Middle Kids - Real Thing Lyrics

Two trains and a bus to get home
Sleeping on each other's shoulders
Three clicks and the magic is gone
Our big dreams have turned us into
Hopeless romantics
Anxiety magnets
These streets are pulling at my memories
Pulling out my teeth

Don't it ever make you feel sad
Oh is this the real thing?
Are you like me do you lie awake thinking
Oh is this the real thing?

It's the job of the young to collect doubts
Afraid of our parents and preparing to freak them out
You were my lifetime lover ghost back then

Don't it ever make you feel sad
Oh is this the real thing?
Are you like me do you lie awake thinking
Oh is this the real thing?

You said you were fine
You said you were fine
You said you were fine
You said you were fine

Don't it ever make you feel sad
Oh is this the real thing?
Are you like me do you lie awake thinking
Oh is this the real thing?

Don't it ever make you feel sad
Oh is this the real thing?
Are you like me do you lie awake thinking
Oh is this the real thing?

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Middle Kids Real Thing Comments
  1. aussiewomen

    I hope my nephew Miles behaves himself. Just joking! He is a great talent. Love you Miles, from your Aunt Angela.

  2. Reem Maytee

    90's nostalgia feel. Enchanting

  3. Erick Escoto López

    Definitely best song of 2019

  4. Joe Parsons

    Plays the guitar left-handed AND leaves it strung for a righty, so she can borrow pretty much anyone else's guitar (unless they're also a lefty) and still play it. Smart.

  5. Tyler Durden

    i come here when i think of her.

  6. Amy Goodwin

    Totally obsessed with this song! Best thing I’ve heard all year

  7. Grant Ferstat

    Such a killer song. Hooks & Power. The arrangement with the short verse going straight back into the chorus is brilliant. Lyrically top notch as usual too.

  8. Grant Ferstat

    It's about the song. Great songwriting..

  9. petemclinc

    Coke, The Real Thing!

  10. Daniel Amaral

    Great song. :)

  11. OWL BASS


  12. derkaiser420

    Just listened to this band for the first time today. They are fire!

  13. J Lesh

    this makes me feel like 1998 all over again

  14. John Thompson

    Great video. Encapsulates the feeling of ennui that is adulthood’s answer to the angst of adolescence. I love it.

  15. oldefashioned

    Couple always has to fight during the bridge

    Chris Jenkins

    Well they have to get over it

  16. Chris Mastrangelo

    This song is almost identical to "On Your Side" by Pete Yorn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jclHisjkJYI

  17. Chali MUD

    best band in Sydney right here

  18. Barbara Singer

    I LOVE THIS!!!! :)

  19. Ana Carvalho


  20. Cosmic Unity

    How do I love myself again now

  21. Don't Call Me Don

    Heard it in the radio. Been searching for this sound for eons.

  22. Cosmic Unity

    Free thy world

  23. mergeandsee

    just saw you guys with local natives and y’all killed it!

  24. fishfighter73156

    This band writes incredible songs!

  25. Destiny U

    With a song like this? Give me their ep

  26. Destiny U

    I can’t wait to dive into their music now

  27. Destiny U


  28. JKT

    They have so many good songs. Love their music and this song

  29. badiraha

    Just heard this and can't stop signing the refrain!

  30. jon mattox

    See? Great new music exists. Well done Middle Kings. I love your music.

  31. maraminjo2

    Yammat FM, approved!

    102|5 or yammat.fm

  32. Valance Bohm

    I love that vocal solo....

  33. Valance Bohm

    Finally a love song I can get behind. <3

  34. BeverlyThrills

    great song

  35. Renato Cosme

    A beautiful vocalist, with a beautiful voice, with incredible lyrics, excellent musicians and arrangements that incorporate the soul... I'm in love with this band 🌆

    Mark Freedman

    Agree 100% they make magic with every track.

  36. Ana Carvalho

    THE BEST !!!!

