Midtown - Like A Movie Lyrics

She tries to erase
She tries to replace
How it feels, but I...
Know she can never go home
She tries to erase
She tries to replace
How it feels, but I...
Know she can never go home

Tried to forget about
Living a good life
Free of positions
Make her feel vulnerable
She's loved and she's lost
She failed in the call
She seeks to find the answer, now

Woke up today around 6 in the morning
Violently shaking, remembering what she once saw
She bared it alone
So she carried on
She seeks to find the answers for...

The reasons her life did not turn out...
More like a movie
She's trying to forget it all

She tries to erase
She tries to replace
How it feels, but I...
Know she can never go home
She tries to erase
She tries to replace
How it feels, but I...
Know she can never go home

Woke up today around 6 in the morning
Violently shaking, remembering what she once saw
She bared it alone
So she carried on
She seeks to find the answers for...

The reasons her life did not turn out...
More like a movie
She's trying to forget it all

She tries to erase
She tries to replace
How it feels, but I...
Know she can never go home
She tries to erase
She tries to replace
How it feels, but I...
Know she can never go home

The reasons her life did not turn out...
More like a movie
She's trying to forget it all
I don't believe in anything
But I believe in you
I never trusted anyone
But somehow I trust you
And if I fall away, someday you might find me
If I fall away, someday...

She tries to erase
She tries to replace
How it feels, but I...
Know she can never go home
She tries to erase
She tries to replace
How it feels, but I...
Know she can never go home

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Midtown Like A Movie Comments
  1. James Moss

    I still can't believe they cut out the breakdown before the final chorus for the video.. best part of the whole song!

  2. Lain Faltin

    Certified classic

  3. Chips with semen

    Midtown on atv 2 quadpower racing for gamecube in 2008 :3

  4. Stop speeding

    Somebody told me this band was good?


    2019 like

  6. Amazin82

    Midtown was like that dork rock. Kinda like Weezer

  7. Erik Leszcynski

    Thank you Gym Class Heroes. I never would have heard of these guys if they weren't name checked in Taxi Driver.

  8. marlo kay

    damn i've been missing out

  9. Party Ghost

    So underrated it hurts

  10. BNAMusic88 _

    Heath w/o facial hair 😂

  11. Navy Sooner

    I miss Midtown and was a great band but this video is like if Ross from Friends started a band

  12. Wil Cas

    It was like a movie. Then it became like a G6.

  13. MarshGaming

    Hello 2019 😁

  14. Dennis Alfonso

    I had the honor to share the stage with these guys back then. Rob Hitt is an amazing drummer and a gentleman.

  15. Kirk Boo

    Midtown fans circa 1999 - “I just want them to continue on the great track they are on” Midtown- “Let’s just do some weird opposite album everyone will hate!”

  16. Cristalina Pop クレヨンポップ

    Alguien dígame que también está aquí por Fox Kids

  17. MrFlipperInvader792

    I had NO CLUE cobra starship was in this band first

  18. Mistee Indonesia

    Still remember when I saw this video on 2002 from punkrockvideos or fuse, I play over and over again even it's already 3am and I have a class at 7am in the morning.

  19. edward williams

    Saw them open for blink 182 in 2001 with new found glory. Such a good show, miss them.

  20. Themistocles

    CSB warning. I met a girl studying abroad in Madrid in 2002. She came to visit me in the summer of 2004 and we went to a Midtown show in Philly between my undergrad and law school. We got drunk and made out in some hotel. Great summer. We tried to stay together in a very long distance relationship. And you know how those go. Anyway, I would belt out this song and always pine for her. But, as I said... long-distance relationships never work out. Just kidding, 14 years later, after law school and being apart from her for so long .... she's my wife. We live in Madrid with our two beautiful daughters. We still make out in hotels. Thanks Midtown, this song made me terribly sad for three years; now it makes me immeasurably happy. Que os sea leve, compis.

  21. Sejin Kim

    웬 미친년 씹씨발썅년 하나가 죶밥 비벼먹는다... 씨발...

    한반도는 미국의 자손~~~~~~~~
    박정희 주변은 야쿠자~~~~~~~~~~~~
    니혼사마... 원래는 그라는 긔 아니고요~~~
    야 씨발 이토츄 이토츄
    세지마 류죠 세지마 류죠

    좆물 씨발 즤 사촌이가 미친 개새끼가........
    죽여도 여한 없을 씨발 장명부 장도영 개새끼

  22. Sejin Kim

    From da VACUUM, the originated Tunes of instruments became real... dumb*sses..... HA!

