Midtown - Get It Together Lyrics

Take off that make up honey
I know what you've been missing
I've got a card to send you home
It says "Try to forget those good times
Maybe you never were mine"
How has this pain helped you grow?
Because you've done so much with your life
To have to settle for
A need to feel, a need to try
A need to feel whole
Do you feel whole?

Maybe we'll see this through if we get it together
Maybe I'll get to you. If you get it together
Go. Try. Try to make yourself right
Go. Try. To make this right and move on with your life

Take of that make up honey
Why don't you ever listen?
I've got something I need to know 'cause I've tried
Tried to forget your past crimes
But were you ever just mine?
Was there something that I didn't show because...

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