Mick Jenkins - Elephant In The Room Lyrics


The elephant remembers it all
Down to irrelevant
The regimen, a journey that slightly resembles the revenant
The valley of the shadow of death
Maleficent energy prevalent
Cautious, not hesitant
I'm no average bum
Not Travis Gumbs but I know street etiquette
Don't be negligent
I found this knowledge, no prerequisite
Shoutout to feminists, the real ones
All the others is enemies
It's evident, niggas ain't swimming with me in my element
These lyin' niggas Ryan Lochte
I'm more Michael Phelps with it
A bit more eloquent
A better temperament
A different thermostat
I'm learning that I tell the truth and they gon do me like Kaepernick
Got it burning up
Just some hebrew boys thrown in the Furnace you can turn it up
Then we multiply step out draped in
Decadence black excellence
Edified exercised then eat my vegetables
If food for thought was vegetables
Then you gotta know it be pesticides
Revolution won't be televised
They want all my niggas pacified paralyzed
Can't plead the fifth
Jumping out the plane no parachute
Just faith I see the sith Annakin
With the eager risk
Building off this water on some beaver shit
You know who to leave it to flows sound like
He don't know what's 10 and 2
And shit is just begining to take shape
Niggas get bitter as grapefruit
But couldn't hold the pen
After shakeweight for 2 months
Some say I'm too blunt
Couldn't give two fucks under the same weight
Would crumble like blue cheese
Crumbling blue dream
I need like a QP for the month and some octane my pony
I roll up under tints and I hotboy by my lonely
Islands that I got flown to
I wrote them bars off a stoney remember
Remember us hella bent remember
Remember like elephants

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