  23. Sam B

    Wow you can HEAR the early 2000s in this

  24. kope

    boy! mark zuckenberg really rocks back in the days

  25. ’trick

    i trash midtown and cobra but they ruined me

  26. Party Ghost

    Sucks they broke up

  27. Tomdeblink

    Just find this band I'm a pop punk fan big blink-182 fan, this song is awesome! Do they have any songs that sound like blink? :D

    We Remotely Low

    My FAVORITE songs by them are "Become What You Hate", "Like a Movie", "Get It Together", "Faulty Foundation", "Let Go", "Just Rock and Roll", "Direction", "Frayed Ends", and "So Long As We Keep Our Bodies Numb We're Safe". But I love their entire discography. And their cover of "Susanne" by Weezer is great too.

  28. Paul the 2 mikolaj DuPont Sørensen

    This kinda style of music is my roots. Like I listened to all the old school punk and rock and metal and yeah . Theses band where my roots. But now I listen to black metal and death metal and slam death metal band technical death metal and burtal death metal. Those are what I listen to now a days

  29. Kirk Boo

    They created a classic video in the contemporary. much wow.

  30. Justin Reyes

    Oh how I miss Cobra Starship...... this band was okay too

    Noam Dahan

    Cobra Starship is horrible commercial crap. Midtown is so much better. He problably made a lot of money on it though.

  31. Mortal Kombat


  32. Josh Rogers

    Great song

  33. ピヒョリレーナリ・ボリリレン

    再結成して欲しいバンドNo. 1です!

  34. Jordan K.

    The look and sound of this video brings me back to 1998-2002.

    Paul the 2 mikolaj DuPont Sørensen

    Jordan K. Me to. Even though I was very very young. Like 4 or 5 lol 😂

  35. JoSh Marmolejo

    is that the singer of Armor for sleep?

    JoSh Marmolejo

    +Valhalla I'm talking about the guitar player with long hair.

    Sam B

    JoSh Marmolejo No, the singer of AFS is Ben Jorgensen. The guitarist here is Heath Saraceno

  36. Baela

    I listen to Midtown all the time but I can't listen to their album Forget What You Know without getting angry because of how incredibly underrated this band was.

  37. The Suburban Fisherman

    Blink182 alert !

  38. Zoe Cooper

    I named by bass guitar Gabriel, is that weird?

    Eli Gildener

    It's weird that you call it a bass guitar 😘👯

    Zoe Cooper

    @Eli Gildener  well I didn't wanna just say bass and have people think I was talking about a fish (that's actually happened)

    Eli Gildener

    Lol! Fair enough mate. Electric bass also good.

  39. Anton Oakenshield

    These guys were so underrated. Back In HS, People knew bands like MXPX, BLink, Green Day, NOFX, and Ataris, but no one knew Midtown. These guys were so great!


    Anton Oakenshield they were one of the first Drive Thru bands

    Midtown, NFG, River City Rebels, Home Grown, Allister & Fenix TX.

    I think I’m missing one or two

    Myles Woo

    @Amazin82 absolutely lol N The Movielife, Something Coporate, The Starting Line and The Benjamins were also one of the OG drive thru records bands!!


    Myles Woo my bad forgot about those.

    Steven Ferronato

    RIP drive thru records, never forget


    @Fernando Gonzalez omg man, audio karate! My band use to play with them all the time when they use to be called "the goons"

  40. Zebast 182

    Excelente canción 💗👏

  41. Taufiq Ismail

    good old days

  42. Micheal Jovanie

    Great song when I started to listen sound like the late 90s

  43. Techno Sap

    I'm not even the biggest fan of this type of music anymore, but this is really good. I wish Gabe would've stayed with these guys instead of going for that pop Cobra Starship garbage.

  44. Kathleen Rad

    omg this is really music !!!!!

  45. Dog Mayor

    And idk you can really hear the early 2000s in this song

  46. Matt Fraser

    Holy shit, this is exactly the sound that made me fall in love with pop-punk. Makes me feel like it's 1999 all over again. 


    Matt Fraser LOL this song is great live

  47. Allan Siminatti Fernandes da Silva

    Muito foda essa banda

  48. Edward F. Pignataro IV

    this sounds like mxpx.

  49. RooLo

    man i will always love this style of music , i hate hipster indie bullshit from today... 

    Jose V

    Amen brother! I can't stand that shit either and yeah hipsters are fucking everywhere now it's like a plague.

  50. Januar Kristianto

    good times, good times!

  51. Alexander Mangs

    back then he was mature. 

  52. BartleBy182

    When big labels cared about Pop-Punk?

