Mick Jagger - Gotta Get A Grip Lyrics

Gotta get a grip
Beat it with a stick
Gotta get a grip
She goin' for the hit
THe world is upside down
Everybody lunatics and clowns
No one speaks the truth
And madhouse runs the town
Well you gotta get a grip
Beat it with a stick
You gotta get a grip

Everybody's stuffing their pockets
Everybody's on the take
The news is all fake
Let 'em eat chicken and let 'em eat steak
Let 'em eat shit, let 'em eat cake
You gotta get a grip
You gotta get a grip
You gotta keep it zipped
And shoot 'em from the hip
Yeah, yeah, you gotta get a grip
Beat it with a stick

I tried diversion and I tried coercion
Mediation and medication
LA culture and aquapuncture
Overeating and sex in meetings
Induced insanity, Christianity
Long walks and fast drives
And wild clubs and low dives
I pushed and I strived
But I can't get you, can't get you
Can't get you out of my mind
Gotta get a grip

Oh you, oh you
Oh you, beat it with a stick
Immigrants are pouring in
Refugees under your skin
Keep 'em under, keep 'em out
Intellectual, shut your mouth
Beat 'em with a stick
Oh you
Gotta get a grip
Gotta get a grip
Chaos crisis instability, ISIS
Lies and scandals, wars and vandals
Metadata scams and policy shams
Put 'em in a slammer
Gotta get a grip
Gotta get a grip
Come on

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Mick Jagger Gotta Get A Grip Comments
  1. Jakub .F

    2% - actually comments the song
    98% - *GOTTA GET A GRIP*

  2. Pootis Bird

    *rainbow brigde*

  3. HEV Suit

    I was born with thick foreskin

  4. Jeffrey Huseby

    Allusion and Fire Im Caught IN a ZIRE Lyrics that i copyed down

  5. David W. Smiecinski

    505 people didn't get that grip

  6. Siren 1989


  7. T Radcliff

    Well said Artful Dodger

  8. Cher Baker

    Personally, I like this tune! Mick is singing the " raw stripped down TRUTH!" Remember the movie where Jack Nicholson says " You Can't Handle The Truth!" Well, give me the truth any day versus a million lies!! Bravo to Mick!.

  9. Goldman WS

    *Gotta get a grip aaaaaaaaaaargh*
    -The Son

  10. Eduardo Marcos

    Kevin Parker remix is too much better than the original 🔥

  11. Michael Colt

    Kevin parker version is better tho

  12. Midnight Rambler

    Mick relax. Enjoy ya millions

  13. El Josho 1500

    i was born with thick skin...

    but without grip :c

    David W. Smiecinski

    You gotta get one, son!

  14. Michael Mancusi

    song to president trump

  15. MrJedroi258

    Last time i got a grip so hard, i inhaled myself

  16. Max the Paladin

    When you discover a song by looking for Hotline Miami shitposts

  17. Un Tip Oarecare

    Dic-I MEAN
    Richard intensifies

  18. CosmicDuck2480

    493 Persons couldn't get a grip before The Son sucked them.

  19. Maria Rene Fernandez Maturana

    La introducción es muy similar a la introducción de Learning to fly de Pink Floyd 🤔🤔

  20. kontent provyder

    First things the stones do when staying in a new city is build an 8 foot tall fence around their rental property to keep out fans and paparazzi. Anti-wall lyrics quite amusing.

  21. Mark Burns

    Honk HONK!

  22. Captain Bob Smiley

    Great stuff!

  23. el ultrastun

    show me some goddamm respect m8!

  24. Karr Knutt

    Mick Jagger the best Rock Star in the world

  25. Keith Chislett

    Could be best stones song for years. Great lyrics

  26. Sahri R

    I love this version and kevin parker remix

  27. ХихиХохо Апокалипсис

    Неоднозначное впечатление, Микки

  28. Anthony Lafleur

    he still sounds like mick which is great but everything else is terrible.. either way this sounds like i song written in a day by some hipster producer and then Mick just came in and sang the lyrics

  29. ShadowKitteh

    didnt know this song existed, but now i did, i therefore associate this with the son from hotline miami 2.

  30. postalero 2033

    The son's favorite song

  31. John Donnelly

    Then. Get a grip

  32. Alex K.

    Couldn't find a hotter girl?

  33. Rarushiラルシ

    *i was born in... Red octoberfest.

  34. Renê Filho

    alok version is the best

  35. Werner Bluhm

    Mick, immer gut!

  36. rolling stone

    Mick Jagger is Number One!!!
    Moster of Rock and Giant in the Love.

  37. Tommy Borgia

    What a GREAT! Song!HEAVY

  38. Unoriginal Name

    Before I'm reading the comments, I'm calling it. It's all been swarmed with HM2 fans.

  39. dannyd1572

    The Stones or Mick, don't show up for vids anymore, which is bad actually. People still want to see them.

  40. Lucas Garcia

    tem que pegar uma gripe

  41. Michael Mancusi

    Dedicate this to Mr Trump

  42. Yv AParis

    Happy Birthday Mr Mick. here Yves in Paris

  43. Lucas Ayala

    Idolo mick unico por siempre

  44. musicmankenn

    Great guitar work, great lyrics, great vocals (Mick is on) and recorded fantastic.....Wish I could create something this great and I'm not even as old as Mick........Fuck........................................

  45. The King in Yellow


  46. R MCK

    I was the last to comment and since then, Yesterday I went to see The Stones in Edinburgh. Still love Jaggers solo stuff as much as his work with the stones. Brilliant concert in Edinburgh last saturday night.

