Mick Jagger - Too Far Gone Lyrics

Let it down let it down
Let it down now
Let it down let it down
Let it down now
Let it down let it down
Let it down now

I always hate nostalgia
Living in the past
No use getting misty eyed
It all screamed by so fast

When life was so much calmer
Severely buttoned up
The future rich in promises
Milk flowing from the cup

I would spend those lazy days
Lying on a ridge
Watching girls in cotton dresses
Diving off the bridge

Is it too far gone
Is it too far gone
Is it too too far gone
Too far gone

This was once the country
Now it's all the town
What was once the tallest spire
Is just building crumbled down

And I'm lving in a factory
That's a million dollar flat
I'm not looking for arcadia
Cause it's never coming back

I would spend my childhood days
Lost in starry dreams
And now watch my children
Just downloading them to screens

Let it down let it down let it down
Let it down let it down let it down

Cause it's too far gone
Too far gone [cont]

Yeah it's too far gone
Yeah it's too too
Too far too far gone

Let it down let it down let it down

I'm lying in a garden
Carpets in the shade
Thinking of the future
And all the love we saved
The world outside is ugly
It's bitter and it's harsh
We each of us protect ourselves
We're hostage to the past

And it's too far gone
It's too far gone
I wonder where did we go wrong
And it's too too far
And it's too too far
Too far gone

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Mick Jagger Too Far Gone Comments
  1. Terho Mustonen

    Vähän saatanan hyvä biisi!!

  2. Sandra Mullen

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  3. Chris Davis

    Instant fking classic!!! Great lyrics....

  4. Chris Davis

    Great song

  5. Ilona Kadic


  6. J LORI

    I've been a beatlefan for my entire life and now I'm discovering a brave new world called Mick Jagger... Funny. This song is so U2, don't you think? Such interesting theme. And he's damn right, f the nostalgia, it wouldn't change past anyway. Great song, great album.

  7. carol ferrer

    no me gusta nada! fuer! estas muy feo y me das miedo!!!!!

  8. carol ferrer

    i dont like to see you so angry, scares me! i dont like that song! sorry!

  9. lee shafer

    boy does this indeed sound like dogshit in the doorway

  10. Josh S.

    Unfortunately this song is too true.

  11. Diego Sebastian Velazquez

    Para sorpresa que muchos no saben, quien toca las guitarras en este tema es Joe Perry de Aerosmith, un verdadero tema.

  12. DMZABO

    Always hate nostalgia, living in the past.
    No use getting misty eyed, it all screams bye so fast!

    If that isn't some truth right there. Love Jagger's wisdom about life.

  13. paul stanley

    a 6 personas no le gusta jagger???? mataria saber quienes sonn para ver que carajo escuchan!!!!! ojala q no escuchen los stones los pelotudos estoss!!!

  14. ToneLoc

    Mick doesn't often do nostalgia (as he mentions in this song) and I can't think of too many that he's done between "As Tears go by" and this song.
    But when he does, he does it well.

  15. Laura Elizabeth ENGLEHARDT

    Thinking of the future and all the love we saved!! xoxox--I am too far gone!!!

  16. arne berg

    Im not too keen on this song in it selves- but the joy of happiness in Mick's voice--- well...

  17. Rolling-Stones-Fan 14 On Fire.

    Supreme song, Great!

  18. Joe Flip

    one of my faves.thanks for posting

  19. Daniel Brown

    I cannot believe this album, Goddess in the Doorway," is 12 years old. This song and Brand New Set of Rules were my favorite, though the album in its entirety was well worth the money spent. He can produce albums that I just listen to over and over. Every time he does a new album I feel okay he's probably going to retire after this, then he keeps impressing me with another album, solo or with the Stones, a year or two later. You are an amazing musician, Mick Jagger. Never stop making music.

  20. Roger Nygard

    nice tune

  21. Exile0nMainStreet

    He sings that he hates nostalgia. I remember on one of his videos he said he doesn't want to end up on a shelf somewhere as a museum piece. I don't think Mick will ever have to worry about that.

  22. ernest2968

    NEVER DIE MICK......

  23. nomadtraveller100

    I really like this! Thanks!

  24. Clemente Grimaldi

    exelente tema !!!!