  53. Garv 182

    Love this song! Good Old Fashion Pop-Punk!

  54. Vilma Figueroa


  55. Oliver Saunders

    Wheres the dam solo? Best bit

  56. tony bob

    cuz ur an idiot

  57. tony bob

    The thing that bothers many midtown fans is the fact their last album (which had a totally different sound their earlier stuff) was about 2 years ahead of it's time. Had they stayed together they would have been bigger and better than Cobra. Not too mention many people feel Cobra has more of a pop appeal and therefore it makes Gabe look like a sellout(not saying he is but it looks that way).

  58. Kevin Hiday

    song brings me back to HS

  59. Jake Roman

    I still love this band.

  60. 1thess523

    ha I remember when people dressed like this and thought it was cool, that's why i tell my children don't follow fads and you won't look stupid! Good music none the less but after this album they became crap!

  61. Massadonious

    Bring back Midtown!

  62. Voyevoda911

    I only know one song by them.

  63. lilly


  64. BREE B.

    love cobra starship i really really do, but this to me is what music should sound like.

  65. Steve Taylor

    skate & surf 2013!!! make it happen!!

  66. Baysidecrazy

    i agree !!!

  67. Clark Kent

    sad that gabe went from this to cobra middle finger bullshit

  68. Cera Marie

    Gabe, I love you! This band is amazing and so is Cobra Starship.. You're talent is bad ass either way!

  69. Mark Ricky

    it doesn't matter how successful something is, its how good the music is. and midtown > cobra in that fact

  70. Luis Mihajlow 1

    Ohhhh Gabe ... Many will say they like most this gabe .. mmm my no! I really think is happier now, the style that has now apparently was really he wanted ... And there is nothing better than being yourself to pretend to be something you're not ... Go Gabe !!

  71. Schwing

    i dont know about you guys but to me this is music. a singer, drummer guitarist... no fucking computer sounds, and auto-tuned songs.

  72. Obvious Bambi

    Midtown > Cobra

  73. Chris Ellis

    Shut up this is my youth cobra ruined that

  74. Jim Moriarty

    Cobra is like the best band ever..... This is more rockish than Cobra, but by far not better than then. You can't say that this is better than Cobra when there not even the same genera okaii okaii

  75. cpd

    Umm why? This is WAY better than Cobra...

  76. painting.rainbows

    How the fuck can he go from this to fucking house shit?

  77. Jim Moriarty

    i stopped it on 1:59 that is so awesome :D

  78. Jim Moriarty

    It's so weird seeing Gabe in a band that isnt Cobra omg
    I'm dying inside

  79. Wittipedia

    I miss this band. :(

  80. Michael

    views don't mean anything. anyone can make autotuned shit music with no talent required at all. this band's music actually needs them to play instruments and sing without a computer carrying them. and Justin Bieber has more views than anyone? So by your theory he's the best "artist" to ever exist.

  81. sliickers

    obvious troll is obvious

  82. Clowns

    obviously cobra starship > midtown. just compare the amount of views each have. stop kidding yourselves and stop making yourselves feel better by saying otherwise. people have different taste in music so just deal with it.

  83. losunicossaunak

    Vote up if u noticed d VOX amp.

  84. Schwing

    had no idea lead singer ended up singing in cobra starship.. sad that he moved onto such shit music. Midtown for life!

  85. SurfShopSweaters

    They're from my small hometown in New Jersey. Being a teenage musician in a band myself, I think it's so awesome to see a band from my small little hometown achieve so much success. Just something I had to get out there :D

  86. Chelsea Moriarty

    heath is my big brother and there is nothing i love more then watching old midtown videos! so proud of you heathy :)

  87. Bryan _Hectic

    All day everyday.

  88. promisedeyes

    Gabe looks sexy!

  89. Paladin1611

    fuck you vevo

  90. iiiHannahLouiseiii

    Love Midtown, love Gabe, love Cobra - don't see why comparing them is necessary, he chose to start doing something completely different because he wanted to, not to please people.

  91. Karolina Peña

    fuck. a lot of memories.

  92. TheMiguel

    @BrainzFreek agreed

  93. Luke Thackeray

    midtown still together?!!
    What happened???

  94. tgolden12

    @rainydayskid that's because even he knows cobra starship sucks

  95. DrBansa2

    Gabe Saporta is a douchebag now. This is the song were he showed his talent

  96. Stretch Armstrong is now in your world

    sounds a bit like mxpx

  97. zaboutata

    I've never listen to Midtown and I have to say it is very different from Cobra Starship, but I like it :) It seems like no matter what Gabe makes it's pretty much awesome