  37. Modovisual

    2:07 Aaaaaaaawesome uuuu +)

  38. floyd Lay


  39. DanceGenCalgary

    I predict 100% chance of this ending up in a Netflix series.


    DanceGenCalgary still hasn't happened, sadly.

    Вадим Чёрный

    Series about white straight people who are not the pure evil? 0 chance

  40. SheLooksToMe

    Are you like me, do you lie awake thinking, oooooh is this the real thing? Love this song, quality 👌

  41. Berruti

    Listening to this all summer. Bet.

  42. TheMarky182

    wow, this song is a cool!!!

  43. LurkMoar101

    I wouldnt say no to Hannah sitting on the end of my bed singing me to sleep every night to be quite honest.

  44. Kathleen Bennett

    I always lay awake knowing it is the REAL THING!!;) TO MY CRUSH! XXX

  45. griiseknoen

    You guys just made my day. Thanks for not being crap.

  46. Dante Allen

    I couldn't sleep and heard it on BBC Radio 1, so beautiful... the vocalist too😍

  47. Plus Bonus

    My wife and I 20yrs ago.
    Now mortgage and 4 kids.
    You live and grow and I've loved most of the journey.
    Good luck to you all.


    @Headless Gorilla lol I'm not sure why these comments were necessary. I think this guy was referring to the video, clearly a relationship set in the 80s or early 90s and he was feeling nostalgic. I'm not having kids myself and part of that reason is an environmentally conscious one but I'm not about to dictate to anyone how many kids they have. Try speaking to those countries with bigger population problems than Australia.

    Headless Gorilla

    @SheLooksToMe China had a 1 child law for like 100 years.


    @Headless Gorilla I don't think it was 100 years lol.

    Headless Gorilla

    @abluecassette Sorry yes, I was thinking of another law that was removed and over 100 years old. The 1 child policy existed for 36 years.

    Phil Belanger

    @Headless Gorilla FU.

  48. Erick Escoto López

    Great song! I'm a big fan from Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

  49. Ana Carvalho

    GREAT SOUND !!!! more songs PLEASE ;)

  50. Best Snake

    If you like This song/Middle kids go check out a band called Daughter, similar music and really good too

  51. Stella Ramage

    this is so perfect

  52. France M

    This song has such a great vibe. Very cool.

  53. Clarky

    love this!

  54. varanidae

    I love you all more than you knooooowwwww. Can’t wait to see y’all this summer

  55. Thibault V

    Can't wait for their new EP ! This song hits hard !

  56. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Real Thing" debuted at #14 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!

  57. dylan reeves

    this is the song i didnt know i needed until now

  58. Cullen Mott

    Go-Go-Gadget Middle Kids!

  59. DX Satellite Rock

    Great track!

  60. Sergej Lovrekovic


  61. toly songeada

    Amo vcs pra krlh💜🇧🇷🇧🇷

  62. chela sweeney

    This makes me feel some sort of way
    love. love. love.

    Cosmic Unity

    Peace to u

  63. The King In The North

    Middle Kids are just so good! Glad I discovered them on Spotify a few months ago!

    Skeebo Frimpson

    I found them on the KEXP channel on Youtube, you have to wade through a lot of junk but then you find gems like Middle Kids.

    Grant Ferstat

    Buy their music so they can actually make some money out of you liking them. You can't feed yourself from Spotify streams.

  64. b35t3

    New Song from you...and its great. Made my day

  65. Diego García Ríos

    Seems promising...better than lost friends

  66. Abhimanyu SG

    Whatever happens...never change your authentic music. 🦋🖤 #1 fan from Kerala.

  67. Андрей Журавлёв

    Thanks guys)

  68. Kevin Griffin

    Dig the tremolo sound

  69. bigfellalinc

    Nothing but love!

  70. Kevin DeShields

    what a great way to start a Thursday

    Sarah Dowl

    Kevin DeShields Wednesday

  71. Tim

    Been looking for this since they played it on the radio last night.

  72. Logan Giles

    Made my day

  73. Ribbon Lioness

    this song SLAPS