  47. connye p


  48. Pan Louk

    *Hey boss Take it easy on those pills You shouldn't take too many of them*

  49. mistergeff

    still got it Man

  50. 架純 弘幸

    Gotta get a Mick Jaguar👍🏻

  51. Orna Olszewski

    ישראל מחכה למיק

  52. ᗪAMoήrỮ ➈➆


  53. Mishy Watts

    Your doing well Mick

  54. Saucy man Get the oil

    the son sent me here

  55. Marjan Veeneman

    I think i get a grip, mick, england winsss...?? Love peace .... !!!!!

  56. Elijah Skyeagle

    I am so sick jealous people,the fact is this is the greatest Rock star of all time,unparrelelld songwriter,poet and a genius,intelligent and articulate,a performer that will never be again.Theres only one Mick Jagger!!!!

  57. Kev G H

    Why have I never heard this until now?

  58. Traci Robarchek

    Awesome video.

  59. Ludmila Nováková

    Thank you Mr. Jagger :-)

  60. Shirley Bonilla

    Wish a grandpa like Nick

  61. brent olson

    Kevin Parker remix makes this song like 10 times better imo

  62. Goodbye Lullaby

    В визуальном плане просто шедевр, мало кто снимает такого уровня клипы, это настоящее произведение искусства

  63. Alain Lardeur


  64. G_Boy

    *Boss you shouldnt take all these pills*

  65. Eazy-B


  66. Alexander Degtyarev

    Press R to get a grip

  67. setevezessete49


  68. NerdSomos

    Mick Jagger and Alok. Show...

  69. Verónica L. Lian Maseras

    Jagger, with his mate Elton et al, singing about Politics?
    They tell us NOTHING of what they should know,
    Mick the wanker!

  70. Jacob Gamble

    How does this not even have 1M views yet

  71. Tina Marie Stinnett

    Mick sings about immigration and ISIS in this video. Apparently no one heard that but me. I hope our youth does get a grip 'cause that's what has happened to Englandistan.. "beat'em with a stick".. hm.. who does that anyway?



  73. Gonzalo Arvietti

    video is so 90's
    love it!!!

  74. Jutta Güttler

    The youg generation( with their "trance music") has to have this thoughts and talk about it!!!!!
    Must Mick Jagger do it????
    He is a person with a very good IQ!!!!

  75. Vector Wanted

    The son's theme


    May god bless his soul. Hope he has grips in heaven.

    terence francis

    What on earth makes you want to believe there is some invisible celestial dictator in the sky?

  76. Grzegorz Sadowski

    but what is this video about? any ideas?

  77. martin wanko

    Best after 2:45 min. Why is is not a new Stones Number? It's cool - but Mick, I'm waiting very Long of the Tour-Shirts I have orderd in your store.

  78. mister_

    Take it easy on those pills, Boss.


    Local man went on a rampage, killing the new masked killers and russian mobsters just to obtain grips.

    Cher Baker

    Hm I don't get it! Mick telling the raw, bare truth , automatically makes him " takin too many pills!" Maybe he can see "reality" now &. he doesn't care if you like it or not! Maybe take a closer look @ yourself and you will see others differently! Peace and love to all of you ❣️.


    @Cher Baker its a reference to the game hotline miami 2, where a protagonist, "the son" takes one to many experimental pills and goes on murder spree, halfway through he exclaims that he has "gotta get a grip"

    David W. Smiecinski

    @Cher Baker Bruh. We're just referencing the final level in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, where the player controls a Russian mob boss who has overdosed on some unspecified pill conveniently at the same time as a group known as "the fans" is raiding his complex. One of his trippiest lines is when a giant version of his head appears and screams, "GOTTA GET A GRIIIIIIIIIIP" before sucking him in. We have no quarrel for this singer/song writer

  79. Bill Stoneking

    Yep... pretty much it .

  80. pchialvo

    name of de girl with white top 3:04?

  81. peter penklis

    Are you ready for the Tests Michael?

  82. Nettle Dill

    Get a grip

  83. dreddpaul

    3:28 and 3:47 is my daughter :)

  84. Ellen Diane

    amen- do you still run 4 mi. backwards;) xx

  85. edilson silva

    Ótimo som para curti de moto em uma estrada.

  86. shad devilruds

    por eso es la gran leyenda dl rock carajo siempre se rifa chingaos

  87. ani4444

    Hear it in 1.25x speed

  88. Werner Bluhm


  89. Pawel Flis

    Fantastic video, I love it ! Anybody know what kind of lenses did they use?

  90. Thora Friganza

    They were wonderful and exciting last week on their little Europe tour, particularly Mick was amazing and here too his voice is great and I've been waiting for new music from some of them but still I just can't quite warm up to these two song, perhaps Mick released them because Keith hated them lol, Blue and Lonesome atleast was great even if covers.

  91. hans van de mortel

    This is no place for muslims. Muslims are not allowed to enjoy or play music. The backward religion of pagan rituals and to sponge on our civilization is the only religion in the world which forbids to drink beer or wine or any other kind of alcohol pleasure.

  92. Michael Kuntze

    Ye, done it again!!!

  93. filip telega

    mick sexgod and party in this legend is immortal england die but mike is immortall genius song all world insane lets drunk high baby all we ve is our sex and love love this song sir jagger king lost country island

  94. Karts


  95. PixelTheMan


    Eckhard Zimmermann

    PixelTheMan @

  96. Uli Herrmann

    We need more of this! Those people can change the world and stop this insane inhuman terrorism of the "top 1%"

  97. Frankie Roocck

    thanku mr j i know

  98. janet warner


  99. Richard V Lionerheart

    GOTTA GET A GRIP *gets eaten by his own face on the right*