

  15. William Turner

    underrated track

  16. Slimothy Celestine

    2016 still bumpin and GEEKIN.. SKRRRRRT

  17. Ontayy Ri'Cardo

    Besides Wop, err body else was corney af

  18. smoki fyaki

    carrot top ur a gay...lol

  19. Michelle Rummerfield

    Jacory day and night like kid cudi ahh

  20. Michelle Rummerfield

    Jacory Wallace like girl trust me

  21. shedreaun davis

    I still bump this mess.

  22. CocaineJayy

    Been Awhile Since iHeard This Tracc

  23. PervisMaxy Element97

    VINE BROUGHT ME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!11

  24. masterapprentice1

    best gucci verse

  25. hunni bunz

    Published in 1969?? Lol

  26. Shiryu Rain

    what's the name of the girl next to Mike Jones with the straight hair and her legs exposed?

  27. lendirghini alar

    so I got many..............wayz

  28. Rob Kimbell

    Is this Club Onyx?

  29. tonyrobles47

    Mike Jones!

  30. Ashley mommy

    paused the video at 1:53..mike jones looks like a creeper...vampire teeth and all..

  31. Tom Brown

    haters this goooooooooooo

  32. littlesmallworld123

    youre seriously not saying gucci is trash...

  33. jacory wallace


  34. masterapprentice1

    gucci has improved and mike jones is platinum

  35. Tayloraism


  36. QParris

    1st 2 verses go hamm

  37. QParris

    toooooooo dope!

  38. 2Durr

    ug\ly shit

  39. Jolt09

    mike jones aint garbage wut you talkin about boi!

  40. xxMassMurderer1235xx

    Gucci actually did really fucking good for once.

  41. felixdastar817

    gucci mane made dis song go hard rns

  42. drenausf

    wack lines mann!!!

  43. Taylor Rawlinson

    If you think im broke you dumb ... that means that your a dummy... Worst line ever spit on a track.

  44. Kieran layton

    @SafetiSKiEN I agree man

  45. Kieran layton


  46. Jay'Nykole

    Hit it star struck

  47. simsloveeternity2

    @habbas89 that is why this is there only video and alot people i know forgot about this song til its was played on mtv jams


    foi pro meu palcomp3.

  49. kiki joyce

    @habbas89 his ugly azzzz!!!!!!

  50. 7878robert

    I think Gucci Mane is Special Ed.

  51. GirlDats_RnoTj

    the song starts at 2:45

  52. habbas89

    its a crazy beat...but cmon, you know the rappers have to be garbage when guccis the best one on it

  53. Cheickster

    boi i got so many!!! boiiiii

  54. Tom Cruise

    gucci makes the song killed it

  55. liljoker062000

    mike jones been hittin the crack rock hard... foos way skinnier or maybe its cuz even though he was a signed rapper he still wasnt gettin any

  56. AJ Savage

    Is It Me Or Does Mike Jones Make The Ugliest Faces...

  57. Techa018

    I dont like the color

  58. trevor11596

    @babygangster911 he just has a big beer belly :P

  59. mike cote

    gucci & mike go ham

  60. Sam Merkel

    it's funny because gucci's fat

  61. Rafael Bueno

    Theey feeling my dougiee ;)

  62. Brown Barbie

    who that ugly t-pain lookalike

  63. elatigo1

    like the beat

  64. yukityyak

    damn almost as good as got it sewed up remix

  65. bigmarc032894

    1 hit wounders

  66. craig hines

    thiz song kicks in my car! i love itt

  67. youngmoneymeric

    but gucci suck on everything else

  68. youngmoneymeric

    lol gucci destoryd da track every 1 else suckd

  69. rayne1221

    suprisngly mike jones killed it hahhahaa

  70. rayne1221

    dude u crazy gucci killed dis

  71. jefferson lake

    gucci mane can't rap AT ALL !!!

  72. habbas89

    you know the rappers really suck when gucci mane ends up being the best one on the song

  73. MrXPROMO

    @ ZombieMegaman ha u r the fake bitch made ass fraud ass nigga who aint on the video....stop hattin and take a seat bitch......

  74. MrXPROMO

    @ZombieMegaman hau r the fake bitch made ass fraud ass nigga who aint on the video....stop hatin and take a seat bitch......

  75. rocco capanna

    @Juvy29 Good food too haha

  76. Qamar Simmons

    Gucci killed it...best verse IMO

  77. ZombieMegaman

    Fake ass Wannabe Mr.Bangladesh beat- (A Milli)

  78. Greekmustard666

    can i only hear the big bass when i listen to this in a car :(

  79. R B

    They aint throwin no fuckin beast symbols, They reppin houston thats the damm houston hand sign

  80. RaysOfColor

    hey this is the creator of the young problemz fan page plz come and show love and support to the page thanks
    -ravin jordan ypfanpage creator
    inbox me for the myspace page because youtube will not let me post the web address in the comment

  81. J Hern

    Symbol for houston buddy

  82. 421werelate

    on purpose they are all masons most likely just like all other celebritys its cuzz we follow them thats why they would allow them to become masons because then while we follow there action and do as celebritys the people controling the celebs and making them masons and telling them they r choosen they control us all to do what ever they like

  83. kjl

    @watzuphomie same here lol wondering =? X1

  84. victoria a

    they're putting up the beast symbols a lot
    -idk if thats on purpose or coincidence

  85. Juvy29

    Damn i just love the south!!!! They just have feel good music, you wanna bump this shit in your car blazing 120 mph

  86. Brandon Baker

    that ain't da a millie beat

  87. 21Spocaj

    pure shit

  88. Steve Ertel

    how come this video is off sync

  89. Steve Ertel

    miley cyrus. wtf are u talkin abiout uf uckhead

  90. Steve Ertel

    this is a rap for retards

  91. Adam Guzy

    u sure?

  92. Adam Guzy

    if u feel this way why click on this video and also why even comment ? i would love to know

  93. Blvck Senpai

    the bass on thiz shitt iz crazy!!!!

  94. Likedbymany

    i wish they woulda made him wear a undershirt...boney ass ...but good song

  95. henry anderson

    I put that on my on facebook page

  96. oKRYOGENICzx

    gucci! that my nigga but he look like he got the ill beer belly in this vid lmao

  97. Hassan Davis

    hahaha this my shit buh w t f is mike jones kat ass doin ? hahahaha hes a nobody !